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    Halo bug after new patch

    Did you drive in cockpit view with halo bar removed?
  2. So it just crashes to desktop or locking up?
  3. DCH drivers, 1903/1909, DX12 only way to play 🙂
  4. steviejay69

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    If you want a measure of how good this game is....I have spent more time on it than F1 2015 (which somehow managed 70 odd hours). All the other titles are going to beat it by the time the year is out. All the others have scored 250-400 hours, this won't make 200 (I'm being generous) at the current rate.
  5. OK so you must have a Corsair WC block then? I agree with you, if it's not been updated lately it's unlikely to be an issue. All this is just making sure it really is the patch causing the issue and seeing as there are not really any useful patch notes....
  6. @EadZ1 @incapable I'm going to change recommendation that you uninstall the Asmedia USB 3.1 drivers and revert to the WU inbox driver. To do this, if there is an entry in the 'Programs and Features' for Asmedia, uninstall it (or use Geek uninstaller). If you check Device Manager the entry should read that the Driver Provider: Microsoft and the Driver Version: 10.0.18362.xxx If it is not, please Uninstall Device and tick the 'Delete the driver software for this device' checkbox and restart.
  7. @EadZ1 So I guess my advice is similar. Uninstall any AURA or AISUITE software for troubleshooting. The dxdiag shows the 19.11.1 driver version (unless the subsequent updates contain nothing for the Radeon VII, the release notes indicate an ongoing known issue with the card - AMD Radeon VII may experience elevated memory clocks at idle or on desktop) Yeah same thing, I'm sure you've updated headset firmware but can you try testing without the headset USB dongle attached? Looks to me like Realtek Audio device also not installed or detected, unless dxdiag is only detecting active devices but then it picks up Display Audio.... Audio as above, Network and ASmedia drivers already updated. 👍 I'm also going to assume you have checked the Corsair NVMe for firmware 😎
  8. @incapable BIOS is updated. 👍 Realtek Audio drivers - (should be DCH - check Device Manage shows Realtek (r) Audio not Realtek HD Audio Controller) device does not appear to be in use, have you disabled it? Only shows the G533 headset as Audio and Recording device. Can you try testing with the onboard audio only, please? (Remove the headsets USB dongle) Intel I211 Network Driver Asmedia USB 3.0 driver (older, but not WU inbox). Gonna sound weird, but can you try the updated wheel in the bracketed USB ports (USB12 or USB34) as they are USB 2.0 ports. The Asmedia controls the USB 3.1 ports, so you probably aren't using those anyway? Remove any USB hubs. Uninstall existing chipset drivers. Install AMD chipset driver. If the issue persists after a reboot, try the Destiny 2 patch update. (Not sure this will make a difference, but a lot of games are plagued with issues with higher end cards, so roll that dice....) Seeing as we're leaving no stone unturned - Samsung Magician the 840 Evo had a known firmware bug that impacted performance. Check yours is updated. I'm not even going to guess which utility supports the OCZ Vertex 4 (I understand why this 2012 SSD is still in your system.....) Corsair SSD toolbox (CSSDT_1.2.5.7_WIN.zip) to check the NVMe drive for updates (hate this download page shizz that Corsair are blocking hardlinks through....)
  9. Yes, other similar software has in the past. With the keyboard one shows a different device ID to the other (yours and EadZ1), that might be firmware. Yeah if you install iCUE then do any updates to firmware and then uninstall with Geek, it will remove all traces. I will get back to you ASAP with the mobo updates.
  10. @incapable @EadZ1 You are running different versions of LGS, not sure if either are up to date (no longer have Logitech). Use Geek uninstaller to remove LGS, reboot then do a new install with; ftp://ftp.logitech.com/pub/techsupport/gaming/LGS_9.02.65_x64_Logitech.exe You are both using Corsair K70 RGB Mk2 Gaming Keyboard, please install iCUESetup_3.22.74_release.msi (you'll have to search for Keyboards K70 from the dropdown) Please check for firmware updates to the keyboard then once updated, UNINSTALL iCUE with Geek uninstaller and restart. To be sure, please DDU your GPU drivers and reinstall. AMD (Radeon VII) and Nvidia RTX2070 your download is latest 441.41 but please use DCH driver. @EadZ1 you almost certainly have some kind of driver conflict Please try the above checks for firmware with VENTUS-R Gaming Software then UNINSTALL with Geek uninstaller and restart. @incapable Please try the above checks against G533 headset and G502 mouse with G-HUB then UNINSTALL with Geek uninstaller and restart. MM800 Polaris should also benefit from any lighting effect removed with removal of iCUE. Please also both confirm your motherboard make and model so I can double check firmware and drivers for chipset / audio / network drivers. After updating, please delete hardware_settings_config.xml before restarting game.
  11. I think you'll find it is the fact that it is registered as a X360 controller that is the problem. There is a file you can edit; C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2018\actionmaps I don't have the game installed but you should be able to edit the XML file for the X360 controller (if I had it installed I would confirm the filename) Make a backup of the exisiting file so you can restore it if you mess up. I think verifying the files might also affect it so save a copy of the modded file somewhere else. HTH
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    The game manual is here. I was looking for an older thread where I was looking for it, but the search function on the forums is woeful.
  13. steviejay69

    Hotfix 1.18.1 Released - PC Only

    Respectfully, that doesn't make any sense. "Mostly higher performance graphics cards" but "not every specific user on that card". It either affects a card or doesn't. So is it the available VRAM? System RAM? A driver setting? An in-game setting? CPU? Platform update? OS? API? It just leads to a general feeling of cluelessness. Testing should always be done on an updated system. If the user doesn't update, you push the problem back. The game minimum spec must also be respected. The recommended spec should be tested (in all AMD/Intel, Nvidia/AMD combinations). DX12 should be the preferred game mode, I think you've made a mistake allowing DX11 on anything other than W7 and that should be EOL'ed for support with that OS.
  14. I have already questioned the decision to roll out a hotfix as a mandated game patch on Steam. I am sorry for your situation, but you validated my complaint. We deserve better patch notes! I haven't started Steam since the patch was released.
  15. Windows Update. DirectX 11.1 https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/179113/how-to-install-the-latest-version-of-directx In my experience, Ultimate SKUs of Windows 7 are pirated and the updates are turned off to prevent it failing validation. Not accusing you of anything, just IME.
  16. No need to run Steam as an administrator. Probably not a good idea to either.
  17. steviejay69

    Yellow light bug in F1 2019

    This is probably a display fault. What screen are you using? Is there a display panel driver? Check your cables, unplug and replug, swapping if necessary. Do you use VGA/D-SUB, DVI, HDMI or DP connection? Do you have multiple displays or multiple devices attached to your display?
  18. steviejay69

    Hotfix 1.18.1 Released - PC Only

    If it's specific graphics cards surely the clue is in the question? Specifically, which graphics cards does it fix a crash with and what's changed? @BarryBL There needs to be an update to the 'Known Issues' thread that was started in TA. Quite frankly half the information in there has people chasing ghosts. Also, if this is a patch what if it causes difficulties with other graphics cards it's not intended for? I'd really rather CM issued the hotfix as a beta via Steam. Then at least there is a fallback position if 1.18 works on your system, this way the patch is mandated to all PC users - not the way hotfixes are supposed to work. Hot Fix is install if you have the specific issue. From an AMD users point of view, why does the game ask to update to an optional driver release (19.9.3)? 19.9.2 was the WHQL AMD recommended release.
  19. steviejay69

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    Patches are good if they fix things. The fix lists for these patches is shorter than the DLC announcements. Go figure. I'm glad you like them. I reckon £5 might pay a developer's wages for around 10 minutes. Long enough to change Jeff to Carl.
  20. steviejay69

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    If you use VSYNC@74Hz then that must be your display's max frequency, VSYNC will limit frames. You'll need a device you can run adaptive sync on that's good to 120Hz or better. I would try turning the settings up so 75Hz is barely achievable, but I would have thought with that combo you'll get that easily. Not sure what to suggest really. I have a 144Hz Freesync and even I can hit 144FPS with RX580 on a lot of tracks with High settings.
  21. steviejay69

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    I think if you can run TimeSpy with good temps there's nothing to worry about except maybe how long it is until the next CM patch and hope it sorts your issue 🙂 Try using the Frame Limiter and peg it somewhere around where the 1070 tops out (<=120FPS?)
  22. steviejay69

    Probleme audio

    Hello. I play on PC Windows 10 with the game F1 2019 Anniversary Edition and I pilot with a thrustmaster T150 The game seems to work very well except that I do not hear the engineers talking to me, nor does the reporter ask me questions or the conversations between pilots or my agent. Otherwise, all other sounds work. Thank you in advance for telling me if there is a solution. @1512marcel
  23. steviejay69

    Difficulty level

    AFAIK it is only adjustable between weekends.
  24. steviejay69

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    If you're feeling adventurous and wanna buy some MX4 you can always go on YT for a teardown of your GPU heatsinks and renew the TIM. Did mine and dropped temps 8-9C all round. OEMs use pads and they're rubbish. HWiNFO has a sensor log feature you can leave open while you play. Also, did you notice FPS drops any time before you crashed? Could be an indicator of throttling which is the usual precursor to overheating. But if you crash out and can play other games straightaway, it's not overheating. Was watching an interesting video on Gamers Nexus about stuttering in RDR2, seems the more performance you have the game is worse. Something similar may be afflicting the EGO engine as most of the people with stutter or crashing are on higher end cards (usually nVidia) and higher end CPUs (usually Intel).