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  1. McLaren ran long in the Honda years (until Alonso insisted on going banzai on options at the start to race and lose places before retiring or being told to retire the car, or getting banged because he was trying to race with sub-standard equipment) so I would think the probability is high on those races and latterly the Williams being in a similar position at the back. But both teams would take more hard tyre compounds and then have the spare sets to replace them in most permutations. But that doesn't happen when you take the balanced tyre choices on the tracks that use mainly soft and mediums (or the relative compounds when they were differently named). So I agree, not many IRL representations of the situation being replicated, but the game throws it up as deliberately picking too hard a set of compounds gains nothing when car performance is equal (you don't want to stop unnecessarily, you don't expect to try to lose performance).
  2. Probably not. It's about the game being able to respond as a strategist might. You do get the strategy suggestion (usually mid-race if you have had some unscheduled stop or you run longer than recommended on one of the compounds) but the game sticks rigidly to a pre-determined strategy (unless you input a change of call as the driver). If you go beyond your scheduled stops it just cycles through your "least worn" tyres really, regardless of compound. As someone who often tries 1 stop strategies, yes it is really rather dependent upon you surviving T1, Lap 1 and then generally as much of that first stint as humanly possible, and then getting a clean run avoiding traffic to get a good time advantage or make positions. I think the game is almost fine as it is (WRT pitstops) but the addition of a 'keep' or 'stay' on current compounds should be a selectable call. We have the wing damage settable to Yes/No/Auto. so tyres Yes (selection) / No (keep) / Auto (to strat or least worn set) would be enough. And give us the tyre selection option in the car in P and Q. If there is sufficient fuel for 2 laps with saving we should be able to override garage stops with hot stops.
  3. Other thing to realise is driver technology has totally changed. Even W8 did not exist before 2012.
  4. Remember the engine is very different F1 10-14 to F1 15-19.
  5. I think you are being optimistic trying to run the game at 1920x1080@144Hz with a 2GB GTX660. Try lowering the resolution, framerate to 60Hz and use the medium preset.
  6. Do you mean axis reversed (100% throttle with no input and 0% throttle with pedal 100%) or clutch/throttle swapped or brake / throttle swapped?
  7. Try installing the driver package in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 compatibility mode? If you can reach the Thrustmaster CP then there's a chance.
  8. steviejay69

    Constant crashing during racing (PC)

    I would recommend the same as in the above post. Nvidia look like they might have released a not so great driver in 445.75
  9. steviejay69

    Constant crashing during racing (PC)

    DDU and go back to 442.74
  10. This applies to controllers too. If a controller can be used in the game control schema, it's input is registered. Analog(ue) sticks on console pads are notoriously jittery on raw inputs, so when you complain of your wheel veering hard left or right or the view being off it is your controller registering in game. Unwanted or unused peripheral controllers can be disconnected. e.g. if you don't use the shifter you can disconnect it. If you don't use the pedals they can be disconnected (I use a T300 with Fanatec pedals, nothing registers on the pedal inputs of the T300 because the pedals are in the box - and I used Logitechs before that).
  11. steviejay69

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    It's fixed. Thanks for the McLaren.
  12. Sorry, try this ME Driver and this ME Firmware (the last link the firmware was older, please unzip and run SetupME.exe for the driver, then once installed run MEUpdateTool.exe for the firmware). The driver is required first, it does not normally require a reboot but the firmware will require to be run on it's own and rebooted straight after. The Intel GPU is not enabled in BIOS then. No worries if you're not using it (I did find it useful when using video editing and stream recording). The iGPU does have a hardware engine that can be assigned as the primary GPU in recording software like OBS. I do find my Ryzen CPU/AMD GPU is slower than the Intel CPU/GPU combo using a basic app like Easy Movie Maker. YMMV depending on your chosen software.
  13. Check the position of the PS4/PS3 switch.
  14. steviejay69

    Problems with keys

    'Protected Folder Access' is probably turned on in Windows Security, because it sounds like the config file is write-protected.
  15. steviejay69

    Thrustmaster T150 not recognized

    Driver package is 2020_TTRS_1 and firmware is v11. Assuming you are running Windows 10 64-bit version 1903/1909 with an Administrator account. Install the above, do the firmware update, restart the PC. Check for correct operation in Thrustmaster CP. Set DOR to 360. Delete hardware_settings_config.xml before launching the game. Go into in-game settings and set controller scheme, remap as required, save as new scheme and play. Which bit does it (or you) fail at?