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  1. I didn't tell you to do anything, I thanked you for trying the firmware. You lost nothing and potentially gained undocumented improvements (or cumulative stated improvements since your last firmware). I can see you're struggling to comprehend, but small mercies you can at least read. There is hope for you, don't give up will you? 😄
  2. steviejay69

    Can F1 2020 crash my G29 steering wheel?

    Obviously I got my threads mixed up. Tedious, but I'm tied to the forum with response times, often have different tabs open and clicked on the wrong one. Will remove the comment.
  3. I can accept that Codemasters are at fault. As I pointed out, there are many instances where the first thing that people do is blame the game before even looking at anything else. Steps you've tried, times reproduced - often no steps, no replication. Thank you for updating the firmware, you're welcome. If people did it, we wouldn't need to eliminate it - every time. If people come out with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" repsonse, this is why you get the fragmentation of reporting, the recurring issues - no they're just at the same point that everyone who had it and resolved it was at when they had it. If we all update together, there will be a tsunami of responses. As it's fractious, then it's fractious in response, fractious in resolution. Tedious for those who fixed the issue to remember back when what the fix was, because we've moved on to different issues. The bug that people are having WAS an issue on PC, it's been FIXED in 1.05 - duplication of the right stick onto the wheel axis and pedals. People on console are reporting this issue, irrespective of wheel. That I can lay with Codemasters - the XBox is pretty much a Windows PC. BUT, console players do not often update firmware, do not restart the console (sleep or snooze) and have a different idea of how and when to connect peripherals. So thanks for your considered response. You don't know me, so don't try to tell me what my views are or paint me as someone I'm not.
  4. Happens on PC, happens on other wheels, happened on all games since F1 2016 at least..... It like the axes are reset. Until you press the pedals or turn the wheel (not sure what the effect is with Pit Assist On as I always turn it Off) the car has no FFB. Been posting the "solution" for four games straight - when coming out of the pit box, turn the wheel lock to lock and press the pedals while still under AI.
  5. Yeah, achievement on Steam when you change it back (CM 'feature' ). I looked a bit BLM, restored my white ass. 🤣 (Was it the first avatar you can choose, more seriously).
  6. steviejay69

    Can F1 2020 crash my G29 steering wheel?

    Comment removed (not even same manufacturer).
  7. Does no harm to update the firmware. If one account is affected and another not, then is that an XBox issue?
  8. @BarryBL unfortunately this reply shows the kind of response that repeatedly shipping shoddy product engenders. I fear this is an uphill battle to ever recover the situation for things that are not within Codemasters’ control. I personally am close to the point that I’m ready to stop offering suggestions seeing as the situation is so entrenched. As many people have been willing to accept the suggestions, whilst I’ve not always been able to sort every one, I think the rate of success has been quite good so problems are not always on Codemasters’ side. Gameplay bugs aside the game works. The avatar reset after 1.05 patch is real 😃 Can’t comment on the XBox controller issues as not my platform.
  9. New bases ship with old firmware all the time, plus v31 is very recent (July 2020). I can’t make you do it but what do you have to lose except maybe a bit of attitude? 😃
  10. Please check your wheel firmware, the T300 is now on firmware v31. You will require a PC and the 2020_TTRS_2 driver / firmware pack (ensure the wheel is in PS3 mode before connecting to PC). The firmware flasher is under a separate updater program.
  11. SSD is system drive, you should not disable paging file. Page and swap file need to be auto. You need to increase the amount of free space to 10-20% - 120GB is really very small, almost too small (64GB is too small). This is after you have set your page and swap to auto. Also, you are not able to use the 8GB of memory without a dedicated GPU memory. I would be surprised if the GTX1050 does not have dedicated GPU memory, the iGPU will almost certainly not. On laptops it is not always possible to turn the iGPU off.
  12. I have reached out to Logitech support but it is just stock answers (they do not confirm or deny anything just links to software available on the site). This exact problem occurred before and GHub was updated. https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/innovation/g-hub.html It is an online installer, says it specifically supports G920 and G29, Windows 7 (64-bit) and higher, yet the 32-bit version and LGS is still available on the product support pages. Not very co-ordinated or confidence inspiring. Codemasters say the wheel is supported but give no indication of what control software / driver is. Nice situation.
  13. steviejay69

    [LAN Multiplayer] - no Push to talk?

    Voice comms is a Steam function in game. In LAN mode, I'm not sure you will get the Steam comms. Never tried the mode, but it's a suggestion.
  14. Please post this as a full bug report as I'm interested in where this may be headed. Not everyone will be using Bluetooth but USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 latency could be a thing (due to difference in design spec). The lack of consistency in frametime is something that affects the game visually and by way also impacts upon FFB feel. Hopefully this means something.
  15. steviejay69

    Loss of FFB F1 2020

    It's not being ignored. Are you ALT-TABing at all? Do you run fullscreen exclusive or windowed?
  16. steviejay69

    F1 2020 | NVIDIA Drivers - PC

    No because DX12 Ultimate is a superset of DX12. So the game doesn't support any of it. Nvidia just churn out poor drivers. There were complaints from the Green community about the lack of support for new tech in 446.14 but it is not the driver branch for that. As I pointed out earlier 450.xx branch is 'new' and 441.xx branch is 'main'. Microsoft have not included any support*, the default driver in 1903/9 & 2004 is 432.00 - if you want the 'new' check your hardware supports (RTX in the main), that you download the correct driver branch and that you have game support. It is not a retro-fit for older games. DX12 Ultimate and HAGS/DLSS 2.0 have to have game support. Underlying OS support is for 1903/9 to support WDDM 2.6 and 2004 to support WDDM 2.7. The 'new' is for WDDM 2.7 - however the default driver in that OS is still 432.00, older and lacking support. Important to make that distinction.
  17. steviejay69

    Won't start up - no error report.

    Don't come in here with game crashes when you run junk RGB software. I read your dxdiag, non-standard audio devices, lots of USB peripherals that probably need firmware or driver updates. Haven't even looked at the motherboard because.
  18. Saying that here is meaningless. Contact your retailer or platform store.
  19. Try the latest GHub after Geek uninstaller. Without a dxdiag we can't see if you may be using W7 - another unsupported piece of software. 8% of Steam users still run W7. There is a word for it.
  20. steviejay69

    Loss of FFB F1 2020

    There is the same driver software for the TS-PC as the other Thrustmaster wheels 2020_TTRS_2 On console, you need to connect the wheelbase to a PC to update the firmware, the firmware is in the driver listed above. Once the firmware is installed, it is effective on console. The cooling system on the TS-PC works differently to the T300, so hopefully it is uprated as are the FFB motors.
  21. There is a thread to add your details to if only you'd look. It's Sunday and I should be having a day off, so get looking 😉 "Blue banner, blue banner!" TBH, I could care less for the Schumacher stuff, it's a bit weak. And the early access was just early access to the bugs, quite shameful really.
  22. steviejay69

    [PC] F1 2020 doesn't Launch

    If your MX250 doesn't have a dedicated memory soldered to the motherboard you won't have 8.0GB either. Think the core count of MX250 is well down on GTX1050 which is not a fabulous card (not even 1050Ti). But, good luck.
  23. steviejay69

    [PC] F1 2020 doesn't Launch

    In the Nvidia Control Panel you should have an option to set the GPU. This thread may help. https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/11/364039785162573177/