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  1. elgo28

    Silverstone event | Time deleted

    @AlexTT idk, I think I did nothing wrong. Now after the patch when I try the new event the game crash :((( Something wrong in my pc ahah
  2. Tonight, in the last race possible I made this time on the event ( in the file ). But this morning I went to see if I had my rewards and nothing, my time and points are disappeared, like I didn't do any race. 😞 Is this a bug?? Any other one got the same to me?? I'm not cheating ahah!! =D
  3. elgo28

    Event - player [Removed]

    Okok sorry, didn't know!! =(
  4. Hi all guys, I just finished my 4th race in the event, always starting with lots of bots, but that's not the point. In this last race I played against 4/5 people and one of them was "[Removed]". This guy kept for the whole race waiting for me and destroying me. The video is just an example, sorry for the lag but I have some problems with OBS 😕 After that race, my friend in the next hour was destroyed too by him... just wanted to know if u guys encountered him too and if there's a way to block him. Thx and sorry for my awful english =D 2019-07-07_18-34-13.mp4
  5. elgo28

    Event BUG

    In the weekly event I have a problem, my time keeps getting deleted... now I made 1.5.0 and I get 1.7.0, but I think it will be deleted again... I can't make a time why???
  6. Yeah after the SC turns off the lights, the game doesn't let you accelerate. The real problem is when the limiter is removed, because a lot of people keep accelerating with the limiter and when it goes off... well you know, there are wings flying all over the grid. I think the best thing is to remove this limiter, and let the leader make his pace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCd4bz2RvI4&feature=youtu.be that's an example :)