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  1. ryano12

    Monza tyre temp bug

    Well this didn't get much notice and it's just happened again. I can't say too well if it affects performance (just the tyre temp telemetry) or not, as most corners bar, two slight turns, after this happens are right handers and rely on the left tyres.
  2. ryano12

    Tips for the rain.

    Just do everything 25% slower. I find the 'karting line' doesnt provide additional grip. If you're using TC, its best to still drive as if you don't have TC as the TC willow slow acceleration.
  3. modding is modding.. it's not a supported feature. why are you complaining to codemasters? They don't design the came to be modded.
  4. IMO the feed back for the backend of the car is nicer but the front end either feels like it has endless grip despite massive understeer (with understeer enhance turned off) or it feels like it understeers when it's not (with understeer enhance turned on). It would be great if this was tuneable to at least altered to be in the middle.. I also find that the rear end feel is gone if you are understeering and have understeer enhance turned on,. It's as if the enhance forgets everything else that is happening so you can miss the back end stepping out.
  5. ryano12

    Headset Advice

    Go to your settings and adjust your mic sensitivity or bind a button for "Push to talk".. I can't stand it when people don't setup their mic properly and all you can hear is their engine noise and clicking / background noise. surely you can see your own name up the top right of the screen.
  6. ryano12

    Monza tyre temp bug

    Playing on ps4 in ranked multiplayer, if you touch the grass with both right tyres in the lesmo corners, their temperature resets to 86°.