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  1. It seems the latest patch has fixed the issue. Must be something from the misc section as non of the bullet pointed changes seem to be related.
  2. @BarryBL I think this may have something to do with having multiple monitors and one having HDR. The game seems to get confused and only let me turn HDR on when on my monitor that doesn't support it. While its greyed out on my HDR TV I actually play on. A bit of fiddling sometimes resolves this and while the game lets you turn it on with the wrong output selected it just looks washed out as expected. I wonder if the reason it fails to launch it is getting these mixed on on the config. So far I have managed to play a few times by leaving HDR off completely. As an aside when HDR is tur
  3. Thanks. Here.s some recent dumps. 794921-20210723-161053-0.zip 794921-20210723-160605-0.zip 794921-20210723-160640-0.zip 794921-20210723-172025-0.zip
  4. Unfortunately the problem has come back. Happened after I tried to play the game through Steam Link which crashed the game. The Nvidia settings didn't help this time.
  5. Looks like the only difference it flagged was DLSS but adjusting the settings via NVIDIA fixed it. EDIT: Ah! It appears the crash left it without a resolution setting. Many Thanks! Odd that worked when deleting the hardware config didn't. Unless it pulls the hardware config from Steam cloud or something.
  6. After several hours and sessions within the game I changed the graphics settings while in the race which crashed the game. Now the game will no longer launch and only offers up the crash report dialog along with a blank screen. I was playing breaking point mode on chapter 5 I think. I have tried reinstalling the game, deleting hardware configs, deleting save and running in safe mode. Really frustrating as I cant play the game at all at the moment. Specs are AMD Ryzen 5800x 3080 RTX 16 GB 3600Mhz Ram Game is installed on SSD. As a side no
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