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  1. I agree disqualification from the stage and some penalty points for the green jersey competition would have been enough.
  2. Grosjean to Ferrari  Giovinazzo to HaasLeClerc as a third driver somewhere
  3. Arsenal news in the FA Cup 2-1 against Chelsea.The 13th time they've won the trophy!Get in!
  4. I finally got Reddit, and it has been one of the best things I have done in a while
  5. White-red because they'll be Honda's factory team long-term. And that..... is a JIGGY® Prediction™.  . The irony if they do for Ron Dennis and Mclaren
  6. SsayangYacht :joy: ........................   
  7. Broken.                                 
  8. The motion to have an early election on the 8th of June has passed in the commons 533 to 13
  9. May needs approval from parliament first before the election goes ahead, (2\3 of MP's must approve of the election) but as Labour is in favour it will most likely go ahead. I miss out on my chance to vote by like a month Dang and blast!
  10. Yeah....From watching it live I think he's broken his leg.
  11. If Honda supply Sauber, wouldn't it be good for them? It would increase the amount of engine data from 2 cars to 4.
  12. I love the Mercedes even more for this: https://twitter.com/Graftechweb/status/834730082946138113
  13. Do I count as a member by technicality? :p  An associate :joy:
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