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  1. johnboy83

    How is team acclaim different to driver acclaim?

    The percentage is how much of a boost to your acclaim you get every race. It is not your acclaim level. The boost you receive is transferred to team acclaim, so yes, the 22% bonus you get and the 24% that KMag gets adds up to giving the team a 46% boost to their team acclaim. Ultimately this means that your team receives 46% more acclaim than normal. Each time anyone you move up an acclaim level the percentage bonus will increase too.
  2. johnboy83

    Learning Curve

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayrton_Senna's_Super_Monaco_GP_II#/media/File%3AAyrton_Senna's_Super_Monaco_GP_II_Coverart.png this was my first f1 game....! I feel old. EDIT; sorry it seems I dont know how to post images
  3. johnboy83

    Who is at fault? Episode 2

    Haha I like your style 🙂
  4. johnboy83

    Who is at fault? Episode 2

    No it is red on F1 too. Ah least defo on F1 2019, ive turned them off for this though year as we finally have the virtual rear mirror 🙂
  5. johnboy83

    Transfer of pilots in my team with little movement

    Mmm I think because he did 40 laps on a set of soft tyres. And people couldn’t even do that on the mediums. I think it’s widely thought he pulled of something of a miracle to do that and scored well deserved points as a result. Maybe that was enough for people to vote. He still wouldnt have been my choice though tbh.
  6. johnboy83

    Transfer of pilots in my team with little movement

    Im joking, I’m actually a big Seb fan, rated him from his first race standing in for Kubica in USA and scoring points for BWM. I’m well aware of his successes, though they all came while he was in the best car on the grid it must be said, just like Hamilton right now.... Its hard seeing him in the doldrums but you have to admit, he’s been off his game for a while now...
  7. johnboy83

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    Mmmmm I disagree. I’m 1.07 and had a VSC and a SC in my last race in Baku. 95 difficulty simulation damage, 100% race distance.
  8. johnboy83

    Transfer of pilots in my team with little movement

    Because they’re still better than Sebastian Vettel? 🤣
  9. Also turning engine modes down in the race is an easy way to save fuel for the drivers. Using one single engine mode for quali and race and effectively removing this tactic seems a bit odd to me.
  10. johnboy83

    Formation lap on or off?

    I’m not talking about just having the formation lap off, I’m talking about having it switched on, but then skipping it and not completing it. I always turn Formation lap on, as I think it adds to the experience but when It comes to it, i can’t really be bothered and want to get into the race, so I would just skip them rather than complete them. Every time I did, my tyres were always blue for the race start. So I started making sure I did the formation laps, and now my tire temps Are set for the race start at the temp they are when I finish the formation lap. Just speaking from my own personal experiences.
  11. johnboy83

    Formation lap on or off?

    I know if you skip the formation lap with it turned on you start on cold tyres.
  12. johnboy83


    I was thinking the same. Or a replacement for Albon at Red Bull
  13. johnboy83

    Merc wrong colour 1.06

    Maybe the other players havnt updated their version yet? Although that seems crazy as to why they wouldn’t.
  14. johnboy83

    Tyre not used in qualy available for race?

    If you make Q3, you are restricted to the start on the tires you used to set your fastest lap in Q2, unless the weather is different between qualifying and race. In other words if it’s wet in quali, but the race is dry, you free to choose what tyre to start on. if you fail to make Q3, the set of tires that was reserved for Q3 still become available for you to use for the race, along with all your other tyres used for qualifying. If you are a front running car and will get into Q3 it is a good idea to minimise the use of your tyres. I tend to use just one set for q1 (I aim for just one flying lap, or put enough fuel so I can go for two without pitting, meaning less in/out laps. Il generally set my first run in q2 on this set of tires to set a banker lap, then put on a new set and be very gentle on my in and out lap again minimising the wear if I have to start on this tire. This generally means il have a couple of brand new sets for the race. edit: sorry, just seen you are talking about short quali so basically what I’ve said is useless to you. Sorry! Should learn to read properly!
  15. johnboy83

    Teammates in my team mode

    Didn’t realise it changed? Each time I have started a my team career (started 3 so far) I was able to choose him for my teammate