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  1. Hey guys, i've just started a F1 PC Racing league mainly for the people in Asia country. I am looking for people to join http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DensityRacing so that we could start a league race soon for F1 2014 and the upcoming F1 2015.
  2. Suggest you retire. Too dangerous to race in the wets with such a less traction and OP AI. Not worth your life.
  3. SmTuNgg

    The BUG Thread

  4. SmTuNgg

    F1 2014 Bug

    Apparently there's this new glitching bug. Wow. 2 cars stuck together and ghosted. They then retired thereafter.
  5. SmTuNgg

    Avalaible on steam !!!

     You can take a look at the wiki webpage. 
  6. How's the F1 2014 game guys? 
  7. Could you guys kindly do a vote on 1) The type of wheel to get 2) F1 2014 Team 3) Choice of game mode Thanks!  https://t.co/wD743Dqu5W