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  1. Thank you. You might know you've tried, but without it in the report we can't know. No such thing as too much information....except when there really is too much information 🙂
  2. Well for example this could be a HDR issue. I don't have HDR and I don't have the issue. There are two ways to go on this, you can all either give the information that's asked for so we can make an inference or a probability call. It's triage. Or we can play a guessing game and you can delight in telling us how wrong we are without the benefit of all the information?
  3. The text output of dxdiag is what is required, thanks.
  4. Can't replicate on AMD RX5700XT - LG 32 QHD - DP - tried Ultra/Med and Ultra Low.
  5. Please post a full bug report (including dxdiag and brand and model of mainboard) ....and the wheel would be helpful!
  6. Can you give us some more info on your display (type of connection, brand of TV/monitor, resolution, etc.)
  7. This is not replicated elsewhere so we need your technical details. If you would just fill out the template it would stop us butlering you for the pertinent information. Help us to help you!
  8. Please post this as a bug report. I don't have a problem moving threads around to the correct place, but if they are not correctly submitted then that just makes work. It is possible this is related to the DLC pitcoin issue so please fill out the template and add your platform and gamertags, but without the bug report a new thread shouldn't be started here. Hi, Thanks for reporting your issue. However, we do need a complete bug report to gain all the details needed to replicate and troubleshoot your issue. Please copy and paste the template from the below and fill in the answers.
  9. The Thrustmaster issue is not addressed in the 1.05 patch. It is slated for an upcoming patch. The issue is open and still being worked on. Thread closed because it's unnecessary. There are open threads addressing the issue for you to post feedback, but the 1.05 patch isn't a fix. Xbox - Thrustmaster - Force Feedback - How to Update Drivers and Firmware - Support - Codemasters Community Patch 1.05 | Notes - F1® 2021 Game Forum - Codemasters Community
  10. Context: Terrifying F3 Monza crash car launches in air Alex Peroni walks away - YouTube
  11. 🥱 Look through my post history.
  12. I think you should enable the framecounter. It also (looking at your monitor spec and the EyeFinity blurb) means that Freesync (and Freesync recommends V-SYNC ON) is enabled. We need to know the framerate to adjust the game detail to get you in the Freesync range, which IIRC will be 40+ to 75FPS.
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