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  1. Oh Rohan... weird memories. His end of year award shows were truly incredible, used to be the highlight of my forum year!
  2. Too busy adding to his Hornby collection to be posting here all the time! ______ I joined September 2010, literally just as F1 2010 was being released, so I've been here just under 9 years now. Crikey... where has that time gone. Crazy to think I was just 13 when I joined. I thought I was so mature for my age back then, but looking back I was probably a complete nob.
  3. Well done mate, that's fantastic! On a similar note, I also got my degree last week in Graphic Design! 😛
  4. Steve Jones has grown on me a lot. I wasn't sure at first but he's a breath of fresh air I think. I used to really like Will Buxton but not so much anymore... He seems to have gone more 'clickbaity' in his opinions and expressions, and I wish he went back to being a good old proper journo who happens to be good on camera! Also, it sounds silly for me to say this, but I find the way he speaks really irritating...?! He's so gushy and lavish in the way he speaks and it's started to really grate on me for some reason. Sounds weird I know. Yeah Lee is fantastic. I can't remember another r
  5. My dad happened to meet some of the Sky F1 team recently and he said that Crofty was by far the nicest and chattiest of those he spoke to, said he was a top bloke. But I agree, his commentary is starting to get on my nerves a bit... Ben Edwards is a gem, in my opinion he's the best motorsport commentator around at the moment, he's so passionate and it really comes across naturally in his voice. To be honest, the entire Channel 4 show is leaps and bounds better than Sky's. I could write a whole proper post about why the Sky coverage has got worse in recent years, but I'll resist for n
  6. Despite the two Mercedes 1-2 finishes, I'm so looking forward to seeing how this year pans out because it doesn't look like there's a true runaway favourite yet. I think we'll need to take another 3 or 4 races to really see who's strongest. What a bummer for Leclerc, so disappointed for him.
  7. Sometimes bad **** happens to good people and it's just incredibly unfortunate and unlucky. Sorry to hear your brother is having a rough time. By the sounds of it he needs to try and get her out of his life, she's causing far too much harm and stress than good. @McStanley Not all relationships are controlling and horrible, they can be good I promise!
  8. Right, that's it boys, pack it up, we've done it. 😛
  9. If you had to put together a top 3 of the buses you saw yesterday, which ones would they be? Mine would be: 1) Alexander Dennis Enviro 400, YN60 AEA, in Stagecoach WiFiBus livery (Visiting) 2) Alexander Dennis Enviro 400, SF10 CCN, in Stagecoach greener • smarter • travel livery (Local) 3) Alexander Dennis Enviro 400, SF10 CCO, in Stagecoach livery (Local)
  10. Interesting. So how many extra seats do you think would be able to fit in if the staircase was closer to the cab? And therefore I guess you could ask the question exactly how much more profit would come from having x amount of extra seats?
  11. How many seats do the buses you usually take have on them? Do they also have standing capacity?
  12. Thank you! You can do that! There's a black dot on the left side of a thread when it has new posts (black star for stickied threads like this one). Just click that and it takes you to the last comment you read.
  13. Is anyone else finding this new forum to have incredibly slow loading times...? I'm pretty sure it isn't just my internet, because every other website loads quickly and as normal for me, but this new forum takes a very long time.
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