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  1. This is not a fix it is a workaround and a poor one at that.
  2. Okay, so a Windows update also did this (reset the driver to default mode).
  3. Almost certain this is Discord now, the overlay shortcut remapping issue is one I raised many moons ago (August 20) and had a workaround for even though it is still broken. The app still said [SHIFT] & ['] even when I was able to remap to [SHIFT] & [#] (~), now it just won't remap from [SHIFT] & ['].
  4. Was mapping the wrong field 😊 As soon as I enabled the Framecounter it crashed (EGO dumper) but Discord is also updated and still I can't remap the shortcut from [SHIFT] & ['] (@ on my keyboard as it is compact and @ is the key for tagging people in replies so as soon as I tag someone it closes the overlay....)
  5. I have just completed a reinstall of WIndows, it's yet to update(Windows). I have no issues at present (except AB not displaying FPS....) but Discord is also not letting me remap the chat overlay shortcut either. I'd be grateful if you could let me know if you're using the same build of Afterburner/RTSS from Guru3d (4.6.4b3/7.3.2b2) Windows 10 is on 19043.928
  6. People seem to just like to attack what I write because it isn't what they want to hear. His answer is in the thread and the tag.
  7. You will need to contact the developers yourself. Good luck.
  8. Uninstall the existing Intel driver from Programs and Features / Apps, restart. Disconnect the Internet. (Disable WiFi) At the entry in Device Manager for Display Adapter for the Intel(r) HD Graphics 620, go to Properties and Uninstall the device, checking any checkbox that says 'Delete the driver software for this device'. Restart, leave the internet disconnected, run the driver update package that was blocked previously - it will install. Restart and reenable WiFi.
  9. Report detail above modified with additional information.
  10. In patch notes for 1.05 keyboard support for XBox has been removed, so this will need to be revisited after that other issue is resolved.
  11. AIUI F2 uses the same colour coding as F1 red option, yellow medium and white prime tyres (also in 2020). It's unclear as to how many compounds are used but using the colour scheme previously mentioned. I've attached the current F2 regulations but they're not definitive other than saying the series tyres are from Pirelli. I'd guess not as the tyres are different for 2020 so I'd think the compounds would be too. I do know F1 use five dry compounds (C1 hardest - C5 softest) 2021 Tyre compound choices (pirelli.com) https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/2021_fia_f2_sporting_regula
  12. I had no issues whatsoever using GHub with the DOR fix on G923 in beta and F1 2020. Logitech know it is broken and except for that DOR issue for me the wheel is 100%. Due to the inability to test Social Play during beta I can't say that the online experience is the same. On PCs there are many things to check are not broken before we can check whether the game is at fault. They also have had specific feedback from more than one person about issues with GHub and the G wheels and they give the same response, that it will be fixed upstream. They did confirm that the only SDK that is active is GHub
  13. In this thread there are users with the similar problem with T-LCM pedals and SF-1000 wheels. The base firmwares have been updated hence the new drivers and firmware should be the start point for all. Good job to ignore the helpful suggestions and split hairs with my reply,
  14. it's usually weekly unless turn out is very low or people can't make it.
  15. This has become a bit of a discussion thread to be fair. If the issue threads are untidy I would end up hiding posts anyway. Keep reporting. The DRS one has a workaround. Don't be dissuaded, we make lots of judgement calls that may seem unfair to you but we try to do our best for the bigger picture.
  16. Yeah MSI support should be able to send you an updated BIOS file with the changes I've quoted.
  17. I've sent you a Steam FR, invite me to a lobby.
  18. Does the issue occur without the camera or when you're not streaming to Twitch? Also, check your settings in Twitch for bandwidth.
  19. Only someone who would employ a scare tactic could see it as one. It's advice. You don't like it, fine. Please don't tell me you're being serious about whether or not a console is overheating and how to tell?
  20. Is Gigaclear a FTTP service or FTTC? It's just a couple of people I know have had issues on FTTP and in each instance it was an installation fault. Try getting an engineer to check your termination.
  21. Also, post a speedtest from here https://gigaclear.speedtestcustom.com/result/e4294300-ef9f-11eb-be34-8bcfd7d7a667 (my home connection is 9/39) looks legit https://www.speedtest.net/result/11795099024
  22. They look like custom routers and will probably have Gigaclear approved firmwares. Drop them an email explaining the issues you are having and link them here to see your progress.
  23. Unhelpful. To all those posting here asking Barry if specific fixes are included when not in the patch notes, please go and test them yourselves. You found them and the replication steps. Instead of having to consider responding to you he can be off collecting more information on other issues. Also, please understand that the fixes here are fixes that are here now. I'm sure that we would all like to see no issues, but they have chosen to give you these fixes now rather than wait until say some of the other more pressing fixes that are maybe not yet identified or tested and will take a lit
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