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  1. F1 2016 game suggestion: . Go to the Codehomos studios in Birmingham... burn it down and get another company to make F1 games :)
  2. The problem has been fixed since. i can log in from firefox and other browsers.
  3. @mmpaw37  I don't know man.. last i read this is the Formula 1 general discussing area, maybe Codies should rewrite the title to this area. it should not be limited to only Codies games. (weakness). Project Cars falls into Formula category.I sort of get what you are saying because this area is limited to only Codies games. It says so in the title category to this forum. But i think people really should be able to discuss whatever they want as long as its not stepping over the line. And its not like they are trying to shame anyone, yeah sure i test the lines all the time because im SUPER
  4. take it easy dudes. go for a few laps and blow off that steam. You do realize these little arguments are none of your faults to begin with. This all directly stems from the silence Codemasters has set upon us... we have nothing better to talk about.. other franchises are better so why not talk about that. There is no F1 2015 news whatsoever. Opinions are opinions facts are facts. End of discussion. 
  5. Unfortunately for me i could never become a Codemasters employee... i could never lie and steal like they do. Plus i would be truthful in my comments regarding the pieces of crap they release year after year. And i would most likely break the secret silent agent stance they hold. it ridiculous. 
  6. Thanks @LiteralZero, although to be fair, certain threads including this one has become mainly a Pcars discussion group..., and how can people compare it to F1 2015 when clearly they are not the same game...? However, you're the manager so its in your hands; any mention or post is happen to view in relation to 'that' title I will just pass by... So, Questions...Mmmm, let me think... The podium celebrations..., what can we expect to see in regards to them? - Do they differ in any way from podium to podium, the drivers reactions etc...? Your logic is off... nobody is trying to compare projec
  7. SamuelTrautman said: don't think crowd funding would cover the crazy license costs :) lol  You would be surprised what crowd funding can do. Codemasters is not a big wealthy company compared to other gaming studios out there who make other type of racing games.. the costs would not be much if devided between the people who would be willing to donate.  The costs to obatain the lincense would not be much. Its mostly after the fact when you obtain the license where most costs come in.... hire people.. game designers, artists, people who code games, equip
  8. gmd70 said: if pcars dumps all over f1 2015  as seems like it might then who knows  ? the sport will go to were the mony is  pcars 2 may become the go too guys this gen sad to say f1 is not justifiable any more as a stand alone game CM may have just  made it a dead certainty by ripping the single player to shreds we all know online  is a laggy demolition  derby  this is the death of CM f1 games as a profitable  franchise my prediction  is that by 2017 CM ditch f1 then f1 will go to turn 10 or slightly mad as part of  forza or pcars  Cou
  9.  @PeteTheDuck I know i have not exactly been nice. but please hear me out... including you're self... and all of us... why do we have to go around fishing for information? why can't anyone here tell us about the progress on things... communicate things better to us, inform us about problems such as the little delay thing so people do not assume things. i think we would all be better off. I see you as a mod.. i would assume you are in the Codemasters payroll. if you hardly know whats going on 90% of the time... what chance do we have? This sort of shows you guys are kind of just
  10. @mmpaw37  Good morning, Ok ok it makes more sence to me why the game has been delayed all this time and why we have no footage ect. Not so worried the fact that the game was delayed about a "preview" build, well because it is just a preview nothing final. What still baffles me is the fact that Codies take the time to reply to someone in another forum but wont bother to give us news in there own official forum. Instead we have go to be going around like dumb asses getting info. Shame Codemasters...shame on you. PS i don''t see how a delayed preview build benefits the final gam
  11. Till i see some official confirmation... the delayed thing will be treated as a rumor as it should be. Knowing the silience by Codemasters recently chances are we will not hear anyting about this subject in peticular. sounds more like an internal problem rather then something that will be said to the public. They would not want F1 2015 to suffer even more then it has.
  12. hey guys, did I miss something? did i miss the memo? is it crap on mmpaw37 day? give it a rest guys... we are here to get info on Codemasters and this crappy game. Not to crap on our own kind. if he knew or did not... who gives a damn? come on guys think about it... what did we gain by it? nothing game is delayed... nothing has changed. same old hat trick by Codies. If you ask me the real attention seekers are the ones who keep talking about that subject when nobody else has. Keep antagonizing him watch what happens.  End it fellas. End r
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