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    Unexpected Events ?

    I know the developers don't have to patch or upgrade for the pro or xbox one x , have you even seen how it looks on a ps4 before you make your comment ! I can only assume not …… If so you would understand the frustration at looking at sub par graphics that are more suited to a ps3 gen game . It was a joke before you come @ at me with your know all **** all comment !

    Unexpected Events ?

    I would think your right , but I will add a ps4 pro graphics update as a unexpected event also 😉

    Worst looking game on the end of a lifecycle console

    I must admit that you guys are correct , my eyes are bleeding trying to focus on the awful looking graphics , it is extremely disappointing to be playing a racing game that looks like this , it deserves better.
  4. It is really really bad 😞 hurry up and patch it please

    Udp for Ps4

    It would be nice

    Out With The Old In With The Sparco Rally Rim

    Nice rim , most of my time is spent playing dirt 2.0 at the moment , should bite the bullet , would be nice on my t500

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    awesome screenshot !
  8. I am on ps4 pro and running a t500 , it feels ok to me . What I am getting through the wheel is good , responsive ,intuitive movement through the wheel that feels natural but missing the finer points of the road degradation and tyre slip to a point , rear wheel drive cars feel pretty awesome , in saying that I have not driven too many front wheel drive cars to have a educated opinion on them 😞 For me on the Ps4 it is a graphical "hmmmmmm how do I say this in a manner that will not get me in trouble " ……….. I'm not going to say anything ! Better choice 😛

    Cars grip after patch?

    thank god , downloading patch now :)

    Cars grip after patch?

    I hope there is no difference as I think the handling was fine , will check tonight as I'm trying to bang out some more world records !

    Patch Notes

    Pretty uninspiring stuff really ,I wont say to much until I fire the ps4 pro up tomorrow.

    Tyre life and Running order

    If there are tyre tweaks to be done by codemasters in the near future I would hope that the time trail/ server would be reset. I'm all for it but hell that's a lot of my time out the window if they reset the servers 🙂 Im good with it , always looking for a more realistic experience.

    Please bring back analogue handbrake support.

    Hello gentlemen , I'm hoping someone can help me here . I'm running a ps4 pro with a Thrustmaster t500 wheel , I can not get my thrustmaster th8rs shifter to work as a hand break on my system, I have the sequential plate in but when I try to set the shifter as a hand break it says there is a conflict as the shifter is set as up and down gears and wont let me set it as the hand break . I have spent some time mucking around with it but without any luck …. Would love to use it as a hand break as I did in dirt rally. Thank you Regards SUBGTRACER

    Darkness and rain all the time

    I can't race during the day anymore as my eyes are adjusted to the evening 🙂…... I am now Nocturnal and do not want to wake up in the mornings to go to work ! You codemasters have a lot to answer for 😛