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    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    I stopped getting the disk after F1 2016. It's pointless, I think it does just ask you to install via Steam, even then I don't think it launches without you having to connect anyway because the gold game never goes live, there's seemingly always a day 0 patch. Plus you'll probably need to download redistributables. Only advantage of waiting the 6 months is it will almost certainly be on sale. The patch cycle will be ended. Patches won't break the game any more, it is what it is. If you find a bug, you either suck it up or start again. Or the answer is in the forums and you fix it (or not).
  2. steviejay69

    F1 2019 Wont Launch [SG]

    One for the psychics.
  3. steviejay69

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    Frankly, with a disc you have the shortcut of trading or re-selling (but not with the Legends DLC). It does get much stickier with the digital product. Here is the relevant part of the EULA On your side is the Consumer Rights Act (2015) https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-10-01-new-consumer-rights-act-puts-gamers-in-the-driving-seat but your right to refund IS still against Sony/PSN you have to argue that the patches are NOT 'minor defects' (I would say the loss of FFB is debatably subjective unfortunately, and against the majority of functional code would also I think, be classed a minor defect) I think any of the patches applied since 1.05 DON'T qualify as 'fixing' the product in that respect and I think 90 days would be a reasonable amount of time to expect a fix or even 90 days beyond Codemasters' historical patch cycle or from release (all of which are still applicable). But due to the subjective and minor nature of the loss of FFB defect, I don't think you would win. A conversation between Sony/PSN and Codemasters (if it were to take place) would be that the game is still in the patch cycle, there is a reasonable expectation that minor defects will be addressed (even given CM's track record of previous games left with defects) so the chances of a refund outside of any 'no quibble' period is long gone. Interesting is the fact that the above Act opens the possibility of a 'class-action' style lawsuit against Codemasters if ENOUGH people with the SAME ISSUE took legal advice. Good luck.
  4. steviejay69

    Save to unranked game mode

    Help me out here, what is it you're asking for exactly? Saving a MP session in Unranked for progress later? This is a reason to use Leagues, you need to stop complaining about what has changed but ask to change what IS there for the better. Suggesting modifications to Leagues will get you further than moaning about the loss of Championship. I mean what's in a name, really? The caveat is; either way you could be ignored or unfulfilled, as are many with well documented bugs.
  5. Thanks. Your issue may be that two screens are connected (or that the AOC is the primary display). Try just the Iiyama. There is no need for Spybot if you have MBAM and Defender. It long ago became junk.
  6. steviejay69

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    Nobody said you did. I was replying to the other on PC. Plus, it's a workaround for what ultimately is....the master race.
  7. steviejay69

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    In MP you don't have Instant Replay but ALT-TAB often works.
  8. Fix the broken button. Plenty of tuts out there on YT for all wheels. Will cost pennies, especially a DFGT.
  9. steviejay69

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    They could've used Michael Fassbender as 'David' from Prometheus / Alien:Covenant....
  10. steviejay69

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    I've had this twice now in online races. The amount of buggy code that's released in patches beggars belief. Only happened since 1.08.
  11. You're lucky you got loaded in. Most lobbies hang because people keep leaving or haven't been registered as leaving and the game waits for them.
  12. steviejay69

    "Voice Control Disabled"

    Try setting your PC to use your choice of device as default (i.e. set the default) or disable other audio channels. Be aware that updating graphics drivers correctly (clean or DDU / install) will reinstate those disabled devices. Not normally a fan of workarounds, but under the circumstances without any real faith in the patch process / schedule what do you do?
  13. steviejay69

    Why is this forum called "Technical Assistance"?

    Looking at the GeForce Forums it would seem many issues are with the drivers (and lack of) surrounding the launch of the RTX cards and the SUPER branded ranges. It's not just this game, but that in no way excuses Codemasters for failing to communicate these issues as even older cards that don't support RT have issues with their drivers. ACC is another game that is distancing itself from implementing RT when they said they would initially and many games are not running well or crashing.
  14. steviejay69

    Improve car setup section

    Computer storage is vast. We can already store GBs of data recording a race using screen capture, saving the car's own data in the game environment as it is calculated wouldn't be too hard.
  15. A lot of this just sounds like bodged Windows 10 installations. Usually an upgrade or clean install fixes much of what is broken. Sometimes the updates cause the issues, sometimes Steam does and in what order.
  16. steviejay69

    Improve car setup section

    Yeah I think we are saying this could be implemented in-game.
  17. steviejay69

    Strange Russian text on Multiplayer cars liveries

    I ran it through Google Translate and it can mean 'Charge' https://translate.google.com/ (type charge then change output to Russian) this is probably what the graphics dev wanted?
  18. steviejay69

    Improve car setup section

    It would make a good addition to practice sessions rather than just doing team objectives in career, say. Linked with telemetry to show the effect of the setup change; but then again, the setups would have to be realistically modelled. But yeah, a great idea. Also, the engineer needs to relay information back to you and listen to your feedback over the radio. Maybe triggered by keywords like oversteer, understeer, etc. or even saying stock phrases for now a bit like the voice control.
  19. steviejay69

    [PC] - F1 2019 graphics issue on load

    Then it rather begs the question why you bought the game, but thanks for feeding back. So the other two @Kogsly and @Joerd was this your issue too?
  20. steviejay69

    [PC] - F1 2019 graphics issue on load

    Congratulations to the three of you. 1 post each with no detail.
  21. steviejay69

    F1 2019 crashes always

    Steam overlay bug was fixed. A lot of these issues are on Nvidia cards.
  22. steviejay69

    Why is this forum called "Technical Assistance"?

    I've built 3 different PCs and they all ran F1 2019 first time of asking. Seems many of the issues are with Nvidia cards.
  23. Acquiesce to the upgrade to 1903. 1803 is EOL in 90 days.
  24. Not everyone can afford these mate.