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    Game crash during parc ferme

    Add more info, session codes and dxdiag.
  2. Don't encourage Barry 🙂 The full HUD in cockpit mode in 1.10 kind of sidesteps this a bit, but I'd be glad if CM drilled down in to this so it's implemented in a future patch or F1 2021 at least.
  3. steviejay69

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    OK so it's in corners. I think it probably is game performance. The audio is probably suffering from the increased frametime / decreased framerate - I assume the consoles don't have the audio update rate option? Plus, you're unlikely to have an FPS counter on-screen (Steam/Afterburner). Use cockpit view - on PC the framerate is considerably improved. I realise there is not a lot you can do on console to change anything. Just thinking out loud and expressing opinion - I don't have a console to test anything, but I am aware that some Bluetooth devices have updated firmwares that might not have been carried out on console. Also, that additional audio processor on the USB bus can introduce latency, I got rid of a G430 that had a 7.1 audio dongle as it did affect the game performance. Thanks for trying the suggestions.
  4. Try USBDeView and remove all entries for the wheel with it disconnected, then try different ports, deleting the new entries after each insertion that doesn't work. Try SafelyRemove (trial) to see if there are any clues when you pull (or eject if possible) the G29.
  5. Try this, you'll have to pick the download yourself it looks like AMD are blocking direct links.
  6. steviejay69

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    If you use wired headphones, does it still occur?
  7. That's exactly the file I think it will be helpful to CM, I notice dynamic scaling is turned on, it may be advisable to turn it off. Also, with a TV the refresh rate can be capped at 60Hz. UEFI 2202 (use EZ Flash) and motherboard drivers. Updated audio drivers. Logitech GHub should sort your keyboard, mouse and wheel. Be sure to remove the old LGS with Geek Uninstaller. All your USB ports are USB 3.1 - except any case front ports coming from the internal USB header USB_34 and USB_56, try the wheel in those or look to set the USB mode to EHCI instead of XHCI (this will make all your USB 3.1 ports work in USB 2.0 mode - not ideal, but may prove a point).
  8. Can you please add the motherboard make and model as it's not in the dxdiag. You have Logitech peripherals too, a keyboard (combo)? Also what is the screen make and model? The ego dumper .txt file is not as useful as the minidump (C:\Users\gus\AppData\Local\Temp\684536-20201015-154958.dmp) or the related (crash) .zip I will look later today as I'm out soon.
  9. steviejay69

    State Of Multiplayer

    Agreed with most if not all of the comments. The community pulled collectively and hard to give CM more feedback than ever before during the beta. That we're still not seeing the key issues fixed at four months in is deplorable. I'm not apportioning any blame to forum staff, I think there were improvements there at first. I still don't agree with lumping all the console and PC issues together. PC has the most scope for niggly bugs due to the complexities and multitudes of different hardware (not to mention the beta OS software). Even the consoles are seeing grading issues, the game should basically function on the base PS4 and XB1 and the newer consoles should add higher resolutions, more stable framerates and the best fidelity in more detailed textures and HDR. Anyway I digress and to borrow a little from my post in the chat thread regarding the performance update/Esports if the MP experience was more like that broadcast (did not watch qualifying as it was under-reported to me at least) then there is some hope but I think there may be something special have happened there tonight to ensure no repeat of the VirtualGP series. But yeah the spectator cam engine audio bug was still there, the L2 interval bug was still there and now it occurs that Alex Jacques mentioned the fact there were no Safety Cars during the races....it looked like there were no incidents that would have caused any but still I am suspicious now lol. We will all agree to disagree on the ERS implementations. Until we have driven F1 cars we'll never know - those that do may have different understandings or experiences as the technology changes. But yeah, basics, basics, basics. Get them right and the rest is easy.
  10. steviejay69

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    Ha just briefly at the tracks if you can replicate the audio issue say Silverstone? It's something worth exploring, even a different car, try the Alfa in TT (just know it won't be a record lap).
  11. steviejay69

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    Do you have a custom camera setting for the Alfa or do you just use the global defaults? And do you use a specific view and can changing the camera view affect it? Do you use the same camera view in offline and MP?
  12. steviejay69

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Was the Thursday patch the first one just to ensure the Schumacher exclusive access was as buggy as possible just before everyone else got access? 😄
  13. steviejay69

    Audio Stuttering

    @Mr1Tap as with the other audio stutter thread for consoles are you using any kind of Bluetooth or USB audio devices? When you've completed the template as Barry requests, I advise you add a dxdiag making sure to list the make and model of your motherboard if not in the dxdiag output.
  14. steviejay69

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    @janbonator @maxibone33 are either of you using any Bluetooth headphones or external audio devices (headset dongles, etc.)? Just wanting to eliminate or find commonality.
  15. Can you post a dxdiag and include the make and model of the motherboard please? Also, are you using any passive or powered USB hubs? Can you ensure your Logitech wheel is plugged into a USB 2.0 port? Also, ensure your wheel is powered and has completed calibration before launching the game.
  16. I see it. There must be something causing a lockup on your system. I advise the updates I mentioned earlier, then you look at software.
  17. steviejay69

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I kind of guessed there wouldn't be a patch after about 14:00 today when I played. Haven't checked the SteamDB since last week, maybe patch 12 will go the way of 11! 🙂
  18. steviejay69

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    That can be purely graphical and have zero effect on the performance. From that (footage) we'll never know.
  19. steviejay69

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    They're using an Esports build with 35% race distance. There would be no benefit from a performance update in a MP race as performance is equal. There may have been advertising updates to trackside (I'm not that anal to go look at the two tracks to compare). From the footage; Spectator cam engine audio bug still present. L2 Interval bug still present. I'd like to ask a question of anyone that knows at CM - I know the broadcast centre is usually host (and the LAN mode is used) but tonight's game seemed very stable despite all the participants not being at the Gfinity. Were you using a dedicated server? In a less critical / operational observation, what was the comms setup for the team radio as there were clearly spotters. Did you use more slots? 20 cars and maybe 40-50 slots for spectators? Or did they use other comms? I don't think for a second it was Steam game chat - so come on what was the comms software and what was the setup. Or were the spotters just watching the livestream? I'd tend to say they were using spectator cam as race engineer. Of course, the caveat is that none of these features in the Esports build will make the public game build in patch 12....or ever. But I'd like to congratulate everyone on a slick presentation of the ProSeries Rounds 1 & 2 - far better than the Virtual/NotTheGP broadcasts which were frankly both embarassing and damaging.
  20. I definitely think the online services would have been tinkered with to sort the actual issue.
  21. "Warning: Controller disconnected" should be the message on screen. Post a dxdiag. Most likely misconfigured USB or some hub that doesn't eject on unplugging.
  22. This updates your motherboard (there is a slew of fixes since your 1.50). Unzip and copy the file E7978IMS.1G0 to a USB stick. The process is described under Update BIOS in Manual P23 (M-FLASH) If you have not installed ASMedia drivers, then this will have the WU/Inbox driver, so all good. OK so connect the keyboard to one of the USB 3.0 (ASMedia USB) ports, seeing that we have the WU/Inbox driver should be OK. Changing the 1070 PCI slot would be very important for performance, PCI_E2 has all 16 PCI-E lanes connected, the other long slot has only 4 lanes (graphics bandwidth would be reduced, impacting peformance). I would be surprised if you do not have it connected correctly, but I saw the board had two slots so it's a no-brainer to check.
  23. UEFI 1G Do not install any ASMedia drivers, let WU/Inbox driver install from 2004. Try to ensure Fanatec equipment is connected via USB 2.0 ports (located beneath PS/2 port) on rear panel. For the connection of any keyboard or mouse, please use the front panel connectors from JUSB1 only. I know it seems silly but please ensure 1070 is in PCI_E2.
  24. Another MSI board and a GTX1070? I wish they would use unique identifiers or fill in all the BIOS strings. B150/Z170? @Calcihver Exact board name please. Reinstall with 2004 if you do reinstall Windows?
  25. Motherboard drivers and UEFI 1E DDU and 446.14 (for comparison)