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  1. The ingame cars have more downforce, accelerate faster and they have so much less drag in the straights. Top speeds are so unrealisticly high when you go alone without a tow. Especially in quali runs when you use all the ers too.
  2. +1 no damage shows up on the mfd (PC,steam)
  3. same here, lot of curbs are like this, you need to lift.. where in real life or in the previous games its just simply flat and thats it..
  4. bottas & russell 99 awareness is still a big joke 😄
  5. Ferrari engined cars are slow as hell in the straights. You are a sitting duck if the AI comes with DRS.
  6. I've made a video example. Upping the ride height does nothing, the car is still bouncing and it's unstable on the curb, same thing in Turn 9.
  7. not this. the one at the 1:26 mark.. the curb in the straight line go over it and you will see what im talking about, the car will bounce like crazy
  8. Perez is too fast too. Ferraris are usually nowhere near the front..
  9. whats up with the kerbs at barcelona? they shake my car like crazy, especially the one at the exit of last corner in the start finish straight the car and wheel bounces around like a buggy mess, super unrealistic
  10. Same. The whole thing started around v1.05 and the game is still not stutter free at 1.06.
  11. I have similar issues and play the game with multiple controllers. Xbox 360 wired controller, xbox one wired, xbox one wireless w bluetooth 4.0 adapter. So it's something else and not the wireless connection. All of them have the same random Fps drops, random some ms screen freezes in every game mode.
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