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  1. I’m really struggling with oversteer around here. The back wants to step out in pretty much every corner. Loving the track though!!
  2. All practice sets are returned after practice. But theoretically you should be able to use any set allocated for qualifying in the race. How do you know you’re are not able to use this set of tyres? There should be 3 sets of soft available if I remember correctly? Are you trying a 3/4 stop strategy so you use all 3 sets?
  3. I think what the OP is saying is the the AI don’t manage their parts correctly as he jumped up several places on the grid 2 races in a row due to AI taking engine penalties.
  4. I was wondering the same. There is also a similar one regarding keeping all 4 tyres under a certain temp - think it’s 100 degrees, which I do, but doesn’t seem to trigger either.
  5. I’m currently up to my 6th race in my team, and I havnt had ANY rain. A few races where there is a 60% chance, and still none - annoying as I planned my pit stop strategy around the rain coming and it never did!!!
  6. I have also turned the difficulty down to 90 from 95. I feel as though I am competitive for the car I am in at this difficulty for now. Only at Monaco though, which I’ve took a pause as, as it’s my worst track and might just skip it.
  7. It’s also defo there on ps5 in my team, and GP mode. Maybe turning auto save OFF disables this setting too, as the game doesn’t want to save anything? Try turning auto save on and having a look. What’s wrong with having auto save on anyway if you don’t mind me asking?
  8. johnboy83

    DRS Graphic

    Or know your circuits well enough to know where the DRS line is. I drive cockpit cam and I don’t have issues activating DRS. The beep is helpful, although it’s not so easy to hear that well at the moment, but I can see where the drs lines are coming up while driving, it’s not really a problem.
  9. Really?? So next gen consoles don’t support this? Even with built in mic on PS5 controller?? This seems crazy that old gen consoles can support it but next gen can’t!
  10. Did you leave and go back later? I did quali I monza started the race but then had to turn it off so I went back and when I returned to the start of the race, I didn’t get damage, and I think all the settings reverted to default. I have also noticed this every time starting a new GP, I have to configure the settings every time- it doesn’t save them like it did last year. Sure this will get sorted out though, unless I’m missing something?
  11. It does, as I’ve used it in my team. Just in the pause menu like last year. Don’t know about GP mode. What platform are you using?
  12. See I disagree with that. I’m struggling with Med TC this year and find I have less grip out of slow/med corners. I notice the default set ups are quite different to last year, so maybe it’s the set up but I’m defo struggling this year.
  13. I’m defo finding it harder to put the power down In all scenarios. I use MED TC and it seems a lot more sensitive this time round. The back is stepping out quite a lot on corner exit, and I’m so used to downforce levels and braking points from f1 2020 it will take some getting used to for sure. I’m nowhere near the difficulty I was racing on last year either but I’m sure it will come with time. A little frustrated at the moment - feeling how Danny Ric must be feeling in his Mclaren, but So far so good.
  14. I think he is referring to DRS beep not up shift tone. I didn’t think it was working for me either but it is working for me, just very quiet. I have enabled helmet audio setting though as I drive cockpit cam.
  15. I think youl find there are changes to 6 corners. They are changing camber on most corners as well as actual corners themselves… they ARE quite extensive changes actually. And as many people have already said you then have to alter AI behaviour in all scenarios weather, and alter car behaviour because of the camber added. Give them a break. Jeeez
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