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  1. Thank you for the answer. I am using your dash on my android device but I just want to have the full grid with deltas on the screen, since CM does not give that option to us I thought maybe with your application! Anyway great work!!!
  2. Hi, For PC is it possibile to have the displays as overlay on the monitor/TV instead of on the android phone? Thank you Haluk
  3. Halukbay

    Helmet editor

    Just Amazing!!!
  4. Halukbay

    F2 in Career Mode

    Exactly, that's something people are not taking into consideration. Let's remember the game will be launched with the 2018 F2 season. If they let you race a full F2 season they would have to consider the possibility of Russel never winning the championship, but making to F1 anyway. That would be weird. You are basically right but being forced to have two fictional drivers through your 10 year career in F1 is even more unrealistic. They will probably move to Ferrari or Merc after some seasons and replace Hamilton, Vettel etc. and run for Driver Championship. Let's admit when we heard of F2 coming to the game for most of us the obvious career implementation was to start in F2 and progress to F1 by achieving some goals. These goals shoud not be always win the title but for example, beat yor teammate, finish in podium in 4 races, get 5 poles etc. I still believe this option is still the best way to implement F2 in career. On the other hand as you would remember CM offered us to do a questionnaire around 2 years ago apperantly during their development process. There were questions about career mode and story aspect to be implemented in it. I believe the answers made CM to go to story mode path. There is nothing wrong with it but it should definetely not be the only way to do career starting in F2. So I really would like that CM should give us 3 options to start career; 1- Start in F2 with official drivers and do full F2 seasons until we hit team goals. Then we will proceed to the relevant F1 team associated with F2 partner. Norris and Russel will also be in F1 when we proceed. 2- Story Mode as CM has implemented as of now. 3- Start directly in F1, like in F1 2018 Thank you for reading...
  5. Hi, Great application. I have been using it for 2 years now. Both on PC and PS4. Is it possible to add the # of pits the drivers have done during the race? It would be graet to see who has pitted and who has not. Thank You Haluk
  6. Halukbay

    F1 2015 News?

    Here is the announcement. Should we not expect some info based on this? We’re incredibly excited about new-gen F1 and we know you are too. We’re not yet ready to reveal everything about it yet, but we’ll have a lot more info to share once F1 2014 launches this October.<
  7. Halukbay

    F1 2015 News?

    According the official announcement we should get detailed info about F1 2015 at F1 2014 release date. Any update on that? Thanks Haluk