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  1. Tommahawk

    Started race in pole, finish 19

    yup im having same probs ai seem to drive like they are in slot cars stuck to the track somehow
  2. Tommahawk

    No Codies! You STILL haven't fixed it!

    it would be good to be able to save replays of my best races even ones i didnt win but had mad action sigh guess its time to hook the ps3 into the ol dvd recorder again to record it myself lol
  3. my previous favs was the street circuits like ALbert park AUs, Monaco, Canada (sort of a street track lol) , Singapore etc but im totaly bonkers mad crazy about sochi its corners siit my style and i won despite hamilton t-bone me on 3rd turn into the wall an back to last and fight back to take lead on 2nd last lap i got sooo mch speed of the turns there love it
  4. Tommahawk

    Understeer city on the pad...

    yup im having the same understeer problems i was fine with pad settings from last game bc i had an oversteery setup bc i like to get balls deep into the corner too hot flick slide it sideways to point n squirt out of the corner earlyier on the loud pedal then all else and that how me made my speed getting out of corners faster and getting em into harder then others cant seem to make my style work 100% so far but i am winning now an then with force india and some tracks im out in the boonies sucking lemons lol
  5. Tommahawk

    Career - First Impression

    13 performance stays the same but its a fun game in career mode none the less if you want changes in performance tier have to roll back to 12 season game and i loved that one it was fun in the caterham taking them to the top me an Hiekki Kovalainen shame his career ended in a dead end grid team sigh fingers crossed new owners of the green machine can take it to the points in seasons to come
  6. Tommahawk

    Career - First Impression

    BUGGER it was the best part of career in 12 and earlier games sigh throwing the baby out with the bathwater codies style lol poop
  7. Tommahawk

    Realistic Patch requests

    i forgot to mention the slow pit stops in the game real life is 2.5 to 3.2 seconds also a chance of the team making a stuff up would be nice annoying but funny and give yah a challange to make up lost time
  8. Tommahawk

    Patch confirmation?

    Hatta can yous tell us if your looking into the bugs and probs people are reporting? bc thier is a lot out there in theese gen chat f1 game forums section that can make the game more epic and boost sales more money is a good thing right? lol cheers
  9. Tommahawk

    Career - First Impression

    goooooooood question i would hope it is and i Hope also the tiers of teams shake up eac new season like they used to in 2012 game be funny to see marussia or caterhams get sauber/lotus pace one of them drops to thiers sauber or lotus get up a tier to be toro rosso, force india , mclarrens pace and one of them drops down and one of em gets on williams/ferrari/red bull pace and mercs well stay on top in thier happy little teir all to emselfs of rocketship god pace lol maybe someone with tiwtter and such can ask Codies directly
  10. Tommahawk

    ERS, why do people complain?

    oops i hit shift on the 5 of 25% for middle power setting dammit {""only using 2%% of ers power"""} my fingers gotta learn to lay of the over use of shift key lols
  11. Tommahawk

    Realistic Patch requests

    yup i agree on patching the wet AI pace and fixing the in some corners the AI have godly traction and no wheel spin or sideways moments like in real life you know somthing is fucked up when you get right up the arse of a caterham in a force india or better car and they smoke you out of the corner and takes you most of the straight with slipstream and merc engine to catch them and take in in the next corner off last turn of australia is this most evident. also tre wear for AI needs a good looking at bc last year this was a problem i would be on thier pace or faster at tracks that sit my style whle i had fresh rubber but once they start to get funky on wear the ai is still doing fresh rubber lap times while im floundering like a fish outta water and this year its sems to be a lot worse could be tied in with the AI seem to have godly traction thingy i just mentioned so this needs a good hard look at WITHOUT ruining the fiesty battling the AI have this year last thing is the first lap pace of the AI its kinda crazy to gain 10 plus postions (if your outside top ten or had a grid penalty) in the first corner it needs a tiny tweek but not an overbaord omg the AI now have nitro rocket boosters on first lap kinda overkill so a tiny tweek would be good but dont break it the other extreme lol i wil still divebomb them and make good gains but i want it to be harder and more risky not the doddle it is atm
  12. Tommahawk

    Realistic Patch requests

    did you set your fastest Q2 time on primes? that is only way you would start race on primes if you set pole in Q3 with options bc the new rules that give us 1 extra set of options in Q3 is to boost teams running in Q3 and not worrying about having to save tryes by not running like in previous years and robing track side fans of seeing all 10 cars shoot for pole and track position the other side of this new rule coin is that whichever set of tyres you set your fastest Q2 time is the set of tyres you start on hope this helps
  13. Tommahawk

    ERS, why do people complain?

    i think the real life teams have a switch with many different settings from fuel saving to fast mix and the highset fast setting is the effective overtake button so to speak in stead of having all those different settings wihch vary from team to eam we have lean the middle one and rich and codies should have matched the ers to follow this pattern rich= using max power from ERS and auto harvest every 2nd lap or so perhaps  middle would use maybe half the available ers 33 second of oomph and harvest the 50% used on each lap whilst using the oomph boost so its running at 50% power each lap but giving 50% power kinda a balanced setting and lean is full fuel saving only using 2%% of ers power and full harvesting to keep the unit at max power for when yah turn it up its all there etc would make it more realistic if my hunch on the real teams fuel setting on the steering wheels is on the money and would make the racing more strategic when to use the diff mixs to attack or defend as well as balance your fuel to end of race, coulda made f1 2014 more epic of a game maybe
  14. Tommahawk

    F1 2014 Coop Championship ps3

    i think im 9 or hours ahead so will be 11pm saterday or mdnight for me till 6am lol
  15. Tommahawk

    F1 2014 Coop Championship ps3

    let me use a time convertor and see if im able