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  1. Kjell007

    Season 1 Germany

    Germany rally is great, no doubt, but why no time trials in wet conditions?
  2. Collecting my credits for this week I saw something strange on top of the leaderboards for vehicle class «Up to 2000cc». The winner has a stage time of -81:24.715 using the Citroen C4. Number 2 on the list has the time 31:45.002 which is a difference of +113:09.717 !!! Same guy has done the same thing in yesterday´s daily in same class «Up to 2000cc», same car Citroen C4 with a winning time of -14:24.974 which is +21:36.229 better than number 2 on the list which has the time of 07:11.255 !!! Is there something wrong with the car or is it some kind of cheat? 😞
  3. Kjell007

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    I would like to see Both Finland rally and Greece rally in Season 3. Also I find it strange that there are no swedish classic rally cars, like the Volvo Amazon and Saab 96 in the game. I would like more H1/H2 cars. 🙂
  4. Aside of being an extra Monthly Challenge for those of us having the D+ season pass, there is really no difference to the ordinary Monthly Challenges. I want the D+ to also include the other rally locations, that is Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany and soon also Wales. And why not include all locations in one Monthly Event?
  5. I totally agree, there should be a D+ Career mode where all the rally locations should be present.
  6. Kjell007

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    AI times cannot be working as intended. I’ve done some runs in Spain on the stage called «Descenso por carretera» in custom championship on very easy. In 5 runs the best computer driver had a time between 3.01 - 3.03, and two of those runs where in the wet. From what I can see, the CPU drivers are not affected by the weather! 😞 AI needs fixing!
  7. Kjell007

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I decided to take on a historic rally with the Aton Martin GT4. I set the AI to the easiest on very easy, that is 1 of 100. 3 of the 4 rallies, Spain, Australia and New Zealand I won easily, but in Poland all the 5 stages was wet, and as a result I lost by several minutes (!) and got 27th. Clearly something is very very wrong! I really hope CM spell some news on this problem soon... 😞
  8. I’m doing the monthly challenges at the moment, and mr Grist ask me sometimesif I want to do some setup changes at the next service. The problem is that the Setup menu is gone when I enter the service area. I can only change tyres and repair my car. The solution: Quit the challenge and load it up again, and the setup menu becomes available! 🙂 Another thing that happens when quitting and reloading, the game fixes the lights automatically for me! So if I repair my car, leaving the lights, quit and reload, I saved the cost for replacing the lights. 😄
  9. Kjell007

    Community improvement priority.

    I don’t understand why people complain about master and elite level are too difficult, and still they wants a challenge?? Top level will never be «too difficult». HOWEVER, a game can never be too easy on easiest level, and that is the biggest problem with this game: In Freeplay the lowest difficulty level is way too hard, and in My team there should be a level that also cater for people that enjoys sim handling even if they’re quite slow and careful drivers.
  10. They always recommend medium tyres, unless there is rain tyres or snow tyres to select, then those are prefered. Also, they are not helpfull when you need recommendations for car setup. I wish I could ask my engineers what to do if my car feels too bouncy, too much oversteer/understeer, low on grip etc. The way that this works in Project Cars 2 is something Codemasters should consider for their rally games!
  11. Kjell007

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    I feel your pain regarding the «Fire up that car... Again». Seems like someone at Codemasters wants to annoy their customers with 0,01%-trophies, and do their utmost so that almost none get their well deserved platinum (PS4). I had the same problem with Dirt 4 and the «Up and up trophy» which glitched for me, and by the time Codemasters got the game fixed after several months, online was a ghost town so no platinum for me. 😞 Concerning the «Living the dream» trophy this one popped for me when I bought the Audi Quattro, which I already had because I bought the game with the season packs. I have no need for two Audi Quattros, so after the trophy popped, I sold one of the two. 🙂 As a rally fan I probably will continue to buy rally games from Codemasters, but BS online trophies like «Fire up that car... Again» and «Up and up» from Dirt 4 makes me not want to invest in other Codemasterswill products...
  12. Kjell007

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    I totally agree with you. Personally I hope they fix the AI issues to make the game more enjoyable for the average player like myself, but for me it’s not a gamebreaker since I enjoy the handling and how the cars drives. I am very much looking forward to Monte Carlo, and I hope we’ll see Greece, Wales and Finland rallies from DR1 in Season Pass 2. 🙂
  13. Excactly. Yesterday, I set the difficulty slider down to 1, the easiest setting, and went to drive Rally Poland using VW Polo GTI. First stage 16 km long in heavy rain, rain tyre was not an option so I picked the suggested tyres (medium). The stage was quite slippy, but I had quite a clean run. Still I am 1:30 minutes behind the stage winner and in last place. It seems that the CPUs aren’t affected by weather at all?! And this is at easiest level the game has to offer!!! Obviously the AI times are seriously messed up, both in free play and in career mode.
  14. I play the games on Playstation 4 using the Dual Shock stick, so no wheel here. I have also played Project Cars and Project Cars 2 with realistic settings, but with slow and less aggressive CPUs. I have platinum and 100% achievement in both those games. Slightly Mad Studios knows what «Very easy» means, and Codemasters should learn from them. I’m sure Codemasters can confirm my racing experience, if they need to, since they know my RaceNet account which is connected to my PSN-profile. 😉 I know I am a less skillfull driver, but still want the whole simulation experience. Slightly Mad Studios can provide this experience for me and my kind. So should Codemasters. 🙂