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  1. I understand that if you had pre-ordered the game, it would come with four special skins.
    I  had pre-ordered the physical version for ps4, but there was not a code for the skins with my purchase ?
    Is it possible for you guys at codies, to send me the code for the skins

    Thank you

  2. Here are some sugggestions to tweaks and tid-bits which I would appreciate could make it into the game :-)

    Horns - so the car can have a specific horn sound
    Tire Screech, to show when for example drifiting around

    the speed of the cars and their weight, should be tweaked - I really can't tell the difference if I'm driving the Ambulance, or Spy Car

    Sound effects so you can hear the cars bump into each other, or the environment

    The Nerf button, can get annoying espicially during Elimination, as it can block the view, perhaps it could be made transparent, or make it smaller and put it in the corner

    I would also love to have options for a 4-player & 8-player ranked race sessions

    I'm enjoying the game so far

  3. To the developers.
    This game would improve greatly if you sometime in the future could a Single player Campaign.

    A time trial options as well and more tracks & a way to change the Camera view.

    The game is pretty fun but some tweaks here and there could really benefit the game :-)

    I hope you guys will listen to user feedback from all us MM fans around the world.

    Thank you