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  1. |Hello DriveNumber22, I'm happy to say that the issue has been resolved. This bug however I would still consider to be pretty game breaking for others who might experience it. First of all, for those others who've encountered it. After trying all sorts of things (creating a new pilot/driver profile. rebooting the game, rebooting the pc.. just waiting an hour), I gave a full reinstall a shot. Either the full game reinstall fixed it, or it just happend to fix itself by the time that had passed by now. Anyways, all that mattered to me was that it was working again. Now to answer your questions
  2. Same happening to me, really annoying and makes me wanting my money back!! My platform: PC I have competed in 2 races without any problems, but for some reason, it now displays: "You have been kicked for cheating." Why is this happening? You are BLOCKING CONTENT where I payed for... Only TRIED to join ranked. (doesn't work) Then decided to play unranked. First race, my setting were wrong so retired from session. 5 minutes later also playing unranked, everything is fine. Next day, I want to play, and suddenly I am "Kicked for cheating". NO mods, NO anything! I am also running no conflicting sof
  3. Hello @ghanghis Thanks for your post and feedback. I'm a Codemasters employee from the testing team helping out with the community forums across launch weekend to help provide extra support.  Can I ask for a little bit of extra info about your problem...  Specifically, can I clarify whether you were running any other potentially conflicting software in the background? What sort of lobby-type were you in (Unranked, ranked or championship)? Can I also double check whether you happened to notice any bad QOS (the connectivity warnings you can see in the lobby and on track) on any of th
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