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  1. Donut52

    DiRT 3, visual bug

    @Evilsmurf  Wow, ok, didn't know that, Thanks a lot!
  2. Donut52

    DiRT 3, visual bug

    I just installed DiRT 3 Complete edition on steam. It worked fine, until I changed the graphics settings to ultra. The game froze, and i tabbed out and in, and the screen turned black and green. I have tried restarting the game multiple times, but I keep getting the same background, but working overlays such as the speaker icon when someone is talking. plz halp.
  3. Donut52

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    When the steamworks port is done, where will you post? Here, or will you make a new announcement?
  4. Donut52

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    Try contacting the store/website you ordered the game from to see if you can get them back. I didn't  actually redeem it. I sort of lost it and found it again now. I was just wondering if i would be able to redeem it when DiRT 3 is moved to steamworks
  5. Donut52

    QOTW: Which is the best DiRT game?

    DiRT 2 is "Colin McRae DiRT 2" actually. They stopped using it after DiRT 2
  6. Donut52

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    Will i be able to get my DiRT 3 pre order super teams bonus back?Its the nordic edition, if that makes any differance