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  1. I'm only a few games away from getting to the ToCA series! I've been researching this already, and the following is true, apparently:

    Out of the box ToCA RD2 1.0 uses Starforce
    With patch 1.1 and patch 1.2 it uses Starforce

    You can see on Starforce's site which OS will support each version of Starforce http://www.star-force.com/support/users/

    If you're using Win7 it may be possible to run their SFUPDATE utility (from http://www.star-force.com/support/drivers/) to update the drivers and the game may work. However if you're on Win8 or 8.1 (like me) then nothing will work at all, so you'll need to resort to uninstalling Starforce (http://www.star-force.com/support/drivers/) then using a No CD version of the game (which I can't help you find, if you find one, make sure it virus checks okay first!).

    ToCA Race Driver 3 is more problematic, as it comes with Starforce out of the box version 1.0, but the (much needed) 1.1 patch moves it up to, however this is still too low to be updated on Win8/8.1. The only No CD versions out there are just for version 1.0, so if you do want to run it on Win8/8.1 you'll have to put up with missing all the 1.1 bugfixes (which means missing things like 12 player races for all race types, pro-sim options being saved, cheat severity tweaks and IIRC more tracks for each championship).

    I still wish Codemasters might just release updated non-Starforce .exe files for each game, but as they no longer have the license for ToCA or anything related, they probably can't :-(
    I use Win 7. So I will try sometime. 
  2. Yeah I'm on a few forums, VOGONS, WSGF, AssemblerGames. I'll be trying to find the simplest and least offensive to Codemasters route to getting them working, as they don't like outright guides to dodging copy protection!

    I have heard you can update the Starforce protection and that might work, with the updater here: http://www.star-force.com/support/drivers/ but I don't trust that, as Starforce can kill Win 8!
    I may try this when I get a new computer (trying it on the old one so I don't mess up the new one)
  3. Hi today I felt like playing TOCA RD2 so I installed it to my Windows 7 computer. The installation ran smoothly and then a message popped up saying Installation complete restart computer to play. I restarted my PC and the same message came while trying to boot the game up. I tried again and again and again but to no success. Is it just Windows 7 or what? Answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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