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  1. Juice29

    Official Football Thread

    Arsenal news in the FA Cup 2-1 against Chelsea.The 13th time they've won the trophy!Get in!
  2. Juice29

    The Connection Thread.

  3. Juice29

    BTCC discussion

    Yeah....From watching it live I think he's broken his leg.
  4. Juice29

    Official Football Thread

    All I have to say is that yesterday afternoon was the worst 3 minutes of my life.Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions!
  5. Juice29

    The Joke Thread

    National Rail..............................
  6. Juice29

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    I quite liked the 'qualifying stage' idea
  7. Juice29

    The Connection Thread.

    Old shortshortshortveryshortshortshort2charactersreally?
  8. Juice29

    The Connection Thread.

  9. Juice29

    Official Football Thread

    @fIsince08 I saw the result from today....My condolences
  10. Juice29


    Happy Birthday to meHappy Birthday to me..yaay
  11. Juice29

    Official Football Thread

    This has made me laugh so hard.. :joy: https://twitter.com/BBCMOTD/status/731857416950681601
  12. Juice29

    Official Football Thread

    @fIsince08 I found out the result from yesterday. My condolences
  13. Juice29

    Photography Thread

    Yeah, I didn't know this thread existed... Anyways personally I prefer to mess about with light levels. https://www.twitter.com/JuiceTen_44/status/630454584897576960/photo/1
  14. Juice29

    Official Football Thread

    It's nice to see Arsenal at the top.Can I darw to dream. Probably not...
  15. Juice29

    Formula 1 TV Coverage Thread