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  1. Update your UEFI BIOS it's really outdated F32 Only after updating to F32 do the AMD Chipset Driver update, then F62 (F63d is encapsulated and does not allow downgrade, AGESA v1.2.0.3B will be no different to you functionally to AGESA v1.2.0.4A in F63d). Updated Audio Driver DDU and revert to 497.29, delete hardware_settings_config.xml before launching game, do not set any options in NVCPL or GFE.
  2. Model of mainboard please. Uninstall Armoury Crate, it's crapware. RGB makes me weep 😁
  3. No problem. Help is really effective for those who help themselves and the helpers.
  4. Try setting 'Long' qualifying and do the same, 15 mins of warm up. You can always quit out of Q1 and Custom Grid from there? 🙂 Obviously OSQ would just be a "test".
  5. There used to be a pinned SF1000 thread, I wonder what happened to it? @quinnomanprobably best open a ticket with Thrustmaster. They're pushing the SF1000 quite hard, they can't make enough of them.
  6. Please post a proper bug report as this isn't replicable. It's often fixable on your end, but....no info.
  7. What happens if the same players let the clock expire rather than retire from the session? Does everyone progress to OSQ or 'Long'? Did any players that are frozen out join (or re-join) the session rather than being present from the start? I suspect the issue is related to the qualifying session timer bug where joining late or rejoining gives the player their own timer and not the 'global' timer.
  8. Please submit a proper bug report (and this is often solved).
  9. I've highlighted this because we have identified this issue previously with those keyboards but the specifics escaped us as we don't own one.
  10. I would post this to Thrustmaster tech support unless anyone in the community has cured this specific issue. You've done the right thing using the USB 2.0 direct connection. What happens if you unplug the headset dongle or try it in USB 3.0? Also try the mouse and keyboard in the opposite bank of USB 2.0 (labelled d in the manual).
  11. I think I'm in agreement with you to be fair. Codemasters can't break that agreement because it's between Sony and Thrustmaster. But yes, to those of you wanting bang for buck with your T500, it's still updated and supported in W10 until 2025. (I can't imagine why it would not work in W11, just like my TS-PC).
  12. What else is connected to the USB? With a dxdiag with mainboard make and model, we can see.
  13. Kind of hoped that you also saw that there is a template to fill in and that asks for the dxdiag with the mainboard make and model.
  14. In my experience, good feeling does not not equate to a purchase. I think in the end a T500 owner should think "this unit has served me well for 9-12 years when I expected 6". If the owner has bought 2nd hand then they are likely to do so again, zero net benefit to the company.
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