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  1. Thank you for the answer. I am using your dash on my android device but I just want to have the full grid with deltas on the screen, since CM does not give that option to us I thought maybe with your application! Anyway great work!!!
  2. Hi, For PC is it possibile to have the displays as overlay on the monitor/TV instead of on the android phone? Thank you Haluk
  3. Hi, Great application. I have been using it for 2 years now. Both on PC and PS4. Is it possible to add the # of pits the drivers have done during the race? It would be graet to see who has pitted and who has not. Thank You Haluk
  4. Here is the announcement. Should we not expect some info based on this? We’re incredibly excited about new-gen F1 and we know you are too. We’re not yet ready to reveal everything about it yet, but we’ll have a lot more info to share once F1 2014 launches this October.<
  5. According the official announcement we should get detailed info about F1 2015 at F1 2014 release date. Any update on that? Thanks Haluk
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