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  1. I. SoSlo

    Dishing the DIRT - Two Teams, One Future

    The tweet instantly made me think of DiRT3
  2. I. SoSlo

    We need more slots for setups

    I think most people would be ok with one setup per location but we dont even have that. Im pretty sure rally cross has more tracks than setup save slots to. Seems so obviuos to have atleast one setup save slot per location and it was asked for from the begining.
  3. I. SoSlo

    We need more slots for setups

    This was brought up in march of 2019 and we still dont have more save slots for our setups.
  4. I. SoSlo

    more save slots for setups?

    bump for more setup save slots. please. hard to believe this has not been added yet or that more people dont want more?
  5. I took a break from the game and just came back to check out patch 1.1. lol Instantly noticed the credit nerf and did a search that landed me here. Seems ridiculous, I sure dont want to grind for cars now. @ChrisGrovesMCMWhy nerf credits codemasters? Hopefully just mistake? This cripples the game for me.
  6. I. SoSlo

    more save slots for setups?

    can we please get more save slots for our setups? i like a setup for each location. at this time we have more RX locations than save slots. i also like to have some wet setups but am out of saved slots. thank you
  7. lots of good info here, sorry if its been posted already. https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamONeilRally/videos
  8. so sick of RaceNet not letting me finish races, getting DNF on community events, resetting career progress. Im not a good player, I was driving for fun, I dont place very high in the leaderboards. I just had my best race in 30 hours of game play and racenet gives me a DNF on community event. I cant even like redo the race.
  9. on and off issues for me to. to clarify...... that is a big part of the SINGLE PLAYER experience that we cant play unless online and lots of players dont like that. So i cant use all the deluxe content i paid extra for unless i play online. It doesnt matter anyway as i am physically handicapped and no ai difficulty settings/slider in career mod is to difficult, thats why i stopped playing dirt rally. too bad because it is fun to drive even when you are bad at it. I saw a player on twitch set ai difficulty so i assumed..........It never dawned on my that it wouldnt be in the career mode. my bad, i should have done better research im interested in seeing how the steam reviews go. lol
  10. I. SoSlo

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Career mode should not be online! hacking excuse is bs, you will never stop hackers
  11. I. SoSlo

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    ...communicating with racenet? every other time i press a button i get (...communicating with racenet) this is game breaking for me. i have 100 mb service and yes it works just fine except for ...communicating with racenet? it needs to be removed asap!!!! Some people actually play single player games away from there internet connection, i dont remember reading that this game required single player to be connected to racenet.