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  1. steviejay69

    Formula 1 2018 Gave Me An Epileptic Seizure

    It just looks like a TV running out of spec to me. Either a black screen or....that. Seriously, if you think that is an issue with the game then....there's tearing on the image. It could be being exacerbated by it being phone footage too. Check your cabling and make sure the game is synced to the display at a refresh rate is is designed to work at. Also it could be a fault with the XBox, just saying before people shoot me. Ockham's Razor and all that.
  2. steviejay69

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    If you remember F1 2015 was anything BUT a rush job. Instead we got copy 'n' paste F1 2014 (2013 minus gear ratios) because the next-gen engine was not ready (hence why F1 2015 had F1 2014 shoehorned inside it as an option to play). F1 2013 is probably still the best final game in the Codemasters series, but it's development cycle and subsequent patching was tortuous. AOR abandoned Season 8 halfway through because of the Ghost car de-sync bugs (you could literally be racing de-synced with someone halfway around the track and they would be totally invisible to you and vice-versa and they could physically take you out from their 'real' position as the cars were not ghosted in the sense they are now). To their credit, Codemasters DID sort the issue after working with the community and some believed they could actually get games 'right' (2013 followed the 2012 pad/wheel/assist imbalance; you think it's bad now, it was impossible to put pad and wheel users in the same lobbies. Oh and did I mention the fatally broken weather system in F1 2012 - it's totally undrivable on the Dynamic setting, so much so it was almost down to rolling the dice to 'set' the session weather; we used a "live" weather forecast 20 minutes before the race!) After much community involvement, F1 2016 was an epic title out of the box; unfortunately something was lost during the patch cycle so the development cycle post-release really took something from the game for many. F1 2017 was saved by Esports and F1 2018 doesn't really build all that much on that foundation. BUT, iterations of the game mean that people will want to race that shiny NEW title. (I did do three seasons on F1 2013, instead of two on F1 2015 only because there were numbers with F1 2013 to make it possible, hell I even made Split 2 because there were only 2 splits 🙂 ) We can only hope that the finished article of F1 2019 fixes all the repetitive flaws and that the game engine is optimised for DX12. It's a work in progress, an F1 title (as I'm reminded each time I fire up the DX12 branch of F1 2018).
  3. steviejay69


    Amen to that! The 'new' graphics don't convey sufficient or accurate information most of the time, they are absymal. Just like the fake beeps over the start lights, the annoying stopwatch noise in the pitstops, etc. Don't get me started on the 'themes' during the formation lap and at the finish. You can keep your Yank razzmatazz, Liberty. Not required.
  4. steviejay69

    Game crashing to desktop? READ THIS POST!

    Wow....rage. I'm saying I agree NOT to disable the pagefile as it is enabled by default. You should not make changes to a configuration unless there is a NEED. It's a shame your 35 years of reading the English language hasn't made your ability to grasp the gist very good yet. Don't get into a pissing contest with me. Macs are the work of the devil, IMO so I'll pass on your suggestion.
  5. steviejay69

    F1 2018 CTD/stutter problems

    Probably. I have done the same as you trying to figure out if it was the hardware I was using, but it's not. I reckon it is how the DRM interacts with the engine. It's not as transparent as it claims to be, but removing the DRM is not something that the end user should have to try. The game takes almost 30 seconds to start, even on an NVMe drive with a 4GHz CPU and 16GB of RAM.
  6. You're right, it does. Performance will be affected if your setup does not have it. For F1 2019 the game looks like it will predominantly be DX12 (ported to W7 and W7 support ending during the game's lifecycle) and DX11 will be "compatibility mode". Also the game uses Denuvo anti-cheat software (which claims not to affect performance, but it does). It's no mystery. If you are outside the minimum specs, you are on borrowed time and you cannot expect the game to work as well as with a recommended specification you are lucky if it performs as well as with a minimum specification (which you are failing to meet!) I have suggested the CPUs you should look at and SSDs really do improve the all round performance of a system for peanuts compared to the rest of the spend.
  7. steviejay69

    Nvidia GeForce Experience PC problem alert

    Guru3D is also very useful for those users in the Red persuasion. DDU will also support AMD/Intel drivers 😎 useful if you have a hybrid laptop.
  8. steviejay69

    Nvidia GeForce Experience PC problem alert

    DDU is useful but unless there are issues you should use the Nvidia updater. If you choose to block parts of the driver installation, then YMMV. DDU may be useful when you get out of step with updates or if WU updates or breaks your current driver set.
  9. Don't think that anything from the beta will make the gold code, it will be the 0 day patch at best. It will be gold before the beta starts, it's got to be in shops' supply chains in just over 6 weeks.
  10. G4400 does not meet minimum spec and neither does GT1030; I struggled with a G2020 on the 1st gen game (F1 2012 - although I was using iGPU graphics, for about 10 minutes) You will need an i3-6XXX (i5-6XXX recommended) and GTXX40 (GTX(X)X60 recommended) Make sure the game is detecting the hardware in hardware_settings_config.xml 8GB of RAM is OK and I'd also recommend an SSD.
  11. steviejay69

    Saving mistakenly deleted

    Can't really help too much here, I don't do career. And ages since I did a clean install, seem to remember it saves car setups and I think controller preferences? But then I turned Steam Cloud sync off for this game just so it wasn't loading anything that wasn't on the hard drive. I think I've just given a fairly pointless, useless answer.
  12. steviejay69


    Tomorrow I'd wager.
  13. steviejay69

    My Thrustmaster TX/T300 and T3PA Settings

    Forums is already incorrectly plural. This is a forum.
  14. steviejay69

    Best driving wheel?

    Esports uses Fanatec but they're not in your budget range. For 300 euros the choice is a Logitech, they're robust but not the best feedback. If you were to go used you may secure a Thrustmaster T300/T500, better but then you are looking at worries with longevity. When they're used, there's no warranty and the failure rate is high compared to Logitech. If you were to double your budget you could secure a nice Fanatec when they are on sale! Second hand, you could grab a bargain but compatibility and lack of warranty raise their heads (modded stuff may be better than the original spec). I would discount the even older Logitech wheels the G series is the top of what they do. Similarly the cheaper Thrustmasters are not really a premium product.
  15. Game isn't released for another 65 days. Loads of time to sort those copy / paste bugs