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  1. steviejay69

    F1 2019 pc graphics bad - help

    Post a dxdiag, sounds like you're used to HDR, not quite like your XB1. But PC does have some advantages.
  2. The $5 discount was Steam Road Trip on purchases over $30? Wasnt sure both would apply but one must be dev and one platform so... ....happy days when you can d/l
  3. steviejay69


    Look, you can call it what you want. It's not a BS point of view, you saying that is virtue signalling. Sport will tire of these token gestures - because it's what they are. Because, attention span....ooh, shiny. Raising awareness, donating, makes you feel better about yourself and trying to project you give a **** about this week's chosen topic. No, you have to live this ****. Like clapping for the NHS, waste of ten weeks; might as well have all slapped each other on the back for ten weeks. How you act - has a direct influence on how the NHS were able to deal with the first wave (and I say first wave). Staying home, observing protocol, washing hands, acting responsibly towards others. Plenty of people can be Covidiots and still clap. "What a great guy" Nope, maybe not, maybe he broke restrictions because of self, etc. I digress, but the point is the same. You're not going to reach the individuals who have the mindset to be prejudiced against anyone else unless you tackle them directly and take action. How long before the PL drop the 'taking the knee' message? I reckon by the end of this domestic season if not sooner. And it won't have changed a thing. And yeah the majority of fair-minded people will accept this "message" for as long as it endures. I don't think it's a bad thing, but to let it go unchallenged and say "we have to do this", no I'm sorry, they don't. Also, some fair-minded people CAN say "I find all this a bit wide of the point". Individuals are nurtured, not brainwashed. Lewis Hamilton drives the Mercedes because he is the best driver. He drives Mercedes because they have the best car. Let's not go into the ethics of German industry, because it can read like the legacy of the British Empire which some people want to seemingly power-wash from history and punish the people of the present for past wrongs. We are all people. I believe in the individual and I believe in meritocracy. What we have right now is a mess, pretty far from that.
  4. steviejay69


    "Valterri, it's James...." F1 should be a meritocracy. It's not. Money talks, make a point about that. It tarnishes the sport (if it can still be classified as that). Turbo hybrids are greener, but go against the ethos of The Formula (which has become so diluted that I'm not even sure it has lineage). Let's go fully Tron and have done with it. Interactive race seat via Google Stadia.
  5. steviejay69

    Stuttering Screen

    Put the FPS counter on, the FPS goes skyrocketing in the menus (known issue, no word on why or if it will be considered for a fix). I recommend frame capping as a fix.
  6. steviejay69

    Broken graphics F1 2019 PC

    Because right now Nvidia are churning out garbage month on month. They want to focus on toys for new hardware; DLSS and HAGS. Unless your card starts with RTX they've had your cash. Just my 10c.
  7. Agree, but the patch cycle is over for F1 2019. Hopefully the developers will check for this in F1 2020. It is definitely a bug.
  8. steviejay69

    F1 2020 10% discount?

    Not sure where you've seen the 10% discount on XBOne. AFAIK the 10% discount is only applicable on Steam.
  9. steviejay69

    F1 2020 pre download steam

    Without wanting to give too much away I think it will be quite large yes.
  10. Just because something costs £000s does not automatically get you in the gate. Read this https://community.granitedevices.com/t/f1-2019-help-needed/2952/17 So it looks like you need to rely on the True Drive software then setting up the wheel in-game. https://granitedevices.com/wiki/Simucube_2_True_Drive_releases
  11. steviejay69

    F1 2020 pre download steam

    Something like that, yes at least. Even if you pre-download there with still be the Day 1 patch....
  12. steviejay69

    Problème de beug

    Fairly sure it's the game framerate and the desktop refresh getting out of sync. If you were to cap the framerate at lower than the desktop then I'm sure it would be fine. It's just I have a 99Hz option on the framerate and 100Hz desktop. Depending on HOW it's capped I think is also important. It's also important to note that Freesync and G-Sync screens should have V-SYNC ON to meet the spec. I know if I have V-SYNC OFF the in-game framelimiter doesn't really work, especially if the game is in a menu as the FPS counters shoot up over 130FPS. But the crashing is exacerbated by the 2004 build.
  13. steviejay69

    F1 2020 pre download steam

    Usually about 2-3 days before going live.
  14. steviejay69

    Schumacher edition, really?

    You're such a plum...."Do they have GB...? No, good." Scrolled past UK flag right at the top of the game. Also, your "friends" in NI say "Ye boy".
  15. steviejay69

    Game runs at 4k on 2 output devices. Kind of.

    I think you need to refer to how to use multiple displays in Windows and check the settings in your graphics driver.