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  1. Any chance of an Esports patch then @DanHawk1ns?
  2. Help yourself by giving a bit more information about platform or spec if PC.
  3. steviejay69

    Welcome to the New Codemasters Forums!

    Kind of disappointed to lose bookmarked threads and watchlists.
  4. steviejay69

    Welcome to the New Codemasters Forums!

    In the profile options for platform there's an option for PC/Stream Needs changing to Steam Wouldn't be a Codies product without errors šŸ¤£
  5. In my profile, whenever I try Racenet or TT I get this Ghost Lap Data is corrupt message. Anyone had this or cured it?
  6. steviejay69

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    Pick any version you like from here; ftp://ftp.logitech.com/pub/techsupport/joystick/
  7. steviejay69

    F1 2014, PC on Windows 7 - Steering wheel issue

    Access the options menu from any game mode. Go to Driving Controls, leave the controller set to joypad. Use keyboard left / right to select joypad if not already selected. Try toggling the Override Device Input Type between wheel and pad. From there the further options are turning off the Force Feedback as this controller cannot use it. The advanced wheel options may help when fine tuning the  responses. Deadzone is what it says - the amount of turn required to deviate the wheel from the centre / straight position and saturation - the higher the saturation the more sensitive the steering, less movement from centre to achieve lock.
  8. steviejay69

    F1 2014 Ghost Lap Data corrupt (PC)

    Created a new profile then it labelled all the Remote data with profile 1 and profile 2. Deleted all the Profile 1 stuff (not all the same date) then went into the game and deleted profile 2. This had the effect of wiping everything out of the profile but the sync issue disappeared. I suppose I could have recycled the files and reintroduced them one by one to see which one was causing the issues and restoring part of my save data, but  I CBA as TBH the game has problems far deeper than that. I keep my setups in a speadsheet file, but also the engineer fast defaults seem fastest, so I've given up bothering to try setups. Don't use the career mode as I race online. The game is a joke, if you want one F1 game 2013 is best, 2011 would win if the handling on PC wasn't f**ked and GFWL actually worked.
  9. steviejay69

    F1 2014 Ghost Lap Data corrupt (PC)

    Turning off sync just made it load a new profile. Bug still there. Deleting local content and reinstalling didn't fix it either. Copying someone else's ghostlaps folders had no effect, on a compare they were the same. Loading a new Racenet challenge didn't work, nor did changing it back. Anyone?
  10. steviejay69

    F1 2014 Ghost Lap Data corrupt (PC)

    Spoke too soon. Keeps coming back, keep clearing it temporarily with this fix.
  11. steviejay69

    F1 2014 Ghost Lap Data corrupt (PC)

    Verify Integrity of Game Cache solved this. Right-click game in Library, Properties|Local Files then the above. Restart game. I had 98 files which were not verified.
  12. steviejay69

    Can't Start F1 2014

    Try not overclocking
  13. steviejay69

    F1 2014 and driver AMD

    You will get more info looking in the driver release notes and watching the AMD forums.