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  1. Austria never had issues with the curbs but Japan on the other hand.. 😂 Some of them are a real joke. 🤔 Even with raised rake/ride height. + the AI is on ralis on them.
  2. Even in single grand prix races the AI is very fast in a single quali lap, but on the race trim not so much.

    Real season?

    Thats what i do. I rather play the real championship with my fav drivers than career with random mid season driver transfers...
  4. leclerc 87 ***🤣 bottas still 99? lol joke
  5. It will always reset randomly.Especially when coming from multiplayer.
  6. yep same here 😄 he is usually ahead of Norris
  7. Boost: Verstappen, Gasly, Russell, Sainz, Vettel, Alonso Nerf: Bottas, Perez, Ricciardo and big nerf for Tsunoda,
  8. yes, also they are sitting ducks in the straights.. this is not 2020 anymore ._.
  9. Having this almost every 2nd race. SINCE DAY 1!! Pathetic.. We are sitting here for 5-10mins and nothing happens. ALT+F4 then repeat this in a new lobby. 😄
  10. I stick with TAA+Fidelity FX Sharpening then. I use that since F1 2020 came out. TAA alone is too blury. DLSS is blurry too but not the same way as TAA.
  11. The ingame cars have more downforce, accelerate faster and they have so much less drag in the straights. Top speeds are so unrealisticly high when you go alone without a tow. Especially in quali runs when you use all the ers too.
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