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  1. steviejay69

    New superfast helicopter bug in every game mode.

    Yeah there were like 5 helicopters in MP tonight Unranked at Paul Ricard 12 drivers, no AI. Might post a clip.
  2. steviejay69

    New superfast helicopter bug in every game mode.

    Yep. I hear you, but I'm done with all that. Identify the issues, they'll fix some, not others. That's what you'll be left with and next year it won't matter. I league race, so if I don't get the game I don't race, period. Same for everyone, so I'm not more or less disadvantaged. You'll never stop Codemasters releasing the same product year in year out. It's been ten games now and I can count on two fingers the ones that ended up left OK. Yep, they don't have the full cycle from patching. The game starts out the same each year, goes through bad QA and appears with the same issues. The ones they fixed, if they have the same band-aid programmers, may get fixed again. Always new features, always the core game that isn't right. It's like they don't even have a review of how it went the year before, beyond "Did we sell enough units?" "OK, same again."
  3. steviejay69

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Of course it's true, it cuts in when the battery deployment stops as the maximum amount of energy has been used that lap. That isn't controlled by the driver, he has his foot down and the ERS is spent. Or the car goes into a limp-mode in the ECU. I believe the system is also activated when Race Control declares the race 'Wet' conditions, you will see the Rain symbol on on-track warning repeaters.
  4. steviejay69

    Gone are the voices of commentators and Jeff

    Check your default sound source? Sometimes changes after installing graphics drivers. Set it in Windows as you like and then try selecting in-game.
  5. We checked all the pit limits were 50/80 not 37/60 and all the tracks we were given were correct. (They had to correct the images). We didn't get all the tracks.
  6. Just saying, this was reported in the beta and it's made the game. Not really very good. You're making beta testers look bad, this is a bit of balance. OTOH, the F2 Unranked is a great mode. Just spent an evening having lots of fun, the cars are so much better than F1. Even spectating is great, except the telemetry is broken!
  7. steviejay69

    New superfast helicopter bug in every game mode.

    Everything needs looking at. If they can fix the helicopter (or even better figure out how they broke it) then that's all good.
  8. steviejay69

    F1 2019 Crash With Windows Insider Builds [R2]

    Just opt her out of the Insider program claiming you know better. A little backup and restore of files together with a clean 1903 will leave the desktop peachy! 🙂
  9. Try calibrating the controller in the Windows Control Panel and then if not you need to look at the potentiometers in the pedalset. Either there is a loose connection or the pots are dirty.
  10. steviejay69

    Crashing since release [ZX]

    19.7.1 is fine for me. 19.6.3 also crashed and it was supposed to be the official F1 2019 driver.
  11. Totally. DX12 has an issue with not displaying the fogging. DX11 is broken like your PS4, thanks for highlighting. It looks like there are three phantom lights sources following the TV feed camera with it's own draw distance.
  12. Great! Thanks for confirming. The other person has G-Hub as well so it's possibly a different issue (game) So, you've tried all the options I would otherwise suggest (clean LGS and reinstall).
  13. steviejay69

    Game Crashing Randomly (not just at start up) [ZX]

    OK the issue (Bahrain crashing) is back with 19.7.2 This time it was in Grand Prix mode rather than TT. Crash dump attached @Faya crash_dump#544587-20190719-161139-0.zip Again, anecdotally it seems to me if the screen goes a funny colour during the driver install the game crashes and when it doesn't (19.7.1) it works. Rolling back to test.
  14. steviejay69

    Crashing since release [ZX]

    Yes I have just had a crash in Bahrain as I've also updated to 19.7.2 @chrizH