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    To anyone else who wants to know, it's confirmed that there is a limit of only 20 seasons before the game automatically forces you to retire.  Like the OP I played LMA 2007 many years ago (well, seven) and a friend and I pick it up every now and again when we're having a few cans at home.  I recently started playing it again for nostalgia's sake, and was really annoyed about being forced to retire. To answer the OPs question, I agree with Colinc1992.  Loan them out, no special training needed and after a season or two of being on loan (that's if anyone actually offers to accept them) slipping them in the team as often as possible for experience.  Had a youthie increase 4+ bars over four seasons doing that.  This was with a youthie from a top flight team though, I never did develop youthie's in lower leagues (needed all the wage budget I could get).  And there is no way to add skills or add a new position to their starting abilities. I also agree with what others have posted here - if we really can't have a new LMA then an update to 2007 would be gratefully accepted.  NO FORCED RETIREMENT would be a nice update.  Or even an extension to 50 years or something.  I want to keep playing it but after doing 20 seasons, to go back to the beginning isn't appealing.  So I won't be playing the game again any time soon. Other ideas for updates - realistic crowd increase as we get lower teams promoted, increased wage budget if we've managed to swell the bank balance significantly, wider selection of available jobs at the end of the season (after a few seasons of winning top flight trophies and Europe, I wanted to go back to the Conference but didn't want to join a new team half way through a season when their manager got sacked), and as said above perhaps a bit more to scouting.  Nothing major, nothing huge, but would make a real difference.  I wouldn't even expect it to be a free update, as moderate as the changes would be it would still take a bit of work, so would happily pay for the DLC. Perhaps there's just not enough of us who want a new LMA.  Even though there seems to be so many posting on forums all across the interweb about it, and being very vocal about it too, perhaps there's just not enough that would make Codemasters think a new title would earn them some money.  Ah well, we can hope at least...