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  1. From an online interactive perspective I think three major things will make DR3 and subsequent WRC games a game changer in virtual rallying; -A live online rally event mode that is Broadcast-able and replicates a real rally experience. Auto-generated (random & new) 15-20 stages, 1 hour to 48 hour rallies. That have 50 car, live broadcasting grids (We currently have 150 player battle royales so this can't be impossible) -This is the ultimate in virtual rallying design surely? I think Codemasters can do this - So instead of daily/weekly/monthlies we have right now we would have live rallies happening. And Cross Platform of course! -Stage surfaces - The current stage degradation is way too dramatic and disrupts the car's balance too much (floor hitting road a lot) - I would expect stages to be generally smoother but also much more unforgiving if you go off the road! -A robust anti-cheat software - I think iRacing is the benchmark
  2. lucag120

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Steam, Clubs not working. Please communicate progress and when it's all fixed.
  3. lucag120

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    MY RIG: SIMUCUBE OSW Wheel, Fanatec v3 Pedals, Fanatec Handbrake. How are you getting on with the input configuration options in-game? Not well, I use OSW sim wheel and I've had to edit code myself to make it work. I feel the configuration was way too difficult. There's a lot of serious sim racers that just can't use this game because their equipment isn't supported. Are they easy to find, easy to understand? Not for my wheel, No. Is it easy to understand in-game what each of the settings mean and do? No, there's no explanation boxes for each setting. On nearly any menu, this needs to be FIXED ASAP!!! Dirt Rally 1.0 was better. Is there anything in this regard you think the team could do better in the future? Add explanations of each option in every menu. How are you finding the in-game tools and configuration options? A lot of testing and changing required to get it right. How do you feel about how the game handles external configuration files? Fine. What are your thoughts on how the game handles multiple input devices, and switching between them? Was a problem for me at the start as my Fanatec handbrake and pedals were conflicting so I couldn't even use the game for a week before I figured out how to fix it.
  4. lucag120

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    I've got this issue big time on 1080ti and i78700k. It happens at the end of ALL STAGES šŸ˜” The game almost crashes at the end of all stages and goes into "not responding" state for about 20 seconds!!!
  5. lucag120

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    Hey MarkHam207. I think Tarmac physics are not exactly the same as real life but yes I agree the inputs you make in braking and throttle and steering are very similar to what you have to do on tarmac anyway. I get the feeling on all stages that my mind is doing the exact same things as when I'm in a real rally driving on stage so I am enjoying this game a lot.
  6. lucag120

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    Hello guys, I am a very passionate sim racer and rally driver. I love Dirt Rally 2.0. I will give my opinion on physics as I've raced rally cars for 3 years (2015-2018) in Australia. I have raced a small Hyundai Front Wheel Drive car(950kg, 100hp), Rear wheel drive Holden(1500kg, 200hp) in forests/autocross and Subaru WRX Sti 2004 (1500kg, 250hp) Youtube video & channel with onboard videos; this one below is the Hyundai I use OSW Simucube wheel and Fanatec V3 pedals, with Fanatec handbrake on my rig. Simlab P1 chassis. I will break down my feedback by Category; Tarmac physics: No comments yet Gravel Physics: Front Wheel Drive: Seems pretty good, I feel overall more grip in DR2.0. I will say the acceleration traction/speed of the cars from standing start and in general is much more than real life. The surface variation across the road is modeled pretty nicely in DR2.0. I feel like the tire interaction with the surface is pretty nice also, there's nice variation. I will say in real life there is better feeling of the fine detail balance compared to Dirt Rally 2.0. Like in real life small touches to brake and steering affect the car balance, where in Dirt rally 2.0 i find myself being more aggressive with inputs to make the car do what I want. RearWheel Drive: Basically same as above, however On-throttle power oversteer seems not controllable like in real life. I should be able to plant the throttle and manage the rear end quite easily(DR1.0 was great in this respect), but I can't in DR2.0 - I have to mange the car sliding and throttle input a lot more to keep control and speed of the car. 4WD: Same as above. Feels very good compared to real life. But again much faster in traction that in real life. I think 4wd is the closest of all 3 drive types. I will also state the wet surface modelling and variation with the ruts on the road is fantastic in DR2.0. I think the wet surface in DR2.0 is more like real life dry gravel feeling in my opinion. I like how accurate driving and neat driving is rewarded in DR2.0. I encourage more development on the feeling of the cars compared to their real life counterparts.