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  1. steviejay69

    Problems with camera angle- wanna quit game

    This has definitely come up before as an issue the answer is here somewhere. Unfortunately I gave up on tracking bugs especially when the forum changed because I'm not paid to do it.
  2. steviejay69

    My car AI on others screens

    You don't have to do it if your router can implement uPnP properly. Most SOHO routers do, but with varying degrees of worth. The fact that this was news to you probably means you shouldn't try PF. MOST lag is caused by WiFi latency, it is the single most variable variable. That and the loss of available bandwidth due to a lack of QoS on the router, "best effort" is the probable unreconfigurable best case. Having said all that, perhaps the game does try to transfer too much data via the host (i.e. everything except the car immediately in front or behind). So yeah, everyone's (terrible) connection plays a part and I doubt the netcode is error free.
  3. If it's not your router's XDSL connection, not the DHCP lease and not Steam why the f does the game complain it can't see the internet, especially on TT?
  4. steviejay69

    Game slows to a crawl at every turn

    What game is this MrFloppy77777? Thanks for sharing though, it's been emotional.
  5. You need to appeal the block with YT or it will keep happening. All you lazy gamers who don't appeal are teaching the algorithm that it is correct in the larger proportion of cases. I think it is the audio that is being flagged. If anyone would care to upload a previously blocked video that's edited for sound only (blank), I bet it would stay up.
  6. steviejay69

    game crashes when im starting a mode

    Suggestions Remove any CPU overclock. If you've installed mods, remove them by verifying game files in Steam. If this doesn't work, try deleting the HardwareSettingsConfig.xml If this doesn't work, backup the games in Steam, then delete and restore from backup. This reinstalls DirectX and VC/Kinect runtimes.
  7. steviejay69

    Patch Notes for 1.16 - Discussion Thread

  8. steviejay69

    PIT STOP BUG - Another Fun League Race

    Xbox lobbies always full of connection bars. Just an observation.
  9. steviejay69

    Graphics Auto Settings

    You can delete HardwareSettingsConfig.xml and it will redetect. Some customisations are stored in Steam cloud sync as well as the Steam profile for the game in the Radeon Driver.
  10. steviejay69

    Fanatec csl elite formula

    Most issues on PS4 are solved by updating the wheel's firmware via PC. I suggest you take a look into that.
  11. steviejay69

    dx12 W.I.P. banner showing up in dx11

    This has always been the case as long as the beta has run. So it reminds you you are in the beta, opting out removes the banner.
  12. steviejay69

    game locks to 60FPS on fullscreen [PC]

    DDU the drivers to reset NVCpl and any other settings? Maybe also delete HardwareSettingsConfig.xml?
  13. steviejay69

    Patch Notes for 1.16 - Discussion Thread

    If it's a T300 you need to turn down the FFB strength and update the firmware so you can run in Fan always On mode.
  14. steviejay69

    game locks to 60FPS on fullscreen [PC]

    I'd guess drivers, so a little info on your hardware setup wouldn't go amiss.
  15. steviejay69

    Why Codemasters shouldn't even release F1 2019

    This is an urban legend. Codemasters pay F1 and can get access to the F1 car designs long before the season starts. Modelling the cars probably takes something like 1 month. And even if they aren't fully finalized in March, Codemasters could update the models throughout the season with patches. Nope, this is not an urban legend, believe me, as I have been a beta tester for 2 years in a row now, I've been told how this modeling process is working, and nope, they can't "get access to the F1 car designs long before the season starts." Then Codemasters should just ship the game with car models based on draft designs, or even simply the models from the year before. To me, the visual accuracy of the car models isn't that critical. I'd much rather start playing F1 when the season starts with work-in-progress models that get patched to completion, than to get the game in August or September when the season is nearly over. All other sports franchise games (FIFA, NFL, etc.) manage to release early in the year and they manage to release with up-to-date rosters, liveries, etc. Why can't Codemasters do it? Car models and liveries shouldn't require 6 months of work, and the start-dates of those work-packages shouldn't be constrained to the start-of-season. The project management seems really bad to me. No. The forums would be full of idiots asking for them to be updated as it "kills immersion". People have been arguing about the lack of proper liveries due to PEGI 3, incorrect wheel details, incorrect glove details, etc. You get the gist.... Also the matter of driver changes. People just don't get it that all these things are wrapped in legalese, process and image rights and advertising. One of the historic games had no Jacques Villeneuve AFAIR, simply The Canadian. On the point of Codemasters having any access to car designs before the season launch, I know where I'd pay people to break into if I was into espionage. It would not be a rival constructor factory....