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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    A couple of shots from the Group B RWD daily today. Love this 037 and Germany. At the time I finished the stage I was 4th Xbox time and 20th cross platform with a 6:17.613 despite a spin at the right handed after the chicanes. Taken on Xbox One X.
  2. RichWard25

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    My ‘Upgraded’ achievement finally popped after upgrading my 8th car and that doesn’t include the Fulvia or S1600 Corsa. Still have the progress on the the other 2 achievements showing 4/5 Group B cars owned and 2/4 Group A cars owned. This is after repeated attempts at selling and repurchasing multiple cars.
  3. RichWard25

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    Sure, the gravel spec wheels/tyres are narrower than the tarmac equivalents, but not to the point where if you lost the rear arch structure the wheels still wouldn’t extend beyond the shell.
  4. RichWard25

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    It occurred to me today that the rear track on the 6R4 looks way too narrow. It’s as if they have used the measurements for a standard Metro because the wheels are so far inwards of the wheel arch.
  5. RichWard25

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    I’m still having problems with the achievements for owning all the Group B 4WD and Group A cars. I own all 5 Group B cars, but the progress shows 80% (and yes, I have bought an additional Audi S1 too). For the Group A achievement, I have all 4 cars but the progress shows 50%. So even without the “you’ve already got the Subaru” issue, it still hasn’t counted another car either.
  6. RichWard25

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I think some of you are looking at those BGM sport things and getting a bit ahead of reality, specifically about the Aston in the background. To me the situation looks like this; The location was Turweston aerodrome near Silverstone. BGM Sport are based in Brackley, a matter of minutes down the road. Aston Martin Racing are based in Banbury, also just down the road and regularly use Turweston as a shakedown venue. It seems that it was just coincidence that both were there at the same time. Maybe making use of a runway booking together.