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  1. I could make a list with 100 cars that need to be added but here some important ones.
    Many cars from finnish, estonian, czech championship would be great (Like the ones listed above or that i link).
    Many have some bigger history. Here is a small list i made.

    F2 (Rest the missing 24 cars like Clio Maxi,xsara)
    S1600 (clio, c2, punto, corsa...)

    Group R

    Group 2:

    Chrysler Sunbeam Lotus group 2

    Skoda 130 RS Group 2
    Datsun Violet 710 Group 2
    Saab 96 V4 group 2
    BMW 2002 Ti group 2
    Trabant P601 group 2
    Volvo 142S group 2

    Group 4:

    FSO Polonez Group 4
    Lancia Beta Monte Carlo group 4
    Fiat 124 Abarth Rally Group 4
    Vauxhall Chevette 2300 HS group 4
    Saab 99 EMS 16V group 4

    Group A:

    Toyota Starlet KP61 group A
    Toyota Corolla AE86 GT group A
    Volvo 240

    Opel Kadett E GSi 16V group A
    VAZ Lada Samara 21083 group A
    Skoda Favorit 136L group A
    Renault Clio I Williams group A
    Peugeot 309 II GTi16 group A
    Nissan Sunny N14 GTi group A

    (early 90s)
    Audi 200 Group A
    Mitsubishi Galant Group A
    Toyota Celica ST165 GT4
    Mazda 323 BG8 4WD/GTX group A

    Group B:

    Renault 5 Maxi Turbo group B
    Toyota Celica TA64 Twin Cam Turbo group B
    Mazda RX7 FB group B
    Skoda 130 LR Group B



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