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  1. So they changed it because at the very beginning I couldn't buy the DLC separately, that's why I bought Deluxe where it was more profitable anyway. The physics of cars is somewhere better in the new WRC as in DR2.0 in my opinion and you can feel the difference between the WRC / WRC2 / WRC3 cars and if WRC 9 had better graphics and additional effects, you can already talk about the rally game of the year. In the new WRC 9 I do not complain about the lack of group B cars because the nature of the game and the series has a completely different message for players. I do not want to buy
  2. And again no you can't buy this separately. Clean your eyes better. Once DR2.0 was a benchmark for me after RBR as the best rally game, then when WRC8 was revised it was different… and when WRC 9 came out I forgot about DR2.0. If you haven't played WRC 9 yet, you'd better not write anything about its technical aspects. In this edition, optimized realism allowed real drivers to finally compete on a high level with virtual players. Online clubs are miles better than DR2.0. Of course, you can compare both games, at least on the level of R5 cars.
  3. This game is much more created for online competitions even with real rally drivers so AI isn't good even on my opinion. Main thing in this series 9 is Full attack. Well, but how can he have an idea of reality if the only steering wheel in your hands is the one for games. It just so happens that I have Simon Carrier in my contacts, who once collaborated with Colin McRae on the project of the McRae R4 rally car, they used SPC as well as CATIA V5. When he moved to Toyota as an engineer where they were preparing a 380 horse car for 2017, I asked him what the purpose of this car
  4. For short clear answer first... I'm rally fan from early 90s and yes I have had ocassion drive private FWD rally car in closed track. For second don't teach me about my freedom here. If pseudo SIM racer write gibberish and nosense then better for him buy a real car and get some little bit practice in real life instead talk totally nonsense... Typical kid. There's a lot of book about rally ( I recommend start reading finally ) and what rally drivers talk about modern machines and feelings behind new game WRC9. https://www.overtake.gg/en/news/1563-publisher-nacon-wrc-9-goes-way-furthe
  5. In short... DR2.0 much more arcade. Go kid to work. Buy car. If WRC want aim future young stars in this game then they know what they do. S.Loeb said... Modern rally cars have different cornering angle attack and they are more easy to drive and precise from the classic WRC cars. Go and drive any 4x4 car like Audi A3 for example then you can write your gibberish. I'm game player and real driver with thousands miles ahead in cars like FWD, RWD and 4x4. If you call it total arcade then every other game is the same in this position.
  6. There's not maybe. This game it's great.
  7. You haven't played this game when you was writing this post only watched streams as you wrote. And AGAIN... THIS GAME HAVE MORE IMPROVEMENTS OVER 8! NOW YOU GOT THIS???
  8. Toyota Corolla WRC only in Deluxe not sell separately.
  9. You are totally wrong. Do you have played this game already? I have play from 3 days and there is more better improvements based on WRC 8 version. I suggest for you first play then later write something with sense not gibberish.
  10. Well I have play already in WRC 9 version Deluxe with Toyota Corolla WRC on the board from the 3 days. There's new cockpit view... There's better gameplay with physics... There's improved career mode and Championship... There's much more fun. There's much more realistic grip difference between gravel / asphalt / snow / icy road. Asphalt physics what's normally are much much better from Dirt series put in together. There's better damage mechanisms. Deluxe version cost me only £58 not too much huh? This game is far far away better from Dirt Rally 2.0. Nacon and KT
  11. I saw many gameplays from WRC9 and reviews from testing versions. WRC9 it's similar to WRC8 but better with much smoother gameplay and better technically bumps with landing. Codies they was a masters of Sim / arcade rally games until now when WRC9 it's on the top level in rally games. Preordered version deluxe WRC9 ( with Toyota Corolla WRC!!! Bonus car ) so safter Sunday I can give realistic feedback how Codies looks today in rally world games. Anyway after gameplays and reviews I believe that WRC9 it's much more better from DR 2.0. RBR it's alive only by Mods.
  12. No damage, no pitstop, no tyre wear... Real arcade game. If you liked realism like in PC2, this will not be the case in PC3.
  13. Well, this is what I wrote days ago, that if Codemasters touches anything and any production today, it will be a big disappointment for everyone. Many players are already returning PC3 because it is completely different, not a simulator anymore. WRC 9 comes around the corner and it looks like a very successful rally game with Toyota Corolla WRC !!! on board, it is and there will be better rally simulator like DR and DR2.0 together. Now the question is whether the WRC promoter will consider even if it was really worth it with this WRC license for Codemasters, because today they do arcade ra
  14. For me Project Cars is dead on Codemasters hands... Sadly but this game will be a joke in 3rd edition by Codemasters. Now I'm worry about future WRC made by Codemasters. Something goes totally wrong with this at all.
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