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  1. Remember this (Steam) won't be the cause on consoles. Because there are some PS users here and I'm pretty sure it happens on XB as well. And it also happened in F1 2020, unsure about F1 2019. It's almost certainly an update to something and local save data being ignored / missed / synced, maybe just once, like a file missing or locking, network timeout or something. But potentially catastrophic for the affected user.
  2. @BarryBL this is a recurring bug and it happens for a lot of people after a patch update. It's not new. Whatever is going on is making the game seem like it's being reset. The only way I have saved this before is as soon as you get the graphical calibration screen, quit the game ([ALT]+[F4]), then when you start the game again, if you're lucky the game will start normally. But that's on PC, I have literally no idea if it can be 'saved' if you are on a console. This has occurred to me whether or not I have Steam Cloud enabled (I normally run without). But when Steam was enabled,
  3. I would test it ahead of a league if I were you, but it does claim to be fixed. Oh for time to practice, oh if it did any good 🙂
  4. Something else to try ASUS Mic Drivers - AVoluteSS3Vad.sys Find Microphone Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer in Device Manager under Audio Inputs and Outputs Right-click it and Disable it You are using a non-common desktop resolution and refresh, I have seen a lot of issues with larger or higher resolution monitors but unfortunately am unable to test or understand why these might be an issue or how to resolve. I use a 1440p display (144Hz) and have no issues. Do you have an older monitor you could connect and see it's not related to the monitor resolution. I would suggest that c
  5. If this doesn't work, uninstall the drivers normally, disconnect the wheel and run this after a reboot; Wheel Driver Cleaner If you still have no joy, you can manually delete USB device drivers using USBDeView
  6. You can Google it on the PCARS forums and it's on here (Codies Forum) many, many times, but the search function here is hopeless.
  7. Did you not read what I wrote? They gave us no information previously above what I repeated. I think your question is reasonable, but the quickest answer is to do it yourself.
  8. Ports are stated as being general game service ports per platform (Steam/XBL/PSN). You can Google them.
  9. No it means he wants to know what the bandwidth requirement is. If something is finite (bandwidth is) then asking ‘how much is required’ is valid. You can use tools to measure your bandwidth use, but it would be easier to know what is needed to ensure what you propose to run has sufficient (plus a little headroom). If it’s any bearing the betas would go ‘green’ when the debug mode indicated 1800kbps, the only other value shown was 900kbps (this may be from older games as I’m going from memory). Game requires ‘broadband connection’ in this country that means a theoretic
  10. "Last but not least" issue is fixed in 1.15. Multiple bugs per thread are not allowed.
  11. This issue is unique to you, so your dxdiag is required. 'Save all Information' and post the text output file, not a screenshot, thanks.
  12. This was literally posted three months ago with zero additional information, not even platform. Hope it's PC, but you never know.
  13. That's insufficient, also equipment is outside supported minimum specifications. (i3-2130 and GTX950).
  14. You might be confusing it with passing the safety car when it is waiting to pick up the leader. That's in this game and F1 2020.
  15. It's not a multiplayer mode so the gamertag is irrelevant. The explanation of 'by design' might not be what a player desires but it is not a bug. Maybe if people want it enough it could be a 'suggestion'?
  16. Was a slated fix that was causing just as much irritation as the one that affects you. Multiplayer desync does affect me too. (Much as I hate the 'me too' posts.) 😬 But yeah they've had to wait for it instead of a hotfix. Some do try to use the F2 as a progression to the F1 (in their minds) as the game has spectacularly failed to accommodate that in both Butler-infected games 🙂 I wonder if you can finish some of the races and not run out of fuel still. 😇 I have hopes for the console fix from quick resume (snooze?) for the wheels. Should pave the way to the February or March patches t
  17. Perhaps it's moot. I rechecked the dxdiag and without budget there isn't a great deal of point it's not going to run great. Still think replacing either storage with bigger NVMe or SSD would be the best improvement but the more I think about it, it is going to require some spending. Primary is too low on free space.
  18. This is 3-4x slower than SSD on SATA best case to best case. When you write to HDD the ratio worsens. The laptop in question does not have a 7200rpm drive, it has a 5400rpm one according to the support page. I know what I experience in the real world, it's not in the same league, especially as both burst speeds and sustained reads make the HDD look like a tank in comparison. A hard drive or an SSD will bench and work better over an internal dedicated single channel than over a general purpose multi connection bus. HDDs won't perform optimally due to (on mobile drives, generally
  19. External hard drive will be slower over USB 3.0 than SATA-III. SSDs are cheap, 500GB for less than £50 now, compared to £30-ish for a HDD same size. It's a no brainer.
  20. I would say it's a classic case of lag. It also implies to me that the totem and race result is generated from the session host (makes sense) but yeah a common symptom of lag. You can't trust what you see on your screen for timing or position of other cars unfortunately. Multiplayer is ruined because of issues like it, but you'll need to suck it up for now at least.
  21. Bug report is needed as per top of this forum. Do you mean lost drive rather than power? Look here
  22. Is your race style still 'Expert'? Try changing it, then changing it back.
  23. With nothing changing (except Windows 11 updates 22000.434 and 22000.438) and I believe a Steam client update - dated 16/01/22(?) the problem exhibited itself again. Wheel was detected as 'TS-PC Racer' in Thrustmaster CP (I have got into the habit of launching it before starting the game). I'm going to investigate around launching F1 2021 and not using the wheel in-game (using keyboard to navigate) and exiting the game then restarting the PC. I don't use 'Fast Shutdown'.
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