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  1. I have no clue how to add people on uplay. So just add me on xbox 360 if you have it  TDiHYPERbolicX
  2. Ever since the real update that fixed everythingiit'still same exact of people online playing. Sadly I have moved on to the crew. I shouldn't really post this on the forums but I'm a do it anyway any grid racers that have the crew let me know so we can hook up and race. It seems like it's more fun racing with other then by urself. So If so hit me up. TDIHYPERBOLICX FOR a bonus I'll show you my home town.
  3. I seen it a lot with the Austin tracks and some times with Chicago and Indy. It would be nice to see some1 post all the milestones up or have a cm member post it up also. All I know that there are win milestones 10  20 50 100 wins. Including podiums also.
  4. . I'm wondering what does location milestone mean. I have feeling country flag your using on the track in that country. If so that cool. If not can somebody tell me different
  5. I think we all want to see on street course the McLaren f1 it's rarely used on challenges. It's always gt super cars or Alfa Romeo evo. I don't know how people feel about that but that's me. I also think there should be more random challenges. 
  6. That's good of you saying sorry. But you had the right to be mad at cm. we all spn good money on a game and it was broken since day 1. And all we got was headaches for it and just few million in game credits. I think that wasn't good enough. She'd gave a free dlc or something. 
  7. I agree with @RTAnoskills‌ it took cm about 9 months to fix gas just right. They had updates to the game bv people were complaining just because they suck and couldn't race. So with the xbox one they just need to sit down figure everything out first and rush it so it can be perfect. Yes everything can't be perfect but spending 500$ (American money) is a lot to spend on a console. So it has to be perfect so every cent is worth it. They rushed with gas and looked what happend. There was some sort of problems. It's like that saying, don't fix what's not broken. He game was good when it first game
  8. So this me vs everybody or me vs just people with the platform I'm using. So I'm on the 360. So it's me vs the 360 people or just everybody on every platform. Because the PC version has advantages that the 360 and ps3 doesn't have. Or that doesn't matter.
  9. Yep. But on my screen there just questions marks. That's all they are. At first when they introduced racenet. Everything was working fine. I emailed code masters and of course I got no answer. I asked loore I got no answer.
  10. But it's time to play a different game. Yep I sed it. I finally admitting it. There I sed it. It feels good to say that. But it's times. Been a rough 6months. But it's time thoe. 
  11. If that is correct.  you need to buy the cars still. They don't appear just by sling the dlc. Need to buy in-game
  12. It didn't affect everybody just united states and canada. And now since that's happening it's affecting grid also now. Grid wants to work when it wants to. 
  13. If your in united states/Canada area and is playing gas. Are you having trouble let trying to connect with racenet. Bc I'm from the state side area. And everyday I have been trouble.  Is anybody esle having trouble.
  14. It's funny how we got the update for the game. But then hackers got into Microsoft and ruined it for us united states/Canada residents. All day ive been on and off the internet because those stupid hackers. That's some crap going on lol
  15. Not taking anybody sides here. Boosting is cheating. But if boosting is a bad  thing then why isn't cm doing anything about it then. Bc in there eyes it's not a bad thing by everybody can do it.  Simple as that. Now everybody shut up and race for once :) with out the damn drama
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