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  1. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/citroën-c3-r5-mads-Østberg-2019.26868/
  2. Codie's may release a patch that sorts out all the DLC cars so livery mods can be made.
  3. Change sponsors, choose which ones I use on my cars (even if they don't have specific objectives to them, making the changes just visual) Set the same livery pattern to all my cars at once Ability to change the finish of the colors (glossy, metallic, matte etc.) Change the color of the wheels
  4. it wont load custom liveries for DLC cars placed on properly named folders like base cars, that is the may thing i dont get, if this actually worked we could probably make liveries at least for the cars that were in other games like the ford focus 2008, it would take more work but i do believe that it could be done
  5. that file is used by the livery_user to mask where the patterns show on the car, patterns used for the pre made liveries in DR2.0 and the branding suite liveries on D4
  6. in order to have the ability to anyone post pictures to the folder i had to allow anyone to edit it, regarding the kopecky livery looking trough t he activity looks like someone removed it but i have made a Fabia R5 kopecky livery, not sure if this is the one you wanted, here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/skoda-fabia-r5-skoda-motorsport-jan-kopecký-2018.26642/ regarding the rest of the requests im going trough them when i have time
  7. looks cool, if you manage to see the car IRL take some pictures of every side plus the roof and bonnet in high resolution and ill make it for DR2
  8. i got asked about using my rallyplates on their liveries, im all for it if anyone wants to use them so here they are, they are already color corrected for Dirt Rally so no need to change the colors https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RLKzPN1mpnrKoA6CgvHSmhhIknEYufuc?usp=sharing
  9. its easy to see that the new white/black liveries are not swappable, if it shows your name and number, than is not swappable, as i thought it would be
  10. i made this livery for Dirt Rally and DiRT 4, i cant make it for Dirt Rally 2.0 Due to the extra encryption on DLC cars
  11. this kind of modification is very much possible but it need to be made on the interior textures that are separate from the exterior ones, and i don't know if the folder system loads modded interior textures
  12. Skoda Fabia R5 Skoda Motorsport Jan Kopecký 2018 DOWNLOAD
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