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  1. 1. Across a lot of our leagues, we've had a series of de-synced starts - the start lights don't go out at the same time meaning some people get unfair advantages and it really messes up league racing. It seems the LOBBY HOST mainly benefits. In one case, half of the grid seemed to have got a better start, whereas half didn't when the host was a commentator. 2. PS4 - PSGL leagues 3. 1.06 these occurred on 4. Multiplayer unranked. 5. PSGL F1, PSGL F3 league races. 5. We run 11/12 leagues and it occurred in at least two, maybe more. So it's hard to know what and why it causes the issue as above. 6. N/A 7. A mix of wheel, pad etc. 8. PSGL F3 example - PSGL F1 examples 31:26 0:42 As you can see, he thought they jumped-started but didn't. Thanks
  2. It happened every unranked lobby without fail on F1 2019. I lost connection in a 50% social race last night - rejoined and could cut corner cut without an issue.
  3. 7thGearRL

    Thrustmaster T300 FFB loss

    What I don't understand though is some tracks - Austria, I had no issues. Or pro-longed gameplay in multiple lobbies - no issues. But some tracks, Japan ONLY last game, Spain this game seems bad as well which I've done at length - it's an issue. It's almost as if it's not a wheel issue but some tracks are more impacted than others - for some reason?
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  5. The best place for F1 racing on the PS4, come over to Playstation GL! With the impending release of F1 2016 in the next couple of months, come over to PSGL for the most competitive, exciting community around.
  6. Sign Up Thread now up: http://playstationgl.com/index.php?topic=18672 Sign up and get involved!
  7. Make sure you sign-up to one of the best communities on the web for F1 2015 racing on the Playstation 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyYnkluFRJI Take a look at a season highlights from one of our drivers. We need  new blood to keep the competition up.
  8. No, logitech wheels do not work on Ps4.
  9. 7thGearRL

    Announcing F1 2015

    They got it spot on F1 2013, no built-in traction on pad or OP turn-in on the wheel, so fingers crossed then.
  10. 7thGearRL

    Announcing F1 2015

    I will be happy as long as the pad and wheel are equal... or as equal as possible not this ridiculous situation on f1 2014. 
  11. 7thGearRL

    Patch confirmation?

    Useless, no patch, no nothing.
  12. 7thGearRL

    Pad vs Wheel - Concerns

    I have resorted to medium traction control anyway. 1 lap pace is fine, over a race distance especially with tyre wear, the disadvantage is huge. 
  13. 7thGearRL

    Credit to Codemasters

    I just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying the lastest instalment of F1 2014 by Codemasters. I use a wheel and the handling is really fun to drive, the over-steer and lack of rear end stability is making it very enjoyable and worth the money. The AI have significantly improved in terms of pace at least, still reluctant to overtake mind you. The pad-wheel debate is pretty boring now, I race with mainly pad users and it is pretty even for majority of the sessions so I cannot complain too much. I have had plenty of good, online races (video below) shows that, I am looking forward to what they can do for F1 2015! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqrWsjYXiho
  14. 7thGearRL

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    At least the AI on Legend are quick and competitive, I am a competitive driver in leagues and online however finding it difficult for Williams on career, 12th in both the first two races however at least it's challenging for a change not really easy like on F1 2011 where winning in a HRT was easy. The Ai are a step forward and we all should be pleased about it. 
  15. 7thGearRL

    Pad vs Wheel - Concerns

    I will be getting it tomorrow - as the guy above said, they are looking into it, so all we can do is enjoy the game and await any news.