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    Track limits and penalties

    It's a bit open to interpretation. There's no way the game will be right if the Stewards don't follow the regulations. Because, clearly they are using judgement to let things go. Just opens a can of worms. Rules is rules, guv. If the game was relaxed on strict, what next? Relax strict at other tracks? When someone butchers a corner and does eventually get flagged they will cry foul. If there is a line to be drawn anywhere the white line seems as good as any (arbitrary one).
  2. steviejay69

    Track limits and penalties

    I hear you but I was in TT at Austria and I was flagged for track limits several times between T9 and T10 also the exit kerbs at T10 that I thought were unwarranted. There's no option in TT, strict track limits are used. But you can ride the kerb between T6 and T7 to the same extent and not be flagged.
  3. steviejay69

    No podium pass button for g920

    I believe hope this will be addressed in the upcoming patch to bring XB1 into line with PS4 and PC (1.03)
  4. It is in the game minimum requirements. It's not ****, it's W7 is an unsupported OS. You need to not rage about it and realise that for things to work, you are going to have to use it. Or, as you point out, not play.
  5. steviejay69

    No records time trial

    They are up again for me this morning, but I am on PC not PS4 (they were on / off working last night, but TT mode is crashing - posted a report along with others). Either that or there really is an intermittent connectivity bug.
  6. Then my interest ends there (cannot be fixed, not statistically important, no guarantee of success). W10 is a requirement for F1 2020. You can upgrade for free.
  7. Please post a dxdiag. Any reason you want to use DX11?
  8. steviejay69

    black screen

    Try resetting the game optimisation in your Nvidia driver.
  9. steviejay69

    No records time trial

    This is related to online services being unavailable.
  10. It would have been simpler to simply list the audio devices you have and an indication of platform would not go amiss, thanks. Edit: you are on PC Steam
  11. steviejay69

    Crash when running Directx 12

    The DirectX features in this driver are still very new. I think (to be diplomatic) this has slipped by Nvidia's quality control processes. "Look Ma, I made pasta!"
  12. You need to post a dxdiag as audio devices are likely a factor. Also you need to tell us what you have tried. Because it works best when this is a two way street, thanks.
  13. steviejay69

    Thrustmaster F1 Rim

    Yes and https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
  14. Please complete a bug report.
  15. steviejay69

    G920 - No clutch

    Sounds also like the throttle is registering (unless of course you do have your foot on it). Manual clutch will only work on cars that have a stick shift and manual clutch (classics) AFAIK
  16. steviejay69

    Thrustmaster F1 Rim

    Delete the custom control schema in-game. Close the game. Delete the hardware_settings_config.xml Verify Steam files. Relaunch the game.
  17. I have also had this with Fanatec CSL Elite, Clubsport Formula Wheel F1 2020 Limited Edition, CSPv1 pedals. Use the keyboard to navigate as a workaround. I think it's to do with the USB pedals and USB controller.
  18. steviejay69

    Multiplayer Bug with the 2020 F1 cars

    You need to properly fill out a bug report or there will be no help and the thread may be deleted. It would be a shame as it looks like a tangible bug.
  19. steviejay69

    Ego Dumper Crashes

    I've only being playing today and I'm sorry to have to report I'm now getting Ego dumper crashes also. 1. After around 3 or 4 time trial laps of a track Zandvoort, Silverstone and now Melbourne the game crashes and gives me an ego dumper report. 2. Version: 1.03 3. Time trial 4. This has happened 3 times 5. I've restarted, checked for GPU driver updates and verified game files 6. Fanatec CSL Elite, Clubsport Formula Wheel F1 2020 Limited Edition, CSPv1 pedals. 7. No screenshots as the game crashes out but I've attached DXdiag and crash dump files 666824-20200707-220731-0.zip DxDiag.txt
  20. If you ran F1 2019 on an out of spec machine, you got lucky. They don't just make the requirements up. Plus, underlying features in the OS might change because it is probably a different version (of the OS).
  21. Can you try this similar fix on Thrustmaster pedals?
  22. steviejay69

    Forum Update | Thoughts & Suggestions

    Yeah @BarryBL adjusted the bug report notice to ask people to include platform. It might empty the PC side of XBL/PSN type queries (and console peasants.."Incoming!") but holistically I think we can manage the trade off of hopefully less reports especially gameplay bugs as they should be truly replicated across platforms and the system / connectivity might be better split, TBH.
  23. steviejay69

    Wheel Problem

    Have you checked the Steam setting?
  24. steviejay69

    Track not loading

    This may not work until you restart your console when the services are up. They've been down today I had the exact same issue in TT after a CTD at Zandvoort and Spain failed to load (had to kill the game).