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  1. Having just watched a video on the career mode of the upcoming Project CARS.  Very impressed! (yes it says ps4/xb but the pc is the same) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e7Dq7JRltQ This ^^ gets my vote and my money.   (if career mode is back in F1 2016 I will probably buy it but for this year, I'm out)
  2. I didn't take much interest in Project Cars and was planning to buy F1 2015 ...until I found out theres no career mode on F1 2015, I don't play online and I don't want to race as a "current" F1 driver.   So now I am not buying F1 2015 and I will buy Project CARS, because it has a career mode (or something like one) Sorry Codemasters but I only play career mode, hope you add it back in next years.
  3. This is an outright lie.  I always played career, from F1 2010,11,12,13.   I never play online and I never play scenarios as it does not interest me. in F1 2012 alone I played through the 5 years of career mode more than 10 times! I'm very unhappy and sad to see my friend is correct and theres no career mode.  I have been looking forward to F1 on my next gen system (PS4) but now I will have to skip this game totally and either stick to F1 2013 on my 360 or go buy Project CARS. BIG mistake Codemasters, this is going to upset a lot of ppl who dont play online, you're going to lo
  4. Cover makes me want to vomit.   I'm really not a Hammy fan at all.  ughh
  5. CM, is this true? I was told today that the new F1 2015 for PS4 would have no career mode?  (you can drive as an existing driver only) PLEASE tell me this is wrong??   I love F1 games and have really been looking forward to the PS4 version but I don't play online, like F1 2011,12,13 I only play single player offline career mode. I'm hoping my friend was lying and its not true.  I want to buy F1 2015 day one!! but if  this is true, no career mode.  I would very very sadly have to miss the game and not buy it.  :(((((
  6. You knew CM's history of bodged F1 games and same bugs year on year and you still bought the game..   I have no sympathy for you, maybe next year you'll remember this and think twice before throwing yet more money at them.
  7. Yet you still buy their gane every year, even though you know of these problems. Who's the stupid one, you or CM?
  8. The only way to get them to take note of what we want and work harder is NOT to buy it and hurt them in the only place they care about, their wallets. Buying it every year and hoping its better does nothing at all!!  and never will.
  9. As long as people buy it every year, they never need to work hard.. it'll sell anyway! The ONLY way to get them to take notice and do better is to not buy it.
  10. You knew it would be bad yet you still bought it..   I have no sympathy for you, you should have simply not bought it.  I'm still playing F1 2013 and its fine, I have no intentions of throwing more money at CM when I know for a fact they don't give a damn about giving us a good game, they are just milking us dry.  Well Steve Hood, enough is enough for me, you'll get no more here.  but I guess like the poster above, there are still a lot of people you can scam.
  11. Well TC, I hope like me you've not given them your money this year.  I bought the last 3 F1 games on launch day, this time I've learned my lesson and I've not bought it and the more I hear about it, the more that decision seems to be the right one.
  12. They don't care, they already got your money...
  13. Its been a broken mess for the last 2 years but yet still bought it knowing that..  thus I have no sympathy for you.   Next year remember this and do not buy it.
  14. You knew it would have the same issues, but you still bought it.   Codemasters(lol masters.. irony much??) will do NOTHING to improve the game unless they lose a heap of sales.  IF they put out the same bugs year after year (yes I have the same bug in 13 that was in 12 and 11!!!) and people still buy them, they have no incentive to work harder.  The ONLY thing that will get their attention is to not buy it and hurt them in the only place they care about, their wallet.  Then and only then will they take notice and actually work to improve the game.
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