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  1. RichWard25

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    Well as I said a few posts up, it didn’t work for me. That’s why I’m raising the issue again so that it doesn’t get lost in the black abyss beyond.
  2. RichWard25

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    Any word on these bugged achievements still being investigated?
  3. RichWard25

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    I bought a 3rd Audi and Evo 6 last night and neither achievement popped. I’ll try again when I get the next garage rotation. Can now confirm, I now have 3 of each Group A and Group B vehicle and still neither achievement has popped.
  4. RichWard25

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    What about this one?
  5. RichWard25

    Windows won't break

    These days all rally cars are required to use anti shatter (sticky clear plastic) film on the windows if they are glass. The idea is to keep the glass together in place should the windows smash. Maybe this is where they’re going?
  6. RichWard25

    DiRTy Gossip

    This is gonna get me started on the Sierra Cosworth/RS500 debate. It’s bugged me for years that Dirt games have referred to the Cosworth as an RS500.
  7. RichWard25

    DiRTy Gossip

    He’s not the youngest of chaps now either. I remember Brian from Rallycross back in the late 80’s/ early 90’s. He had an immaculate fwd mk4 Escort back then before switching to a 6R4 and sadly rolled it into a ball on what I seem to remember was his first outing with it at Lydden.
  8. RichWard25

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    I’m still having issues with the Group B 4WD and Group A car ownership achievements. I currently have 2 of each car in my garage which has progressed the Group A achievement up to 75% complete (not sure which car did that unfortunately). I’m on One X, digital deluxe edition installed to a WD 3GB external HD if that helps to diagnose the issue.
  9. RichWard25

    Let's talk hardcore damage

    I’d go back even further than RBR for a hardcore damage model in a rally game. Does anyone remember Mobil 1 Rally Championship? Engines would overheat and misfire. Suspension would collapse. I had numerous occasions where I had clutch and gearbox damage that led to slipping, poor gear changes and eventually losing certain gears altogether. The stages were long enough that the wrong tire choice could see you wearing out tires before you’ve finished the second stage of that run. I can’t remember how many attempts it took me before I finished my first event, let alone won one. It was the challenge of trying to get to the finish that kept me playing over the pile of racing/rally games that I had at the time. These days it seems like most games are made “too easy” to avoid the complaints from people that want everything for nothing. Just spend some time reading the Forza forums and you’ll see the endless comments from people that want everything unlocked and handed to them without any input because “that’s what they paid for” Make rallying challenging again.
  10. RichWard25

    DiRTy Gossip

    I play on a One X with the game installed to an external HD and an Elite controller that is more often than not plugged in with the charging cable. After a few hours of almost daily play, I have never had any sound issues. This is why bugs like this are so difficult for devs to fix. They don’t always affect everyone and they are hard to replicate so finding the source of the issue isn’t a simple task.
  11. RichWard25

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    A couple of shots from the Group B RWD daily today. Love this 037 and Germany. At the time I finished the stage I was 4th Xbox time and 20th cross platform with a 6:17.613 despite a spin at the right handed after the chicanes. Taken on Xbox One X.
  12. Same. Reloaded the game multiple times throughout today and not seen any. Xbox One X if that helps
  13. RichWard25

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    My ‘Upgraded’ achievement finally popped after upgrading my 8th car and that doesn’t include the Fulvia or S1600 Corsa. Still have the progress on the the other 2 achievements showing 4/5 Group B cars owned and 2/4 Group A cars owned. This is after repeated attempts at selling and repurchasing multiple cars.