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  1. johnboy83

    Teammates in my team mode

    Didn’t realise it changed? Each time I have started a my team career (started 3 so far) I was able to choose him for my teammate
  2. johnboy83

    What camera do you use?

    Cockpit, although I find whenever I use T-cam, I am faster but I don’t enjoy it as much so I put up with being about 0.5 seconds slower give or take a tenth or two and use cockpit. Used to have halo off when using racing line assist, as it was too hard to see the braking point until it was too late, found myself having to drive slightly off line to see it. Now I don’t use the racing line assist I’ve turned the halo back on.
  3. johnboy83

    Which mode you playing?

    I’d say that @marioho scored them himself and the end column is the average of the 2 scores.
  4. johnboy83

    Driver Number.

    I used to use 23 as I was born on 23rd sept, but that got taken by Albon last year, so I either use 9 now (month of September) or 83 (year I was born).
  5. johnboy83

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    You can’t switch drivers when viewing highlights. It would be much better though if highlights included all race events from other cars too.
  6. johnboy83

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    I run 90-95 AI and see mistakes at all difficulties in this bracket.
  7. johnboy83

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    They were the best for car failures and AI mistakes. And the failures could happen to the player too, and there was such a wide variety of them.
  8. johnboy83

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    A Geoff Crammond title by any chance?
  9. johnboy83

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    I use medium TC and I have seen the AI make mistakes and lose the rear end and also seen some crashes where they get totally out of shape, smash into the wall and take 2 or 3 other cars out, so I don’t think the AI run assists like you.
  10. johnboy83

    Which mode you playing?

    I rarely play online. Yes the racing is better against human opponents (if you find the right ones... which it a challenge in itself) but just the constant waiting For everyone in lobbies and inbetween sessions for just annoys me. I’m too impatient. Haha. Which means the lonnnngggg loading times this year are a shame too.
  11. johnboy83

    OMG. HOW FAST?!?!

    I usually just use the pre-sets for set ups as I just can’t get my head around setting up the car myself. Preset 4 is generally my go to set up.
  12. johnboy83

    Which mode you playing?

    @marioho same for me as Suzuka, I’m so inconsistent at the esses, and struggle with the hairpin as well which I guess is a similar profile to the Singapore corner you are talking about, although for me that doesn’t usually give me much trouble providing I have my rear planted into the floor. I wish I could get a wheel but no space 😞
  13. johnboy83

    Which mode you playing?

    It is a great sense of accomplishment when you nail a lap there, trouble is, that is rare for me which is why it doesn’t get more love here. It’s a nice flowing circuit, I’m just not great there on the pad.
  14. johnboy83

    Which mode you playing?

    I’d say we are pretty similar then. Performance wise I would say I’m good on the same tracks as you and not so great on the same as well and on the same sort of scale too. Only exception is Singapore. It’s one of my favourites. Out of curiosity are you a pad user? Low Monaco rating and all, as most wheel users tend to like Monaco I’ve found.
  15. johnboy83

    Which mode you playing?

    Yeah I like interlagos, I feel it has a nice flow about it, and I’m usually pretty racey around there, but I hardly race around it. Most tracks at the tail end of the calendar I hardly race on sadly. I have a tendency to get bored doing a career and end up starting a new one with a new team about half way through the season. So I race on the early tracks a lot but not so much the later ones, which is a shame really, as I enjoy a lot of circuits in the 2nd half of the season! With My Team though, hopefully I should be able to stick to the same career over several years!! What are your other top circuits?