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  1. Kjell007

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    WRC8: 14 locations, total unique 257 km, with France having most kilometres totalling almost 22 km. WRC9: 13 locations, total unique 290 km (including the 6 new stages in Portugal coming in next update next week), with Finland having the most kilometres totalling almost 41 km. Both games have several stages of 20 km and longer (in Monte Carlo, Finland, New Zealand, Japan and Chile), and all this included in the base game with no extra cost. 😉
  2. I think the next DR-game should have huge improvements in the statistics area. Here is an example from an excellent game I’m playing on the PS4 at the moment. Simple but beautiful and something Codemasters should consider for any new racing game, really, but at least something for Dirt Rally. 😎👍🏻 Select a circiut and the game zooms in and show all cars and stats for that spesific circiut:
  3. Kjell007

    Co-driver feedback

    Hehehe, hillarious! 😁 I wander what OP thinks about the co-driver calls in WRC8 and WRC9? 😁 In this department, Codemasters are waaay ahead. Phil Mills is my all time favourite co-driver, and he is very welcome in the next installment as well. 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Kjell007

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    He and the other drivers probably set the times not using in-car views as well, since the wet and snowy times aren’t affected by the weather effects.
  5. Kjell007

    A.I impossible times.

    You’re quite right. Here is a couple of threads discussing the problem: To sum up: Codemasters doesn’t acknowledge this as a problem, so I’m quite sure that there will not be any AI adjustments for Dirt Rally 2.0.
  6. The S9 is missing in the Dirt Rally Series, and it should be there since it is the WRC-champion of 2003. 😊
  7. I’m not saying that the system should be exactly like the one in ACC, but a system that give the player feedback on their driving style, pace and so on, so that you are ENCOURAGE to drive the proper way. As it is now, DR2.0 give no such support. As for RX, I have given up on that mode long time ago. The AI is waaay better than me, even on the easiest settings, and I have no clue of why, so I’ve just lost interest completely... Under any circumstances, online gaming is not for me, still I enjoy the rating system in ACC. 😉👍🏻
  8. This is so true! I’ve been away from DR2.0 for a week or so now, after investing in ACC on PS4PRO. Since I don’t have a simrig, I sit in my couch driving with the stock DualShock4, and after tweeking a bit (Deadzone 5%, speed sensitivity 10%, steer filter 25%, steer speed 10%), the cars handles excellent using the stick. 😎 I really recommend this game for those who appreciate authenticity and realism. Assetto Corsa Competizione has three important features that should be in any racing simulator, including Dirt Rally 2.0: (1) Driver rating system that tracks EVERYTHING you do in the game both online and offline, including pratice sessions(!). Why can’t a rally game track track competence, consistency, car control, pace, safety and race craft? This tracking system encourage and teach the player to do proper driving, something that really is missing in DR2.0 (2) Proper stats and progress tracking. ACC has solved this quite simple but still excellent with a track sheet showing all the circuits with total distance driven, total time driven, number of valid laps, invalid laps, races, finished races, wins, podiums, penalties, served and dsq (disqualifications), and personal best (from any game mode, not just «time attack»). If you select any of the tracks, you zoom into a new sheet with the same details broken down by car model. (3) It is possible to be on top of the leaderboards when racing against the AI on easy in career mode, unlike in DR2.0. 😁
  9. Anyone? Especially the two wheels milestones seems a bit odd. I mean, 5 minutes on two wheels?? 🙄 I am soon at 14,000 km and I have now a total of 8.72 seconds on two wheels! Is there a spesific car to use on a specific circuit for this one, or? Thanks in advance.
  10. Kjell007

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    And one more thing, any racing game, including this rally title, you should be able to play casually. Like myself sitting comfortably in my coach using a stock controller. 😉
  11. Kjell007

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    I see you and your friends just don’t want to understand. I’ll sum it up: I want authenticity and a rally game that suits a broad audience which can compete and experience wins and be a champion regardless of skill, and at the same time include levels of AI and the ability to turn off all driving aids and the possibility to crank up penalties like driving off road into bushes, punctures etc. There is no need to dumb down the physics or handling, because if it is good, people will recognise it, even the not so good players as long as you have some interest in driving and motorsports. I want more interaction where you can see the drivers change the tyres after punctures, and see people help you and your car getting out of the ditch or a tree. That is authenticity to me. This is also the reason for me to enter the Expert DiRT club, and not the Official DiRT which is for arcade racers and I don’t want to race against people using bonnet view, bumber view or other outside views. 😁 As for the career mode in DR2.0 (and DR), it is a strange creation, and as I said earlier, if it hadn’t been for the possibility to track your progress (with credits and a working odometer), I would never have touched it. Why can’t DR track progress like other racing titles? Why must time trial and my records be seperated from everything else in the game?
  12. Kjell007

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    Aha, but I want authenticity, so I drive carefully and don’t drive «like it is a game»! Big difference, and maybe now you understand why I say that this game encourage an arcade behaviour? If I could get a slider to decide the level of difficulty that suits MY driving style and the level of how much I want to push myself, I would be happy. Sometimes I want to win comfortably, other times I want to have a level AI to me, and sometimes I want to really struggle, but that should be up to me to decide, BECAUSE THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A RALLY SIMULATOR, right? Another dope thing in DR2.0 is the 4 second penalty for resetting you car after being off the road. The game should encourage you to actually get out of that bush, ditch or whatever you have gotten into, and onto the road to continue by yourself. That’s why the cars have reverse. 😁 The last option should be to reset the car, and you should get at least 1 minute penalty, that is twice as much as changing a tyre. This is what I call arcade stuff that suits better in Dirt 5 and Grid than in DR2.0. And before anyone starts arresting me: This penalty should of course be optional such as everything else in a proper simulator game. And that thing about excluding faster drivers from CPUs is just an excuse for being ignorant to people with a different view than yourself. I mean: It would be a hassle to have a couple of easier tiers because there will be «more championships to play through». Seriously?? You have probably 35,000 km ++ behind the wheels, and you worry about a couple of dozen stages for a total of 200 km extra? Come on! 🙄 Read my posts again, and you’ll see that I suggests even harder CPUs for the hardcore masochists!
  13. Kjell007

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    @Mike Dee, my tests were done in Spain and Poland, several times last year using N4/R4 and H2FWD, to see if they would patch it, but nope. You have something from Australia for group A. It is well known that the times in Poland is way faster than the other countries? Why? It is also known that H2FWD and R2 have times that is faster and more difficult to beat. Why? Or have these issues been patched lately? No, the game is very unbalanced in this aspect and for those of us that are slow, it is REALLY TERRIBLE and AWFUL. AND it is unbalanced since the My Team events and championships starts at 50%, which is actually just plain stupid. But of course in your eyes this isn’t a problem because it suits you, so if someone try to voice out an opinion it just «complaining without insputable evidence» which shows your extremely arrogant attitude. I’m just waiting for you to tell me to wait for Dirt5 because it will suit me better, right?
  14. Kjell007

    Welcome to the new GRID

    If you really want to test your endurance, I think Train Sim World would test your patience, especially if you go for all of the 13 DLCs after finishing the base game. 😂
  15. Kjell007

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Ok, thanks. In other words, a humongous grind. 🥱 I wish the game would have had pitstops to change tyres and petrol filling, so I could have made some proper endurance races. I really wonder what the person that came up with the «Around the world»-trophy for this game were thinking. Maybe the person were confusing Grid with Dirt Rally 2.0, and mixed two of the trophies since I think «Fire up that car ... again»-trophy is better suited for Grid, while the «Around the world»-trophy suits Dirt Rally 2.0 better. 🙃