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  1. stuzster

    Some questions

    Back up save files after every session. That's my mantra on everything these days.
  2. Good luck hitting 222mph at Monaco!
  3. stuzster

    Ai tyre wear

    By 'increase' in laps times, I meant that AI times would gradually get slower
  4. stuzster

    Ai tyre wear

    If this is true, I don't understand how this is so hard to simulate - surely just a very gradual increase in lap times would give this impression
  5. stuzster

    No Codies! You STILL haven't fixed it!

    New replay system. Please - no more swooping panning shots - TV feed style please!
  6. stuzster

    Patch confirmation?

  7. stuzster

    HUD Off

    Gonna give it a go at Austin in a couple of weeks. With my 2015 career drive pretty much sorted, I can afford to 'experiment' in the last 3 races!
  8. Great post - this is indeed how you report - constructively critical in parts but credit where due in others... ...much better than "waaah, my game is broked, nothing works, non-specific winge, blub blub, my life isn't worth living and it's all Codies fault etc." You know the type...
  9. stuzster

    HUD Off

    I actually think the mirrors (in 2012 and 13) are one of the best features - seeing a car darting about lining up a pass - I find that more immersive than watching some arrows moving around...
  10. stuzster

    HUD Off

    Yeah, I can't bear those arrows - I use the mirrors instead, plus sound cues and situational awareness. Cockpit view all the way as well :)
  11. stuzster

    HUD Off

    Just wondered how many of you guys raced without a HUD at all. How is it? Are you able to know gaps to other cars etc? I've never tried it. Just wondered how playable the game is like this?
  12. stuzster

    AI : Qualy vs race pace

    I've never used fast forward in qually, preferring to see out the whole session. I've always found it's errors by me that contribute to me losing places in the opening laps - the AI pace is fine. The difference between their pace in P3 and Q1 is what catches me out!
  13. stuzster

    Annoying team radio

    "We need to catch up to the car in front" yeah, thanks for that. That's kinda like what racing is about!
  14. stuzster

    Little bug - Mirror

    Gods sake...
  15. stuzster

    F1 2014 reviews

    I remember during development of 2010, some of the interviews with Hood and Jeal eluding to their "love of F1". Where did that go?