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    more save slots for setups?

    bump for more setup save slots. please. hard to believe this has not been added yet or that more people dont want more?
  2. I. SoSlo

    more save slots for setups?

    can we please get more save slots for our setups? i like a setup for each location. at this time we have more RX locations than save slots. i also like to have some wet setups but am out of saved slots. thank you
  3. I took a break from the game and just came back to check out patch 1.1. lol Instantly noticed the credit nerf and did a search that landed me here. Seems ridiculous, I sure dont want to grind for cars now. @ChrisGrovesMCMWhy nerf credits codemasters? Hopefully just mistake? This cripples the game for me.
  4. I. SoSlo


    Grid Roadbook is needed ASAP. Even if it only contains the info on when the seasons will drop, but I am curious about the free content I herd of before launch. Personally I will proly just come back to the game in 3-6 months and see if they added all the content yet and see what the patches fix. I like the core game but it does feel like we need the seasons very very very soon. Wish it had more locations in the base game!
  5. I. SoSlo

    Analogue Handbrake after update

    it feels like a proper handbrake to me they added handbrake deadzone and saturation to the input settings yes it works as expected pc/fanatec edit... yes its still locksup to quickly on tarmac
  6. I. SoSlo

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    I cant say it any better.
  7. This was my 1st thought the 1st time I played it.
  8. I. SoSlo

    What's Your Favourite Location (so far...)?

    I really like most of the locations so kinda hard to name a fav. but I would say Wales is my fav. so far, Poland is my least fav.
  9. I. SoSlo

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    I did not complain I only had win 7, may have stated a fact that Im still on win 7 in another thread. win 7 support stops in lik a lil over 5 months but it far from dead. my 1st post this thread i asked for dx11 support and you said hence my response to you in second post. @Ak1504 do you just follow peeps and troll them if they have a different opinion than yours? Reading through the posts in this thread you didnt post anything the OP asked like...... If you had one wish for what you wanted from the return of GRID, what would it be? I say again.......DX11 support please, others are still releasing games using it. MS has even opened up some of DX12 for win7, not sure if that would help in this case or not. I apologize immensely if I somehow hurt your feelings or if I offended you. Wasnt a big deal.... just my wish since a CM member asked for peeps wishes. I wasnt rude. I even put a lol after the dx11 support like kinda joking not thinking they would really do it but maybe they would notice they was excluding some peeps
  10. I. SoSlo

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    I put the op here so peeps can read again if need be. Well according to this i can ask for dx11 support as a wish, lol Yes i get over 100 fps in 2 recent CM titles, like dirt rally 2.0 and f1 2019, not impossible, so not sure what the problem is, lol ( i was told to upgrade my pc, hence the reason i said i get over 100 fps in games) lol Yes from what i can see sales of racing games tend to be much lower than lots of other games, like total over all sales. I mean just browse steam games and you will see. and steam is what im obviously talking about if I ask for dx11 support. so ........If you had one wish for what you wanted from the return of GRID, what would it be? so my wish is for dx11 support, per the title and op post, lol the min. specs for Grid 2019 say win 10 and dx12
  11. I. SoSlo

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    small niche group of players made even smaller,lol im cranking out over 100 fps on other recent CM titles,lol refer to thread title,lol
  12. I. SoSlo

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    DX11 support, lol
  13. I. SoSlo


    any possibility of these min specs changing? doubtful. With those min specs I cant play. I have win 7 and need a new HD and then I would be worried about me GTX 1080 I was looking forward to this game.
  14. I. SoSlo

    Windows 10 only? Well, goodbye GRID then...

    well....... I was looking forward to playing Grid 2019 until i saw this thread. Im still using win 7 atm
  15. I. SoSlo

    Steering angle list?

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/1643167006305405760/ the 8th post, someone made a spreadsheet on the cares, steering angle and transmissions/gearboxes
  16. I. SoSlo

    Center stack on Halo not removable in 2019

    settings under camera options....you can turn off halo column its the same in 2018 i think on PC
  17. I. SoSlo

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    the steam update worked! nice RX Track!!
  18. I. SoSlo

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    the latvia rx stage is not in the locations folder of the game files on steam. probably easier to just re buy the latvia dlc rather than redownload the game again, but i should not have to do either one. pre order deluxe on pc
  19. I. SoSlo

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    Potential solutions: Uninstall and reinstall the Latvia DLC. Verify integrity of game files on Steam. this did not work for me....... very disappointed in CM........ OMG ARE YOU REALLY TELLING ME TO REINSTALL THE GAME? AND IF THAT DONT WORK? ITS A CM ISSUE BECAUSE THIS GAME HAS HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS FROM THE START! I HAVE OVER 500 HRS IN DR2 AND YOU WANT ME TO REINSTALL THE GAME? I HAVE NEVER HAD TO REINSTALL A GAME FROM STEAM FROM ANYONE ELSE! DELUXE ON PC. https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/1639788130286597725/
  20. I. SoSlo

    The Tyre Thread

    considering the state of the game.......I would be scared of CM adjusting anything to do with the tires, lol but it certainly was only done halfway like most of the game, lol
  21. Can we please have more DLC in community events? Not just the bonus/special events. It would be nice to see more community events using new stages and new cars! Just add more events if you have too. Please consider possibly setting up some community events the way it is in freeplay historic..... like you can choose H1,H2,or H3. example... Classic Rally, Modern Classics, Present Day
  22. maybe they could group some classes together for more choice in cars, like in freeplay historic you have, Classic Rally, Modern Classics, Present Day
  23. we need this!!!!! please. thank you. I mean after all we did buy DLC content!!!
  24. I. SoSlo

    Sooo many H-class events

    I like RWD H2 and H3. just not all the time. really dislike FWD H1 and H2 when its a monthly. I dont want to do 20-30 stages of H1 and H2 for a monthly. yes we can skip those events but we are trying to grind for credits. It would be nice if we like had a choice on monthly, like pic h1,h2, or h3, it will never happen but..... multiple classes to pic from on some monthly events? Like they do it in freeplay historic rally.
  25. I. SoSlo

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    27-4-2019 sweden(not sure of the stage name) special event/weekly challenge/4wd up tp 2000cc/ skoda as i crossed the finish i slightly bumped the finish line flag and it shot me forward really fast, like i was accelerating extremely fast.