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  1. Ok, I don’t think it is very userfriendly. I tried to join and got this message when trying to connect the PSN-account to RaceNet: The PlayStation Network profile you are trying to link is already linked to a different Codemasters Account. But I have only one Codemasters account... 😞
  2. I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but why can’t we join clubs directly in the game and not through an URL? Is this because clubs are in beta, or will it be permanently?
  3. Kjell007

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    AI times cannot be working as intended. I’ve done some runs in Spain on the stage called «Descenso por carretera» in custom championship on very easy. In 5 runs the best computer driver had a time between 3.01 - 3.03, and two of those runs where in the wet. From what I can see, the CPU drivers are not affected by the weather! 😞 AI needs fixing!
  4. Kjell007

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I decided to take on a historic rally with the Aton Martin GT4. I set the AI to the easiest on very easy, that is 1 of 100. 3 of the 4 rallies, Spain, Australia and New Zealand I won easily, but in Poland all the 5 stages was wet, and as a result I lost by several minutes (!) and got 27th. Clearly something is very very wrong! I really hope CM spell some news on this problem soon... 😞
  5. Kjell007

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    I feel your pain regarding the «Fire up that car... Again». Seems like someone at Codemasters wants to annoy their customers with 0,01%-trophies, and do their utmost so that almost none get their well deserved platinum (PS4). I had the same problem with Dirt 4 and the «Up and up trophy» which glitched for me, and by the time Codemasters got the game fixed after several months, online was a ghost town so no platinum for me. 😞 Concerning the «Living the dream» trophy this one popped for me when I bought the Audi Quattro, which I already had because I bought the game with the season packs. I have no need for two Audi Quattros, so after the trophy popped, I sold one of the two. 🙂 As a rally fan I probably will continue to buy rally games from Codemasters, but BS online trophies like «Fire up that car... Again» and «Up and up» from Dirt 4 makes me not want to invest in other Codemasterswill products...