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  1. I had kinda the same problem with Dirt Rally, but thankfully someone was able to find a way to directly read the game memory and figure out where the FOV data was stored, letting him figure out exactly how the DR/DR2 FOV slider works (spoiler: in a non-linear way which is actually quite smart, but is similarly limited to a 30–70° vFOV range). If I do end up buying F1 I'll see if I can do the same thing. Of course in an ideal world the slider would either just change the FOV in degrees, or at the very least show the degrees value in addition to the apparently arbitrary -20 to +20 values.
  2. Hello! I'm trying to update my FOV Calculator to show correct values for F1 2021, but even with the help of someone who owns the game (since I don't, yet, sadly), I haven't been able to get it to show what look like correct values. For example, a 49" 32:9 monitor 55cm away should result in a horizontal FOV of ~95°, but from a screenshot of someone using this setup and a FOV slider value of 18, per the calculator, the actual horizontal FOV looks way higher than 95°. If I take the calculated vertical FOV (~34°) for that distance/monitor combo, and then set the aspect ratio box to 16:9 and r
  3. I generally agree with OP's suggestions here, but I do want to talk about this point: This is where I disagree. DR1 generally tries to 'fake' realism by being washed out, making the weather look overcast a lot of the time even when it's supposed to be bright and sunny. The real world isn't washed out, it's actually pretty brightly coloured a lot of the time! Also note: GoPro footage is not representative of what the world actually looks like. DR2 gets the saturation right, and the PBR and dynamic range stuff is more realistic to how human eyes see the world (except for occasi
  4. I'm not suggesting making people always go flying into the air when they leave the track, that would be ridiculous. I just want the edges of the road to be more realistic, meaning you can break your car or get it stuck if the scenery implies that's what would happen in real life. If it looks like nice smooth grass or something, feel free to cut or go wide as much as you can, since that's likely what real rally drivers would (and have) done. I think you're imagining something nobody actually wants. We want the game to be better, which in general means more realistic. The issue of c
  5. True, but imo a proper damage system is so important, it kind of needs to be in the next game. Moreover, it's a major part of real rallying, and the balance of risk vs reward currently tips too far away from 'risk' in the game as it is.
  6. Like I already said, it's not in the game now because the damage model is not punishing enough to make it work. All of my suggestions are predicated on there being a realistic damage model.
  7. I think you're overthinking it a bit. It doesn't need to be that complicated - if there's a proper damage model in place already, then just making the roadside extra bumpy, or extra gloopy/muddy/snowy, would be enough to discourage cuts, because of the risk of damaging the car or getting it stuck.
  8. On that note, would it be possible to reduce the size of those forum banners a bit? On my desktop they're so big you can't even see the actual main forum below them.
  9. Man, this imaginary Caer sounds way cooler than the real one @Mike Dee 😄
  10. It appears the era of DR2 will come to a close once the Flat Out DLC is out, and so we begin to think about the next game in the series. No, not DiRT 5 - that's a different subject entirely, and I hope Codemasters learned the lesson from DiRT 4 and don't try to cross the two streams again. Push D5 in the 'fun, more arcadey' direction, and build on that. No, this is about DiRT Rally 3! From chatting on the DiRTy Discord server the past year or so, a few common topics have emerged regarding the strengths and weaknesses of DiRT Rally 2, so I thought I'd post this list here, to be kept update
  11. Be nice if bottoming out actually had some consequences.
  12. Simpler explanation would be some weird bug causing it to crack for the wrong reasons, imo.
  13. It's a pretty good book if you want something to send you to sleep and have nightmares about billionaires destroying the planet.
  14. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but posting so many photos like that really just dilutes their impact and makes people more likely to skip past them. Pick the 1 or 2 really good ones, and you'll impress people more 🙂
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