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  1. Fizzlenog

    Let’s talk about wheel friction

    You are lucky you can adjust wheel and tire friction. Those options don't exist on Xbox. But it does feel like wheel friction is set to 100 or 150
  2. Fizzlenog

    Still no news on FFB update?

    Well by their last response, most people are happy so why fix it?
  3. Fizzlenog

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    I'm probably going to get it for pc when the vr update drops and hopefully the fix will be out then. Does modifying the ffb help enough on pc?
  4. Fizzlenog

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    Yea and with the 'we are looking into it' worries me. In that case they are 'still looking into' the broken physics in dirt 4 with some kind of assist bogging the cars down.
  5. I tried to enjoy the game today and got the black screen of death twice in both my daily and weekly so those events were a waste of time and money. Will need more than a million if this happens every single event. Game breaking bug that if not fixed by Friday I may get a refund.
  6. Fizzlenog

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    I think a problem some have is the stock cars are neutral or maybe a little on understeer side. Try to tweak a few things here and there and see how it works for you. If you are in a fwd car you could have the front camber around -1.25 and the back close to 0 which gives more front traction than rear when turning and stiffin up the rear anti roll bar. Dirt rally had everything setup for oversteer. I still would like the base physics to have a little more oversteer but it's hard to have exactly what one player wants and the challenges of batting both over and understeer is quite the fun challenge! You can tweak the diffs in the awds but getting more oversteer results in very sketchy straight line stability in those 5 and 4 turns that requires off throttle or light braking.
  7. Fizzlenog

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    Well guys I may have a change in heart. While I didn't totally disagree with the op I hated the ffb(still a problem) and the understeer but I continued playing a lot. It was hard because it was boring, unforgiving, and just didn't feel right for a good while. Tuning and technique change both started to help my understeer issues. I decided to quit the multiplayer lobbies and dedicate to tuning and seat time on one track. I'm driving class A probably one of the more understeer AWDs in the game. Well something clicked and I CANT STOP PLAYING NOW. I just set a wr by over 2 secs on an Australian track and this game is actually amazing. Still improving and finally having a blast and when the update comes out this may be one of the greatest rally games ever; it's already close. Sorry for the rant but if you keep trying you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep going you'll make it.
  8. Fizzlenog

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    Tuning for oversteer helps but it's hard to pendulum flick with the ffb where it's at right now. Without a focused oversteer tune it's too easy to overturn the front wheels and understeer everywhere. I'm basically trying to say it's hard to say how good the physics are until the ffb is 100% like Xbox doesn't have any tire friction so it feels like driving a hovercraft. It is still possible to tell that there is great potential with this game when it's fixed and I can't wait.
  9. Fizzlenog

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    FWD naturally understeer most of the time, but at least with this game Unlike dirt 4 it's possible to tune a car to oversteer and it helps combat the understeer with lack of ffb problems
  10. Fizzlenog

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    I'm getting 10x the understeer that I did in dirt4. It may be the ffb though hard to tell. At least in dirt 4 it was possible to oversteer off throttle. When I do manage to get the car sideways in rally 2.0 after about 2 secs of smooth sliding and throttle control the car snaps oversteer to unrecoverable angle sometimes even spins which doesn't make any sense. Another issue is a possible input and ffb delay that some people like me may be getting.
  11. Fizzlenog

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Few issues 1. FFB weak on fanatec clubsport v2 2. FFB Tire slip and engine greyed out 3. FFB Wheel friction and tire friction are not even there.(big issue) 4. I got the black boxes in the middle of my view bug a couple of times. Destroyed my weekly. 5. The supercar lites class car I received from Deluxe edition has unfixable broken windows (front and sides) 6. A delay in turning input from wheel? It's hard to say with extremely weak FFB with 0 tire friction on so the only small force I feel is tire aligning torque. Cars are very difficult to keep on road (even with just maintaining speed no acceleration) with this issue. Also get bad understeer and weird snap oversteer (mid drift). 7. The glare I get in hood cam is extremely annoying and needs to be removed. It's not even noticeable in other views only hood cam and it's so bad. Headache ensuing feature it's hard enough to see the road with the blurry issue as well. This is all I found so far EDIT: on Xbox one x
  12. Fizzlenog

    Force feedback

    What is going on? On Xbox using fanatec csw v2 I don't have the option in ffb settings to adjust wheel friction and tire friction. I mean they aren't even there but I do have slip and engine greyed out as well.