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  1. i made a folder on google drive specifically so that you can flood as mush as you want with pictures of liveries, not saying you should not post them here is just that on gdrive it gets more organized with more pics, in a couple days i will start making brand new liveries so as much reference of the liveries and the logos from them you have please share them https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1j0Rhj0_UAIELJ1zvClhddRMN-zOefAmD?usp=sharing
  2. i think is the same case as in older dirt games where the DLCs had different encryption, so we would need to ask victorbush, maybe he can do something about it
  3. yep, for some reason codemasters decided to make 4 out of 5 liveries on the cars out of the livery editor from D4 but not let us use that livery editor to make our own, so smart /s
  4. use intel texture works plugin for photoshop https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-texture-works-plugin
  5. double click the livery_00 line, that is a folder, or go through the folder structure on the left panel
  6. OMG the guy who made the voice of the brazilian co driver is the same guy who makes the voice of goku in the brazilian dubbed version, now i have goku from dragonball z as my co-driver
  7. this skoda livery is beautiful. So here is what im going to do, i set up a google drive folder, that anyone can edit, so that you guys can help me bring these liveries to the game by creating a folder inside that shared folder and uploading any and all reference you guys have on these liveries/logos, because im not that knowledgeable about rally to know all these beautiful liveries, any liveries folder that has good reference i will make, also anyone that wants to use said reference is free to use https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1j0Rhj0_UAIELJ1zvClhddRMN-zOefAmD?usp=sharing
  8. in the beginning it was complicated by the end of the life for D4 it was quite simple, before we had to rebuild the nefs files with the custom livery inside by the end it was just a matter of placing the files in the game folder that the game would read them outside of the nefs files and replace them ingame, i got told that on DR2 it will work the same way
  9. Hello There! Since we are hopefully going to be able to mod DiRT Rally 2.0 i decided to start the thread for modding discussions for DiRT Rally 2.0, also for me personally i wanted to start taking requests for liveries for DiRT Rally 2.0, as soon as its possible to mod DiRT Rally 2.0 i want to start to convert all my liveries i made for DiRT Rally and DiRT 4 in to DiRT Rally 2.0, I also have plans to make some other texture mods depending on how modable the game would be, so fell free to post your requests for the cars that will be in DiRT Rally 2.0 (for reference here is the list of conf
  10. ohh i see everything is still here thanks for the help, also is there any way i can change my display name?, i made this account when i was young and not so smart, i wanted to change it to UDegani
  11. maaaan everything i ever posted in this forum did not survive the transition?
  12. We didn't mention it in the patch notes but I did a twitter. welp i guess its time to go back to work
  13. yeah the nefs filesystem gets even worst when they start to patch the game almost daily
  14. yeah that's pretty stupid, its asking me 35GB to install a 592MB patch
  15. Aww that's cheating :) I made that so it would be a surprise, good luck finding it! awwww man im sorry it wasn't my intention to spoil anything, i was just exited at the possibility of modding the game
  16. Now where do we find it! absolutely no idea
  17. I don't know what this means at the moment, but it's the best I could find. Going to try later. http://aluigi.altervista.org/bms/codemasters_nefs.bms this is a script for quickBMS, a game files unpacker, i tried that script it didn't work, unless im doing something wrong
  18. maaan why the .nefs files? im so sad, i neeed to mod it :'(
  19.       sorry english is not my first language
  20. Because the branding suite liveries are essentially a set of values, I believe they aren't really saved anywhere as a livery they are just a few bits of data. This means that when you load into a multiplayer race with 7 other players using their own branding suite liveries the system can display those opponents on your machine without a massive download.  So... could we potentially swap out the logos for different/higher res ones? from what i have seen from the videos and comparing to Grid Autosport (witch is the most recent codies games with something like a livery creator), im gu
  21. All looks great. re: Branding Suite I do hope we'll be seeing more livery patterns than the 7 or 8 currently available, in the future though. Maybe through DLC packs?   I'd pay for stuff like that. I'm hoping that these livery patterns can be edited so the mod community can create these DLC packs you speak of... PC Master race and all that jazz. i will most definitely try to do that
  22. i wish i had a code to start modding it already, cant wait, also if anyone that has a code could pm me a screenshot of each livery of each car(just the menu selection) would be great
  23. Looking at that livery feature, I suppose modded livery is unlikely or maybe challenging. if is anything like it was on Grid Autosport then most likely we will still be able to make another patterns as background that can change colors (i did that on Grid Autosport) as to full on real liveries i think we will be able to replace stock liveries from the game
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