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    Daily M2 GT

    From what I understand, there is a bug in My team. The M2 has a turbo, in contrary to the other cars in the GT class. The problem is that the turbo is not available to fix. So when your turbo is damaged, it is not available to the crew for fixing nor replacing the part when it is broken or worn out. I don’t know if Codemasters are aware of the problem, though.
  2. Kjell007

    Tarmac Physics and FFB

    Interesting reading, and I have to agree, even though I use the stock DS4 on the PS4 and not a steeringwheel.
  3. Kjell007

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    Some says there is too much sliding, and some says it is too twichy. My opinion the game should have more grip on loose surfaces.
  4. Kjell007

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    Yes, I completely agree with this. I’ve pointed this out myself several times. The snow/ice handling in this game could definately be better.
  5. Kjell007

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    Yep, Monte Carlo first. Just finished Greece. That Mitsubishi is one heck of a great car! 👍🏻 If you’re new to the game, I would give Spain another shot. I used one of the short stages in spain to win the trophy for coming 1st 10 times with no assists where you have to drive the car with manual gears. After doing that stage a couple of dozen times, it was the key to learn how the car (I used the same Mitsubishi) behave on asphalt. I promise you that if you feel good in Germany, you will find the groove in Spain as well. Just give it some time, and of course be a little careful with sixth gear. 😎
  6. Kjell007

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    I can’t say I have experienced the veering off left/right on any of the asphalt rallies, though of course if I destabilize the car it will eventually end up in the woods. I drove the german rally right now in the Monthly challenge with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X in the NR4/R4-class using the cockpit view (the one with the wheel showing), soft tyre compound, no other changes in the setup of the car, all driving aids set to «Off», and everything else set to stock. I tried pushing as hard as I could, and I had a really good time. The car behaves extremely well, imho, and no unpleasant surprises. The same goes for Spain using the very same car. The only problem in Spain is that sometimes I push too hard, which causing veering off the track and into a rock, the trees or off a cliff. But that is as expected when pushing the top speed. I wish there will be another asphalt rally after season 4 is over, something with narrow windy roads like in Monte Carlo.
  7. Kjell007

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    I guess you should read my post again, then you will know whether I use a wheel or not. 😉 Talking about the pivot etc, I really can’t tell since I don’t use chase camera, only the dashboard camera. So all my experience from both DR2.0 and Projec Cars 1 and 2 are from inside of the cars.
  8. Kjell007

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    I’ve seen some criticising the taramac handling in DR2.0, but in my opinion it is the best handling there is as of now. I don’t think it is right to compare this game with titles that are simulating circut racing, simply because a racing car is a different beast than a rally car. A rally car is setup for ordinary roads, which can often be quite narrow and twitchy, unlike a racing circuit which is wide and made for speed. Project Cars 2 on the other hand, is a very good racing simulator, but quite wonky when it comes to RX. The same goes for Gran Turismo Sport, where driving on dirt just is an extremely bad experience. These are my opinion from a «rally purist» point of view, playing my games on the PS4 with the stock DS4 and with all driving assists set to off. Driving with a steeringwheel might be another experience, but as I said the taramac handling in the rally discipline in DR2.0 is the best there is right now in the rally genre. 😊👍🏻
  9. It would be great if the game could provide the following for AI adjustments for rally driving and RX (similar to how Project Cars 2 delivers): — Manual general adjustment for AI speed — Manual general adjustment for AI aggression In this way the player can tune in the AI suited for his/her liking in a better way than the difficulty setting provided as of today (v. 1.8.1). In ADDITION to this, i would like to be able to modify each CPU driver in the following aspects: — AI speed (0-100) — AI aggression (0-100) — The firstname — The surname — The nationality of the driver
  10. I’m aware of the camera effect, but my arcade comment is actually based on what you see in the game when looking through the chase cam which proves my concern: the game doesn’t encourage the driver to drive like a rally driver, it encourages the driver to drive like a maniac. And then people might say that rally IS driving like maniac, revealing that they really don’t understand what the rally sport really is about.
  11. As part of setting the game up as realistic as possible, I´ve all the assists set to «Off», including automatic breaking after passing the finishing line, thinking the game would punish me if I drive without care after finishing the stage. After a really bad drive, I was so frusrated that I put the pedal to the metal and with a speed at 150 km/h I clipped the officer’s knees In the finishing area. The game just cut the scene, and my co-driver replied «That felt good! ...». And yes it did feel good, but still I was surprised that the game didn’t punish me in any way. The same thing happens if you just drive through and continue at full speed. Also, driving passed the finishing seal will save time since you don’t have to watch the car driving slowly to reach the officer. Is this by design? If you ask me, the driver should be penalized for reckless driving, and should at least get 1 minute added to the stage time, and clipping the knees on an officer even more penalty. @PJTierney, could you shed some light on this?
  12. Although I’ve played this game a lot, still playing, and it is one of my all time favourites, I think a game like this can barely be called a simulation since the game obviously doesn’t encourage realistic driving skills when using «realistic» settings: (1) No penalties for hazardous driving after finishing line (2) Only 4 seconds penalties when driving off road and into the bushes/trees/stones/ditch (3) Extreme short cuts causing no penalties, see the world series thread (4) CPU-players and AI way too fast in general (5) Also seeing some of the videos with Jon Amstrong and other extremely good drivers, I don’t think the car behaves realisticly and actually it looks sometimes like fast forward. With all these facts present, the game encourages arcade style racing, rather than cautious driving and developing proper rally driving skills.
  13. Absolutely, that’s not the problem. The problem is that you can drive like a maniac like it is Need for Speed or something, and I don’t think that is suitable for a game like Dirt Rally 2.0.
  14. So this is by design, then. If you drive through the finish area at full speed or do a clear hit on one of the officers, there will be no damage either. Not very realistic, if you ask me. So for the most authentic experience time control break should be set to on. I also think rhe penalties for going off road is way too low. Changing a tyre gives you 30 seconds addition to stage time, but getting a car out of the bushes or in a tree takes a lot more time than changing a tyre. The penalty should be at least 1 minute, and not 4 seconds as it is now. I wish the game would have encouraged more realistic driving skills.
  15. Kjell007

    Stage results during events

    @MaXyMsrpl, I totally agree with you. A very strange descission. 🤔 I would like to se both, AND I would also like to se what my personal best is on that particular stage. That would be helpful, imo.
  16. Kjell007

    BMW M2 supposed to be in garage??

    Looking forward to it! 👍🏻 M2 is one of my favourite cars IRL. Really good looking. 😃
  17. Kjell007

    Creating custom championships

    Yes, that would be great! I really miss the «hot seat» mode playing rallies and championships with three of my friends. 😊👍🏻
  18. I was asked by @PJTierney to post my suggestion from the roadbook trhread in this sub forum: Are there any plans for v.1.8 through v.1.13 for more and better statistics and telemetry data in the base game? I would like to have sheets like the attached one for Overall, for each car, for each country and for each stage. As of v.1.7 there is only milage counters per car, and only in My Team. I would like statistics independent of the game mode I’m playing (totals for clubs, custom, time trial AND My team).   The attached screenshot is from WRC7, and I’m really excited about the increased elements of statistical and telemetry data we’ll see in WRC8. I think DR2.0, which is very good in many aspects, should deliver more in the statistics departement than how it looks right now in the v.1.7. In the «Total sheet» the screenshot shows some ideas, like #km on snow, #km on gravel, #km on taramac, #total time, #total km driven etc. I would like to see «Car model sheet» which can include #total kilometres driven, #total time driven, #rallies driven, #stages driven, #terminal damage, #stages driven without damage, #green splits, #red splits, favourite livery, #victories, #top three, #credits earned in My Team, #credits used on repairs in My Team, Personal best for a spesific stage for highlighted car, World record for a spesific stage for highlighted car, #rolls, #kilometres driven without damage, #manual spawns, #automatic spawns. «Rally location sheet» should contain about the same information but with the rally location as a starting point. Same goes for «Rally stage sheet» which there will be twelve of for each rally.
  19. Kjell007

    New seasons (year two) or new rally game?

    I would really like to see a year two support for this game with a season 5 and 6, with a focus on rally: 1) 3 new rally locations: a) A new asphalt rally on narrow twisty roads, like Rally Donegal (Ireland) b) A new snow rally in dry conditions, like Mountain Rally (Norway) c) A really rough African rally location, like Safari Rally (Kenya) 2) A new H1-class for RWD cars: a) Volvo Amazon b) Peugeot 504 c) Ford Escort MK1 3) Ad Saab 96 to FWD F1 In addition I hope that CM would continue to do refinements on the base game adding more championships in custom including RX, and that they include the DLCs in the championship mode. Personally I would love to see statistics on all levels in the game and also telemetry data so that you can analyze your own driving skills in more interesting ways. That would be a nice round up for this console generation. Then, I recond we’ll see DR3.0 on next gen consoles. 😊
  20. Kjell007

    The DiRT Roadbook

    @PJTierney, are there any plans for v.1.8 through v.1.13 for more and better statistics and telemetry data in the base game? I would like to have sheets like the attached one for Overall, for each car and for each country. As of v.1.7 there is only milage counters per car, and only in My Team. I would like statistics independent of the game mode I’m playing (totals for clubs, custom, time trial AND My team). The attached screenshot is from WRC7, and I’m really excited about the increased elements of statistical and telemetry data we’ll see in WRC8.
  21. Another thing: I created a custom championship with just RX events, and it seems that the game freezes between every event just after the podium and the championship points. I’m on PS4 Pro. Anyone else noticed?
  22. I got the «Mr Rallycross» trophy. I created a custom championship with three RX events. After the second win, the trophy popped. 😮 I think the reason was that I did a daily challenge in My Team just before I started the custom championship. Obviously completing a 4-rounder in My Team counts as a victory towards this trophy!? In that case, I would call this a bug.
  23. More acid rain. My team, Weekly rally in New England (USA), H1, driving the Citroën DS21. I’m using a PS4 Pro.
  24. But I have the season pass from buying the Deluxe edition. I’m not paying twice. Why is this happening?? 😡