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  1. @Striker_703 you didn't read my post. I don't want to change the amount of fuel for the race, I want to change it for Quali and Practise. I can tell you one thing, they run more than two laps in a row during a practise session 😂 and when I started this post the amount of fuel was fixed and you could only run 2 laps. Haven't played for a while now, but I quess that this bug is still present.
  2. During Quali in Monaco it became pretty clear for me. The tyres are actual cold and this isn't just a display bug. In Monaco it is hard for me to get even within a second of my time trial time even after 15 attempts.
  3. I did a few more tests and I agree, my starts in the Sprint Race with cold tyres are worse or let's say they are harder to get right at all. So yeah, it seems that the tyres are cold and that this is not only a display bug.
  4. What about your lap times. Are they ok or slower? As I said for me the lap times are okish, but the first corner feels always a bit weird for me.
  5. @Schwartzwelder It's definitley a bug. As nilsoo said, it only happens in the Sprint Race.
  6. Do you think that it's only a display bug or that the tyres are properly reset to 60°C?
  7. Description: When the AI takes over at the end of the formation lap the tyre temps reset to 60°C. This only happens in the Sprint Race, the Feature Race is fine for me. My starts are more or less the same in the Feature Race and the Sprint Race, so I'm not quite sure if this might be a display bug or if the temps are really back to 60°C. Platform: Steam Game Mode: F2 Championship - Offline - 100% Sprintrace
  8. I looked into it one more time. Maybe the game displays it just wrong, because my lap times are okish. It seems to be similar after the formation lap on the sprint race, but I'm going to create a new topic for that. Anyway it doesn't work as it's supposed to be. Maybe someone else can look into it and confirm this, too.
  9. @RedDevilKT for the race I'm fine with the inability to adjust the fuel level, but that we can't change the amount of fuel in quali or even practise must be a bug. You can't even build a setup or perform a long run during practise and thats the whole point of practise. To make that clear, there is no option to change the fuel during practise and quali in the setup menu and that is our problem.
  10. Could someone else acknowledge this bug. It seems that I'm the only one with this problem so far 😄
  11. Description: The tyres at the start of One-Shot Qualifing in F2 are only at 60°C. They should be in the working window, cause there is no possibilty to warm them up during One-Shot Qualifing. Platform: Steam Game Mode: F2 Championship - Offline
  12. Description: There is no option to change the amount of fuel in the F2 setup menu. Maybe I'm just blind, but I can't find it. Platform: Steam Game Mode: F2 Championship - Offline At the moment a full F2 Championship is not playable. Practise with only three laps of fuel on each run doesn't make any sense if you wanna try out different setups. Especially if you have to warm up the tyres first. Furthermore Quali, with only one set of tyres, is very hard, too. You only get one lap with warm tyres, cause you need two laps to properly warm them up and if you want to go a 2nd time you have to stop for fuel and warm them up again, which sucks because of the tyre wear.