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  1. johnboy83

    Career mode - sudden loss of reputation

    I have had the issue when I have crashed out even if hitting all practice programs. But you said you didn’t crash either. Never experienced it. F12018 used to literally wipe your rep if you had a DNF
  2. johnboy83

    What is your driver number?

    23, as I was born on 23rd.
  3. johnboy83

    8 career mode seasons, not 1 SC or VSC

    I’ve had regular safety cars and VSCs. Had a race with 5 AI retirements and I had one or the other for each retirement. not saying it’s not an issue but I’ve never had any problems. In most of the F1 games I count myself very lucky to have not encountered any of the major bugs that have been present in the last few games
  4. johnboy83

    MicroProse back in business

    Literally the best f1 I’ve ever played. 17 years on we have gone backwards. AI, weather, car set up, random failures and mistakes.... lets hope they do get back on the F1 wheel and please god let them do something for the PS and not just leave on PC!
  5. johnboy83

    Manual Starts Help

    This has happened to me before but I think it’s when I’ve pressed the clutch button too early before the sequence has initiated so when i started revving my engine it hasn’t registered I’d pressed the clutch. I’m not 100% on this but a possibility? It has only happened to me a few times tho, 95% I’ve never had any problems.
  6. johnboy83

    Where is the SAFETY CAR?

    I’ve also had a few. Altho it is a little inconsistent eg someone will pull off with a failure and will be miles off the line and no where near a dangerous place yet you’l get A full caution, yet when there has been a multi car pile up, nothing comes out.
  7. johnboy83

    Tyre life in qualifying programme

    I think 3 laps is fine as you have attempts if you make a mistake. If you know you are not gonna make the lap back off save tyres, turn down fuel and ERS, and try again the next lap, and repeat if needed on the 3rd lap. If it’s touch and go and you are going full whack all lap, then you won’t get the 3rd lap. The thing that annoys me is that the hotlap mode runs out before the end of the lap on most tracks if you don’t fiddle with ERS around the lap. If hotlap mode is meant to be the best delivery of power across a whole lap, then it should last a whole lap.
  8. johnboy83

    Bring back retired newish F1 tracks?

    I forgot about Valencia. Yes I would welcome that return too. And the ‘classic’ tracks they included the first time they did classic cars back in 2013, Imola, Jerez, Brands Hatch and Estoril. Or more variations to current tracks. Most road circuits on the calendar all have 2 or 3 different versions, it would be cool if these were included as well, surely wouldn’t take too much work as the base is already in the game.
  9. I don’t have any issues. Sorry.
  10. I can get starts that are pretty good using med TC but you can get better ones without TC at all. Another question? Do you do the formation lap? If you skip this without going to the end and warming up your tyres, you will start on fully cold tyres. Just watched a vid from tiametmarduk and he was questioning why his stats were so poor - this was the reason.
  11. johnboy83

    Bring back retired newish F1 tracks?

    India was a nasty circuit. Could never get a decent lap together. And Hockenheim and Hungaroring have just produced 2 of the best grand prixs in recent years, so wouldn’t have called them borefest tracks. I miss South Korea, and Turkey.
  12. johnboy83

    F1 career mode constructor standings is useless

    I couldn’t agree more. I would much prefer having to start in a lower tiered team, and my general reputation would decide which teams might offer me a contract. The higher the rep, the more teams are interested in you Oh wait, like F1 2010. You would really feel like you had EARNT you place at Ferrari, and not just swap and change whenever you feel like it after 4 races
  13. johnboy83

    Safety Car in this Lap - Bug

    Wait so you are saying the the safety car disappears when it crosses the line and then the leader becomes the safety car effectively? Pretty sure in real life, it’s announced the safety car is in that lap, at the start of that lap, not half way round.
  14. johnboy83

    Race start

    This. If you are playing with TC You will be miles slower off the line. I’m starting to play with no TC from using medium for years, and providing I can hit the optimal revs I match the AI most times, and if my reactions to the lights are quick enough, I have gained a couple of places off the line. You just have to hit that rev sweet spot and hold it until the lights go out and you release that clutch...
  15. johnboy83


    Yeah the theatre definitely has a section for ‘saved highlights’ so you can do somewhere.