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  1. Here are some more (most of which I already know the answer to).  Not all online specific, but all do impact online racing:

    1. Do we have dedicated servers yet?
    2. Can the host define grid positions for online races?
    3. Are there online practice sessions yet?
    4. Are there 22 player grids yet?
    5. Is the hidden steering assist in the controls menu removed and/or are gamepads still faster than wheels?
    6. Can results be exported on PC?
    7. Is there now a realistic handling, physics, and force feedback model?
    8. Are tracks laser scanned yet, or are they still flat dead surfaces?
    9. Is there now an option to force cockpit view (for online no-assist league races?)
    10. Do we have pit boards and a better engineer so we can turn off the OSD?
    11. Are mirrors improved to be more valuable?
    12. Is corner cutting fixed? (4 tires outside white lines equals warning or penalty)
    13. Have the graphics been updated to be on par with the likes of Project CARS?
    14. With One-Shot qualifying, can we now see the weather before the race?
    15. Have you brought back the F1 2011 feature where you could set up several online races at once and the results from one would determine the grid (or reversed grid) for the next?
    16. Can full replays be saved and are they viewable from any car?
    17. Can full custom setups be used for One-Shot qualifying?
    18. Is the damage model more realistic yet?
    19. Are pit stops manual now? (pit limiter button/drive into box by our self?)
    20. Is the base setup for each track still hidden, and do we now have realistic setup values (instead of a 1 to 11 scale)?
    21. Are laptimes in rain now realistic?

    I agree 100%, but don't forget:

    22. Is the netcode improved to avoid lag and ghost contacts?
    23. Are the cars in equitative mode realy equal cars in terms of performance and handling?
    24. Is the FPS bug solved? In F1 2013 was patched but nos solved. Diferent hardware still means diferent performance.