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  1. I was thinking of adding it but realized it requires a bit too much work. But yeah, I might implement it some time down the line.
  2. Congrats to Maciek for winning the Greece challenge above. I will set up Finland next week. In other news, I have implemented leaderboard tiers corresponding to Dirt Rally 2.0 reward tiers: Also added driver rank which is equal to the most common tier achieved over your last 10 events. For example, if you have finished 6 times in tier A and 4 times in tier B, your driver rank will be A. Only official daily, weekly, monthly and Official DiRT Championship entries are included. Your rank is displayed in the upper right corner next to your name.
  3. I have also stumbled upon this site: https://www.rally-maps.com They already have Dirt Rally Finland: https://www.rally-maps.com/Dirt-Rally-Finland-Jämsä-2015 Perhaps we can submit the rest of the stages? 😃 https://www.rally-maps.com/submit-maps (I don't mind dropping them an email, if anyone wants to be cc'ed PM me)
  4. This is excellent work and with your permission I'd like to perhaps some day integrate this data to https://dr2.today/ website as PJTierney suggested. I've noticed that some icons are missing when viewing the KML files via Google Earth: Looks like this is the faulty URL: https://www.dirtrallytracks.com/img/xpix.png
  5. With the WRC Rally Greece coming up in a couple of weeks, I have created a one-off club event. Location: Greece, 12 stages Class: R5 Hardcore damage Unexpected moments Event page: https://dr2.today/challenges/857/entries Club: https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/393527 The event is now live and it ends on Monday, September 13. Join up! 🇬🇷
  6. TLDR: I believe those 506 finishers have indeed crossed the finish line of the final stage. Good question. DR2.today site (from the screenshot) only shows entries of the final stage of an event, so: a) If you finish the event in one piece, you will have your time on the leaderboard b) If you suffer terminal damage, the game will assign you a nominal time for the remaining stages (15 or 30 minutes) and you will be tagged as DNF. c) If you willingly retire, I'm not 100% certain but I guess that also counts as DNF. d) Now if you suspend your run and never finish it,
  7. And here are the top daily challenge vehicle classes: These stats are now available at https://dr2.today/stats/ and will be updated live.
  8. On an unrelated note, since the site has been running for a few months now, I can gather some interesting statistics from the data. For starters, here are the top daily challenge locations (excluding DLC): Considering the criticism the tarmac physics often receive, I find it interesting that Spain is currently the most popular rally location 🙂
  9. Let's try! Do you have a particular club in mind? One caveat though is that I need to manually import event data at the beginning of each championship season. For the official club it is not a problem because the season is so long and I don't mind doing the import procedure once a year. However if the club runs short seasons frequently, it can get pretty tedious. Nevertheless, I am happy to include more clubs on the site, so let's give it a go and I'll see if I can better automate the process.
  10. Hi, could you PM me both your racenet and steam names so I can look into it?
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this information is not available via the official RaceNet website so there is not much I can do. I'm hopeful the new RaceNet website (currently in beta) will open up more data.
  12. @PJTierney Great suggestions. Looks much cleaner. Have a look! Here's what it looks like with more events starting on the same day:
  13. @PJTierney Got it working! How about this format? Are you okay PM'ing me your webhook URL?
  14. Just read the latest blog post. That's very cool of you, thanks! Made my day ☺️
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