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  1. Yeah same thing for me, still broken in this new update... It really is incredible a glitch that makes the multiplayer completely unplayable and 2 weeks after release its still here. This is now a single player game? xD
  2. Hey, thanks for quick response. (im the original poster but good that you talked through it also with another person). For me, I am on wired connection, really quick and consistent speeds and I have never had this issue on F1 2019 or any other game. It started since the F1 2020 release (I tried online on the 7th when the game came out and instantly had this issue. Each day since them i've came back to try the online with the new updates etc to see if it was resolved but it hasn't been so far so I decided to make this post.
  3. Bug Report 1. Communicating to Online Services message Blocks the entire screen during online races, even when i am actually connected, so i cant race online. Platform is PC. Error Code: NA 2. version of the game: 1.03 3. Game-mode: Online multiplayer 4. Every time i race online this happens since the release, even for my friends as well. no matter what version of the game yet. Restarted the game multiple times, restarted PC multiple times, my network is fine and its connected in game. 5. I'm playing on PC, all drivers are updated and working fine. M
  4. Will F1 2016 have a realistic (broken) Mclaren Honda and Red Bull? xD
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