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  1. Just this second I got off the phone with microsoft about grid. And they told me F**K offpolite thoe with even saying F**K OFF. All they sed was maybe they stopped doing updates because it's a old game. And at this time I can't even refund your money or give you any type of comp for the issues. It's the manufacture issues so talk to them. 
  2. I think this week's challenge is on circuit of America because the US grand prix is this weekend. Agree. I think so. As long as it's not the same crap and that stupid mini cooper migilia. Then I'm happy :)
  3. Got couple of new names. Just bv I was way faster then them and they kept crashing into other people and just plan blame me.  Then other people just started to vote me.  OAKEY24 HOWLETT1613. 
  4. We'll looks like the 360 won't get the patch this week comming up. Gotta wait till next month or even 2months. Thank you Codie's. We all want some type comp for this problem on the 360 console.
  5. I'm on 360. Sadly now. Since day 1 on the 360 there has  been problems. And I know the PC gets most of the attention now.  I would go to  PC but I don't have close to or even have over a grand to spend on a computer. 
  6. So if the fix is with Microsoft already. We won't see that update for another month or so. Or when there real tired of us bitching at them for a crap ass game they put out.
  7. Yes I know to do the one list with all types of racing. By since the new update and the old update. It's like playing the game that's been out for years already and it's only been few months. We should be lucky we got racenet challenges that can help us out even more the doing few races at a time. One racenet challenge can level you upwards by 2 or 3 levels. And if you have the pateince you can level up by 5 levels. 
  8. Since the game has decided to corrupt my data bunch of time. I would have  had been to level 250 or even pass 250 by now since june. But since this has happend just almost 2 months ago. I'm at level 200. With some curve balls of people not laying as much. And people never race endurance open wheel or even tuner.and sometimes street. This makes it hard to reach 250. Plus everyone is in touring all the time.so getting to level 50 in touring won't be hard because I'm at 40 now.so.when the new update comes IF IT COMES. I wanna see more people play endurance open wheel more. Is that to much to
  9. Is it me or is gas freezing in less games now. Not 7 to 10 races. But like 3 to 5 races. 
  10. I have been on this team and played with blinked and others. SAS is a good team. Unlike other teams they want perfection and racers win the all time. SAS just wants to have fun while racing. 
  11. Flukes. I've seen some CRL people and there the same exact way. In that video with you fluk and CRL guy. It looked like he didn't hit his brakes in time. So that's why he didn't say anything. But he should've send something at least. And plus I've seen you or your team mate do the same exact thing also. Just hit some1 on a turn on a straight. So honestly listen to what you preach also. 
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