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  1. Kjell007

    Tyre changes and fueling?

    Hmmm, too bad. I guess it will be Gran Turismo Sport or Project CARS 2 for me for endurance events then.
  2. Anyone knows if this game will have pitstops for endurance races where you could change tyres and fueling gas? When going for the Around the globe trophy, it would be nice to put some strategy into races that goes on for say 40 rounds. 🙂
  3. @PJTierney, I guess I’m the odd one here, since I like the haze in Finland - reminds me of a really hot summer afternoon here up north. 😊 Glad to hear there is rain coming to Finland as well. 👍🏻 Now, if you guys could add light snow in Sweden or maybe calm the blizzard a bit in daylight in Sweden, it would be great. 😁 I have to abandon the in car view and continue in chase view to be able to play in such conditions. 🙃
  4. Kjell007

    Around the World Trophy

    Well, I think the OP has a valid point. I’ve also lost interest in games because of unobtainable trophies. Two examples for me was Dirt Rally 1 and Dirt 4 with the BS-trophies «A whole lot of cheddar» (DR) and «Up and up» (D4). I didn’t buy Grid Autosport either because of online grind trophies. Not everyone is a diehard fan, and time is a limited resource. 😁 Now, I find the trophy set for GRID 2019 fair and square, but maybe a bit grindy. If Codemasters could provide Milestones in the Objectives section in the game this could be not so frustrating: Let every circuit have a 100, 250 and 500 km achievement in the game, and let every car model have same kind of achievement as well, then we have something to track our activities. In addition it would be useful to see the total driven distance for each car model and each circuit somewhere in the game. 😎
  5. Kjell007

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I would like an in-game page for my statistics where the total driven kilometres/miles shows for each circuit and kilometres/miles for each car. This information will be cruical when I’m going for the «Around the globe» trophy. Thank you. 🙂
  6. Kjell007

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    Good for you, then. I believe in the laws of physics.
  7. Kjell007

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    @Ialyrn, the curve ball effect was only one of the problems in DR1 which was promoted as a «simulator». 😉 But what I’m getting at is what he says next: The more speed you have the more control you have going sideways. Doesn’t fit in with the laws of physics. This is definately present in DR2.0 as well. Then you have the possibilty to drive outside the road like in New England where I’ve seen people drive long straights without beeing affected of speed nor damage. Have you tried that IRL? Then you have those insane shortcuts where you just do a detour into the bushes and through the landscape for instance in Poland. If you have done a stunt like that, you probably have all your tyres punctured and the springs and dampers etc. shot dead, and your car would just stopped in the middle of the field with terminal damage. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if Codemasters hadn’t made the AI as fast as those who can exploit all these faults the game engine have. When I do an AI challenge in My Team, I end up at the bottom of the list even there. I take a look at the AI difficulty and find that it says «Easy» and the best I can do is 25th?? And that is after 20,000 km experience with the game. But inspide of bad AI and questionable physics, I do enjoy the game using the stock controller of the PS4 which is excellent for driving games including DR2.0 and WRC8, and that was my main motivation for answering the OP.
  8. Kjell007

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    Sure, here: Take a look at the video posted by @Tranzitive and approximately 8:45 to 9:15 Dirt Rally is explained. Yes, it is DR1, but these effects are still very present in DR2.0, just take a look at what the really top players post on Youtube. 😉
  9. Kjell007

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    @paulnbg, I’m not talking about steering/handling of the cars, but the laws of physics. 🙄 The problems with it is explained and demonstrated by an expert driver on this forum in another thread. Please feel free to discuss this with him. Another thing, why is people have to excuse themselves for driving with a stick? As if it was some kind of inferior? 🙄 I had a steeringwheel back in the days on the Playstation2 using it for WRC3, WRC4, Gran Turismo 3 and Gran Turismo 4. But since you never will feel the G-forces with a steeringwheel, it will never be realistic anyway, so I didn’t bother, and got rid of it together with my bucket seat.
  10. Kjell007

    Around the Globe trophy

    @PJTierney, this is a good example of why your games like DR2.0 and Grid needs proper gaming statistics! It is very off putting to play a game when you are literally in pitch dark not knowing your progress. It is like 40 days in Sahara. To me it seems just lazy not to have anything in this department, then again I’m not a game developer. But having trackers of how I do, where I’m driving, for how long etc. is actually playing a crucial role for keeping up the interest of a game. Just look at the popularity of smart watches... 😎
  11. Kjell007

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    I’ve always wondered why I was a tier better on taramac than on gravel in this game, but that was before I realised the following: The faster you go, the more grip you have on gravel. I have seen several videos with really fast players which makes the game look insane at those speeds. Hence dodgy physics. This effect don’t kick in for those of us that try to drive more normal/realisticly, so yes, the physics gives advantages to the pro gamers. 😇 Having said that, I really coudn’t care less about the top gamers, but I care about realism in the racing games I play. And when Codemasters let the AI be so fast that you have to drive like a pro gamer taking advantage of all the weaknesses in the game including shortcuts and what not, plus the advantage of the grip at high speeds, to maybe be close to a top ten, just to satisfy a couple of hundred top gamers, I think Codemasters missed their target... 😬
  12. Kjell007

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    Easiest to play? Actually, it’s difficult to say. I have some 20,000 km experience with DR2.0 by now using the stock DS4. I haven’t been playing WRC8 as much I would like yet because I’m waiting for a patch fixing some of the trophies so I can continue my way to platinum. DR2.0 has a more intuitive controls than WRC8 which is less complex. But when you get the hang of it, I would say that WRC8 is the easiest of the two games. In addition WRC8 has way better AI than DR2.0, that makes WRC8 more accessible for more people. Both games have some dodgy physics, where DR2.0 has built in physics to give pro gamers advantages over the average players. The physics in WRC8 suffers more for its simplisity. But to summarise: Both games plays great on PS4 with the standard PS4 controller - no need for steeringwheel and bucket seat to enjoy these games. 😎👍🏻 Personally I prefer DR2.0 though. 😊 If you are like me, a rally enthusiast/purist, you will enjoy both. 😉
  13. Splendid! Now if there were liveries, CR or something for competing, that would be great. 🙂 I like being a millionair, so I’m building up my CR, soon reaching 40,000,00! 🤠
  14. Jupp, but it is achievable for everyone if they just put their mind to it. 😊 I forgot to say that the 144 stages should be completed with full damage set to on as well. 😊 Rally is about endurance and keep the car in good enough shape to complete the events without terminal damage. I would even go longer: If you manage to get 5 «Merry Christmas» liveries, you should be rewarded a «New Years Evening» livery for you favourite car. That would be really rare, and should earn high respect among true rally purists. 😎👍🏻