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  1. steviejay69

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    Is it still 4pm today?
  2. steviejay69

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    Join the Steam chat, probably should be linked in the OP @BarryBL https://s.team/chat/Kejkg6Xr
  3. LAN game requires local IP. A VPN is also not recommended as per other threads on the forum. Plus it will not solve issues of poor connection to other players, read how the internet works. A few forum members have asked / suggested the idea of servers for multiplayer either hosted by CM or as dedicated paid servers ran by players or leagues. (Properly configured servers would allow players with poor connections to be blocked / kicked / banned.) It's not been a game-changer (it hasn't changed the game or CM's approach).
  4. steviejay69


    If the second router is not configured correctly with the first then double NAT could be occurring. WiFi connection is inherently more unreliable with regard to latency and drops.
  5. steviejay69

    PNGs generated by Photo Mode are transparent

    This is always going to be an issue. GPU overlay (GeForce and Radeon overlay) Steam overlay Comms overlays (Discord) Is it a Windows issue because W10 is **** with window focus jumping all over the place and overlays and modern apps just not liking existing in the same screen real estate? Tedious and needs sorting.
  6. steviejay69

    time rounding (minor reporting)

    This has been an issue in every single F1 game.
  7. steviejay69

    F1 my team loss of data

    You need to post a full bug report but there are more than one thread on this topic, the moderators really need to merge them.
  8. There is an edit link at the bottom of each post. Quote (copy and paste) the linked text.
  9. @Kontroll02 @paolom83 can you edit your posts to match the bug report format and maybe @BarryBL can get these logged for you.
  10. Yeah, thanks. I would only advise Windows Defender for AV on a games machine purely because of how Windows and 3rd party AV might interact. That's opinion. I have no experience of the product recently as I practise what I preach 😊 Try a primary monitor only configuration (disconnect the secondary). Again erasing the xml config may prove useful. If this is another multiple monitor issue I hope CM have the commonality / causality to see why it's such an issue.
  11. You've not updated the BIOS in three years 2503
  12. steviejay69

    Theatre mode crash

    DDU and do a clean install of the driver (internet disconnected). Delete the hardware_settings_config.xml and re-do the game settings, just select low preset and nothing else. Then exit and relaunch. Try the theatre mode.
  13. Try BIOS F52 or F60c but you only have 1st Gen Ryzen so there will be no further AGESA optimisations, just generally updates or fixes. I wouldn't use any of the Gigabyte tuning apps they have a bad rep with this game. 457.30 is not the latest Nvidia GRD, DDU and try it (sorry, can't make further recommendations as no longer have access to the hardware)
  14. Also, from your dxdiag you have probably some ASUS board, make and model may be helpful in identifying any UEFI/ME updates. Running games or Steam as Administrator is unnecessary in any event. IDK why it's even tried or anyone suggests it.
  15. I use 20.9.1 currently. I use fullscreen windowed High preset with TAA and my desktop refresh is set to my Freesync range (144Hz) I run at 2560x1440 FPS limiter is set to 144 V-SYNC is OFF There are a lot of sound sources there. I would seriously decide whether or not you wish to use the Realtek audio or the SoundBlaster (I use Realtek if it's any bearing). You can disable unused audio channels. There are also a lot of Logitech peripherals. I would uninstall LGS and try GHub to make sure you update each device firmware if possible. DDU if you choose to go the 20.9.1 route, make sure to disable the network adapter whilst you (DDU) uninstall / clean reinstall. Once you've made the changes, delete the hardware_settings_config.xml before launching the game then configure the in-game graphics and audio settings.