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  1. 3 hours ago, Rogerbee said:

    I see,

    Maybe more will emerge in time. DR1 isn't quite end of life yet and more content for DR2 is on the way. We'll just have to see what shakes out. It's possible, once all the DLC has been released and work starts on the next one that Codie's may release a patch that sorts out all the DLC cars so livery mods can be made.


    Codie's may release a patch that sorts out all the DLC cars so livery mods can be made.


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  2. 3 hours ago, BrySkye said:

    So just a clarification out of curiosity about the DLC cars.

    Is it the case that the game just flat-out won't load replacement liveries on them, even if the folder structure and file naming is correct like the other cars.
    Or is the issue that, because of the different encryption, we don't have access to the original files and files names in order to modify them?

    ie, if for whatever bizarro reason, Codies said "Oh, here's the Livery_** folder numbers, and here's the blank pssg texture files", the game would load them?

    it wont load custom liveries for DLC cars placed on properly named folders like base cars, that is the may thing i dont get, if this actually worked we could probably make liveries at least for the cars that were in other games like the ford focus 2008, it would take more work but i do believe that it could be done

  3. 10 hours ago, sqdstr said:

    @UDegani any news about the skin requests we made a few months ago? I added 2 folders with pictures and logos for Breen's 208 R5 and Kopecky's Fabia R5 but when I last checked, the folder for the Fabia R5 wasn't there anymore 

    in order to have the ability to anyone post pictures to the folder i had to allow anyone to edit it, regarding the kopecky livery looking trough t he activity looks like someone removed it

    but i have made a Fabia R5 kopecky livery, not sure if this is the one you wanted, here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/skoda-fabia-r5-skoda-motorsport-jan-kopecký-2018.26642/

    regarding the rest of the requests im going trough them when i have time

  4. 34 minutes ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    She does live over here, very close in fact.  I remember the old livery, hadn't seen this one, trying to make the friday spectator stage next week for Oregon Trail, i'll see it up close then.



    looks cool, if you manage to see the car IRL take some pictures of every side plus the roof and bonnet in high resolution and ill make it for DR2

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  5. 1 hour ago, pyide said:

    How difficult would it be to make some of these pure black sun shades which take up a significant portion of the windscreen semi-transparent so you can still see out of them?

    Or is it possible to just remove them entirely? I don't care much about authenticity as much being able to see the instruments and the road ahead from a cockpit view that isn't zoomed up against the glass.

    this kind of modification is very much possible but it need to be made on the interior textures that are separate from the exterior ones, and i don't know if the folder system loads modded interior textures

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  6. 5 hours ago, pigloaf said:

    PSA: Codemasters are awesome and the folder method now works for DiRT Rally 2.0 - meaning we can now use our liveries in career mode, and can submit times via time trial etc. Thanks team!!!

    How it works:

    • Do not touch the game's .nefs files!
    • Copy the .pssg file and paste it the game's car directory, creating subfolders as required. Eg for the Group A Impreza, paste the 555_tex_high_00.pssg file into: cars/555/livery_00/textures_high 
    • Profit



    ye boyeee time to make some 8K Liveries

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  7. 8 hours ago, TheFlyingTuga said:

    Actually... that's my design. I work with Eyvind since his time in the Skoda Fabia S2000 with the bug ass Norwegian flag on the side. I'm not interested in making it, specially because the Dirt Templates are a bit complicated to work, but I can send the file, no problem whatsover! Just give me credit

    (BTW, Thanks @Myrvold, unfortunatly the car didn't look quite like the base design)

    send me the files ill bring it to dirt rally 2.0

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