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  1. I don’t know what the licensing situation would be and how easy/hard it would be to acquire, but I was thinking along the lines of the Circuit Rally Championship. For those that don’t know, there is a championship here in the UK that uses race circuits (such as Oulton Park, Knockhill, Snetterton) for single venue rallies that utilise the circuits and the access roads around the venue.
  2. RichWard25

    Green sectors

    In career mode, there are another 4 classes that compete on the same events. I don’t know what platform you are on, but on Xbox you press X on the results screen to change the filter from class to overall and you can see the other classes. For example, in my current championship I’m using Group B 4wd but there are also Group B rwd, Group A, F2 kit car and R2 cars. However, the only results that matter are your class rivals. There is no overall points structure.
  3. I’ve managed to get it to unlock after buying a 5th Audi. Makes me wonder if there is a link in any way between 5 cars and 5 examples of a single car? The Group A equivalent achievement unlocked after I bought a 4th Escort Cosworth.
  4. RichWard25

    Green sectors

    It might be the running order. If you are the first car on the stage there won’t be any other times for you to be slower than, therefore green sector times.
  5. Any chance this is being investigated? The other achievements I still need to unlock are just ones that require time invested, but this is out of my hands and will drive me crazy if it’s the only one that’s not unlocked.
  6. RichWard25

    Colin McRae challenge - Wales 1995 in the wet

    I just did this scenario on very hard and won by 1:25 and I’m a lowly console peasant using a controller. All I did to the setup was lower the ride height by 3 clicks and ran soft tyres for the first 2 stages and mediums on the last 3. Don’t forget you can hit restart without any penalty.
  7. I finally managed to get the Watch the Delta achievement to unlock after buying a 4th example of each car, but Living the Dream still shows at 80% progress. I’ve attached a video showing the 4 examples of each car in my garage and the achievement progress. https://youtu.be/wW6YpyQ1Wrs
  8. RichWard25

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    You’re setting off OCD calling it an RS500 🤯
  9. RichWard25

    DiRTy Gossip

    As is the most definitely not an RS500.
  10. RichWard25

    2020 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    I wander how similar it will be to the original track they used for the Internations Cup in the early 90’s.
  11. RichWard25

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Just started a new championship at Masters level using the F2 Kit Cars. I’m using the Golf for the first time and have no engine upgrades yet, running with soft tyres, 1 spare and my own setup for the car that I put together using the shakedown before the first stage. First event is Argentina and after 4 stages I’m 7th in class and about 40 seconds off the pace of the leader (who just happens to be the same person that won the previous championship at Elite level) but it is quite close from 2nd to 10th. Normally I don’t tend to look, but out of interest I have checked the Leaderboard times after each stage to see how I and other human players compare to the ai. So far the times I have set have placed me 6th, 7th, 7th and 1st on the cross platform leaderboards for the respected stages and only 2 of the times ahead of me were fast enough to have beaten the ai in a stage. In fact on the stage where I set the current fastest time, I only finished 9th against the ai.
  12. RichWard25

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I think it depends on what class you drive. I’m currently doing Elite in H3 RWD in the Ascona and after 5 events I’m 3rd in the championship after a DNF in Poland. The thing is, I haven’t won any events so far. Apart from the DNF I’ve finished 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 5th. One of the second places (Wales) only happens because the runaway leader crashed out and I then made an error trying to chase a 4 second deficit on the final stage. On average, I have won around 2 stages per event, but there is usually at least one car that seems to have a rocket engine attached to it each time. On the other side of the argument, I have previously done the Elite championship using the R5 Polo (for achievement purposes). Usually I’d stay away from the R5 class because I think they are too easy to drive badly and get away with things that would usually end badly in other classes. I was winning events by over a minute and in the case of Germany (my personal favourite) I was close to 3 minutes ahead! Compare that to the H3 event where I could only manage 5th. It’s also been stated in the early weeks after this game was released that the H2 FWD class was affected by ridiculously fast times, even on the lower difficulty levels.
  13. RichWard25

    DiRTy Gossip

    This is gonna get me started on the Sierra Cosworth/RS500 debate. It’s bugged me for years that Dirt games have referred to the Cosworth as an RS500.
  14. RichWard25

    DiRTy Gossip

    He’s not the youngest of chaps now either. I remember Brian from Rallycross back in the late 80’s/ early 90’s. He had an immaculate fwd mk4 Escort back then before switching to a 6R4 and sadly rolled it into a ball on what I seem to remember was his first outing with it at Lydden.