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  1. I think the idea of Career with DLC car updates is good. Can't see why the base game can't be updated each year and whichever version you buy into you have an option of that year's front end / HUD or a universal HUD. So you buy the base game with that year's cars. You can purchase the older cars as DLC (back to 2010), you can buy following year's cars as DLC. Thereby if you like the base game you can use it as a career mode host starting in the first season with the oldest cars progressing to the newest on each subsequent season. You would either decide you liked the new base game and buy it with it's new tweaks to career or updated front end / HUD....or not. Classics would probably be locked to that version of the career game. career game can only be played online with another career game player, not the MP game. If you buy the MP game, you only get this year's version and a TT and GP mode. You can't buy DLC and you can't race different years.
  2. steviejay69

    Next patch

    Ya think? Patches have been released simutaneously before. We just need the patch notes (or do we? I'm sure those with issues they're monitoring will know after updating whether it's fixed or not) not who is giving them.
  3. steviejay69

    F1 2019 dlc ideas

    Why does that need to be DLC when it's the OFFICIAL LICENSED F1 PRODUCT?
  4. steviejay69

    "Has left the session" connexion issue

    Killer Control Center is UWP app in Windows Store (must be DCH driver), just search for it, maybe useful!
  5. steviejay69

    "Has left the session" connexion issue

    UEFI update to 1.60 (follow M-FLASH procedure P158) Killer Network Driver Good luck!
  6. steviejay69

    "Has left the session" connexion issue

    Win & R (run dialog) dxdiag Save all information (to .txt) post here.
  7. steviejay69

    "Has left the session" connexion issue

    It's not like you lack bandwidth. How about drivers for your network card? Wanna post a dxdiag?
  8. steviejay69

    "Has left the session" connexion issue

    Can you post a speedtest to a Parisian server?
  9. steviejay69

    "Has left the session" connexion issue

    What is your geographical location and speed to the players in the zone you are playing online?
  10. steviejay69

    "Has left the session" connexion issue

    Check any firewalls and security software, maybe restart your router. Also, make sure your updates are done and PC restarted.
  11. steviejay69

    [PC] F1 2019 Game not recognizing microphone

    In Windows 10 you can control app access to the microphone in the Privacy Settings. Turn off stuff you don't need, including "Hey Cortana". In the latest W10 the search and Cortana are separated again.
  12. steviejay69

    "Has left the session" connexion issue

    Needs more info mate, platform, connection type (wired or WiFi).
  13. steviejay69

    Game crashes regardless of what I do

    Yes. In Documents\My Games\F1 2019\hardware_settings
  14. steviejay69

    Game crashes regardless of what I do

    I would then refer you to the DDU advice and deleting the hardware_settings_config.xml If audio sources are an issue, select a default audio device in Windows before starting the game once you've deleted the file. Other general troubleshooting advice also applies. Lower the desktop refresh rate and make sure the game is detecting 1920x1080 and try lower refresh rates in game. V-SYNC should be enabled for G-SYNC (or may even be greyed out) I'm afraid I'm Freesync.