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  1. Apart from Local Play which is offline technically, the rest of the modes are online, meaning the game continues regardless of pausing. This is apparent in all modes, Ranked Online & AI in all modes, Battle, Race & Elimination. 
  2. @ChristinaMc the Special Event mode is still broken, can your guys look into fixing it?
  3. Yeh I managed the Loot Crate eventually (the only reason I played this event), it counted to around 120 seconds then I got in. Not a fan of these events at all as there is no gain for doing them, the Arcade one was 'ok' and thats because it was new at the time. You know what my thoughts are regarding what I think we should have/get regarding events, as I mention them far too often. 
  4. Yehp, happened to me when I tried it when it went live. This is the perfect opportunity for us all to receive free loot crates & a big coins boost, when they patch it to fix it. Lets hope they read this and it happens. ;) 
  5. Im back! Please, Please, Please sort the coin distribution out!!! The last 3 level ups i've had 3 items each time that I already have & gained 150 coins in total!!! Just remove the already owned item bollocks & give more coins or more loots crates, its not that hard to patch in surely!! i have no idea why 50-100 coins gained compared to needing over 7000 coins to buy skins alone was a good ideA!!
  6. This I couldnt agree more with. Skins are the most expensive items in the game and you rarely unlock them via a loot crate (probably for that reason). I need minimum to buy them all now, for one vehicle I am focusing on, as this vehicle has less skins to buy, around 5-6k (I have about 3-4 skins unlocked) which I think having prestiged and now on level 20 second time around I dont think accumulatively I have earned at all. Maybe 4500k tops! Even if its 100-500 coins every 10 levels with a loot crate or a 1000 every 1/4? It just seems that you'd have to prestige twice minimum at my current rat
  7. 1. Options to choose different maps to race on. 2. The option to turn off power ups! Has the AI rubber banding been increased? Was way out in front then all of a sudden the AI was on me just begore the finish with a hammer to destroy his way tothe finish line! :(
  8. Nice to know the Tooled Up trophy has been addressed, now I just need a Double XP/Double Loot Crate weekend Special Event to get said trophy!! :wink: All new renamed modes seem present & correct. Going back to the Tooled Up Trophy, as i've prestiged now, played nearly 30hrs and am still 6,000 coins away from the elusive Tooled Up trophy for the platinum, any chance you could patch me the 6,000 coins, you know as a gesture of good will?? kthxbai!! ;)
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