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  1. @Evilsmurf  Wow, ok, didn't know that, Thanks a lot!
  2. I just installed DiRT 3 Complete edition on steam. It worked fine, until I changed the graphics settings to ultra. The game froze, and i tabbed out and in, and the screen turned black and green. I have tried restarting the game multiple times, but I keep getting the same background, but working overlays such as the speaker icon when someone is talking. plz halp.
  3. When the steamworks port is done, where will you post? Here, or will you make a new announcement?
  4. Try contacting the store/website you ordered the game from to see if you can get them back. I didn't  actually redeem it. I sort of lost it and found it again now. I was just wondering if i would be able to redeem it when DiRT 3 is moved to steamworks
  5. DiRT 2 is "Colin McRae DiRT 2" actually. They stopped using it after DiRT 2
  6. Will i be able to get my DiRT 3 pre order super teams bonus back?Its the nordic edition, if that makes any differance
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