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  1. They should make party play list where you can use your own car and not a loan one. I think alot of people will be happy that. 
  2. I honestly will say. They are but they aren't.  But if you join there room they will not kick you out at all. But you see other people boost thoe. But nobody is complaining about them. They are not trying to be number 1 they are just getting there cars to a higher a level that's it. They are not harming nobody. 
  3. @Loore‌  the game is getting worse. Can only play 2-3 games before it freezes up now. And it's getting really anyyoing. Heard this before but since day 1 there have been problems. So now when is the patch comming. We all paid good money for it. Like a achievement wore myself. It's kinda hard to get them all when there is constantly a problem. If it was a corrupted data then it's freezing. So WHEN IS THIS PATCH COMMING OUT. And please don't say there still working on it. They have even working on it for over a month now. And don't say we'll it's a old Co sole and it's out of date. Of that'
  4. I will agree with you @SASBlink‌. The Mazda is one of the fastest car in super cars. But the viper is a all around car thoe. The only thing it lacks is top speed compared to everything. Viper sux on the ovals. But if it's a street course or a closed course then it will show its potential then. Like I sed 100s of times the fastest car is not always the best car.
  5. I choose the viper. Because i love this car no matter what. It's the slower out of them all. But it can keep up with its rivals thoe. If you know how to drive it. 
  6. It's based on driver's knowledge not by game stats. So pick a car and leave a comment on why it's the best. On drivable in the game not in the outside worls.
  7. Found out that's when it's gonna freeze up on you. The cars will glitch(nothing new). But the newpart Iis that when you go to your dashboard straight from the game. Then when you start it up again. And error will show you disc has failed. Then that error forces your Xbox to reset by itselfs. And yes my disc is clean of course. 
  8. So another week of waiting for the patch. I think we're being lied to guys. Codie's are just telling people there working on it to shut us up. On that note I would go to grid 2 but I traded that in months ago just because I got all the achievements and the handling sux on it soooo bad I rather play grid then grid 2 and gas.
  9. Looking for a new team to race with. Only thing I'm asking for is to have at least member to race with every night or when I'm on. 
  10. It was grid.  Who ever sets it's gas. We'll try grid on ninja mode. Them you will say gas is easy lol.
  11. You can't buy the demo cars. That's the only thing you can't buy.  Plus if you can it's not worth it, because nobody plays them and they suck now.
  12. Nobody likes demo on gas because it's on concrete. There is way to much grip, gotta drive it like a real race, can't drift around turns. Should've left it on a dirt track just like grid.
  13. I have no problem using the zones. But I wanna use the Zeno st1 so bad. I don't know which more to choose.  SO please guys help me. Or just give me a answer on what you think
  14. Don't run you club colors. It will extend the life time of your play time. Last night I ran about 20races in a private session. And it worked. So don't run club colors. It's a pain the ass to create new colors for each of your car. But it is worth it. 
  15. I wanna know who got the drag dlc. I wanna start running those cars. If you got it. Hit me up on  xbox 360 TDi HYPERboicX.
  16. Ima try what everyone else has been saying. Try to run no racenet clubs.amd see that happens. If so great. If not if not ugh run ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. I'll find out more info tomorrow
  17. Yep for the 360. I know it be forever. Just wondering if anybody heard anything yet. Everybody is saying it's with xbox already but there still approving it. Spent 50bucks for a broken game. And Codie's simply do not care. 
  18. So when is the new update be out for gas. Seems like the PC version got it already plus a free dlc.
  19. We'll if dirt 4 is true. Just hope it's more like dirt and dirt 2. Just straight up racing. No gymkana (how ever it's spelled) that's takes no skills what's so ever. :) if anything it should be really like dirt. With sprint tracks only and real hill climbs,
  20. The endurance challenge wasn't that hard. Just need the car. Which the f1 gtr not the skyline or the Hsv. And it's easy to get into first. Just pick ur spots and go for it. At yas marina  either go on the outside or the inside for that first turn and you either make 7th or 4th place.q
  21. But it's only for steam. So not many people have it yet. Only pc users hopefully console owners will have that chance soon.
  22. @RTAnoskills‌  I did not go this past weekend. I live in New York City. That's about 1,000miles away from Austin tx. But I did watch it live those. And will admit I'm surprise that there was no freeze ups with any cars. It went full lenght of the race. Clear sky's and sun out.  @Loore‌ that would be cool if it's themed races when it's a special occasion thoe. 
  23. Bit this weekend is the F1 America grand prix. Which I'm going to. Even thoe it's thousands of miles away from new york. When I saw this i thought this was cool. Actuualy. With post i just wanted to what people thought of it.
  24. Yep. And all over the forum. Rumor has it that Microsoft still has the patch for it. So now it the waiting game and build up frustration. And I don't have money for a damn pc
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